Untold Ref Review: Liverpool 2 – Wolves 1

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By Ref Reviewer 02

Ref for the game Liverpool – Wolverhampton was Mr. Friend.

I have reviewed a few Liverpool games this season, including all games at Anfield. I have been very disappointed with the atmosphere at all those Anfield games, I expected something much more like Stoke, and it could not be more different. The highly charged Anfield atmosphere seems to be reserved for big Champions league games, or games V Man Utd. Anfield was flat, the crowd was restless and Wolves were the very unlucky not to leave with something. did the ref play a part?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
2 Foul Adam Ohara C 1 1
4 Foul Lucas Hunt C 1 1
4 Foul Ohara Carroll C 1 1
4 Yellow Ohara C Feet dangerously high 1 2
10 Foul Carroll Johnson N/C Ref misses as Carroll leads with arm, flooring Johnson in the box without getting near the ball 0 0
10 Goal N/C Foul by Johnson leads to a Liverpool goal as wolves loose their shape 0 0
11 Foul Berra ? C 1 1
12 Offside Suarez C 1 1
19 Foul Steerman Downing C 1 1
20 Handball Berra c 1 1
25 Foul Lucas Doyle C 1 1
27 Foul Skrtel Ohara C 1 1
32 Foul Henry Skrtel C I am giving the ref the benefit of the doubt here, did not look like a foul to me 1 1
32 Yellow Henry N/C I was not sure about the foul but, I am it was never a caution 0 0
34 Foul Lucas Stearman C 1 1
34 Yellow Lucas C Using the Henry caution as yardstick, this was a certain yellow 1 2
34 Foul Skrtel Doyle C 1 1
35 Yellow Carroll N/C Carroll makes a pathetic attempt at simulation, should have been a caution 0 0
36 Offside C against Liverpool 1 1
37 Offside C Again against Liverpool 1 1
38 Goal Suarez C The little man shows his quality 1 3
41 Foul Hunt Adam C 1 1
41 Yellow Hunt C again using the Henry yardstick, this was a yellow 1 2
41 Foul Suarez Spearman C 1 1
44 Offside C Liverpool offside 1 1
Half time 21 26
CORRECT 84,00% 80,77%
YELLOW 3 5 60,00
GOAL 1 2 50,00
OTHER 4 5 80,00
8 12 66,67
OFFSIDE 4 4 100,00
Second half
48 Offside C Wolves offside 1 1
49 Goal C Liverpool all at sea as Fletcher scores 1 3
50 Foul Adam ? C 1 1
56 Foul Carroll Docherty C 1 1
56 Yellow Carroll C Carroll gives the ref no option 1 2
60 Foul Skrtel Fletcher N/C From 3 yards away and with a good view the ref fails to see studs at chest level 0 0
60 Yellow Skrtel N/C Even LTV agreed that this was an easy caution for the ref, but he missed it 0 0
67 Foul Kelly Jarvis C 1 1
75 Yellow Kelly C An easy one in this game 1 2
77 Foul Skrtel Doyle C 1 1
79 Offside C Wolves offside 1 1
83 Offside C Liverpool offside 1 1
86 Foul Ohara Enrique C I was not sure but I give the ref the benefit of the doubt 1 1
88 Foul Carroll Johnson C 1 1
89 Handball Ohara C Camera angle was poor, refs was behind the player, assistant was on the other side, but again a wolves attack is broken up by the ref and again I have to give him the benefit of the doubt 1 1
90 Foul Kuyt C 1 1
91 Foul Ward Gerrard N/C Gerrard ran across Ward and dived to the floor 0 0
91 Yellow Gerrard N/C Simulation is a cautionable offence so Stevie G should have received a yellow card 0 0
2nd half score
TOTAL 14 18
% CORRECT 77,78% 77,78%
YELLOW 2 4 50,00
GOAL 1 1 100,00
OTHER 2 4 50,00
5 9 55,56
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
TOTAL 35 44
% CORRECT 81,40% 79,55%
YELLOW 5 9 55,56
RED 0 0
GOAL 2 3 66,67
OTHER 6 9 66,67
13 21 61,90
OFFSIDE 7 7 100,00
Correct calls For Liverpool 14 41,18%
For Wolves 20 58,82%
Total correct calls 34
Wrong calls AgainstLiverpool 0 0,00%
Against Wolves 9 100,00%
Total 9

The referee had a great view of the Carroll challenge for the first goal, I was surprised he did not blow for the foul.

I was also surprised to see Henry booked for his first foul, which was innocuous and right in front of him, as was the Hunt foul, again his first of the game and both in the first half.

The referee was waving cards everywhere in a game which there was only one bad challenge, Skrtel right in front of the ref, and he waved play on as Wolves lost possession.

Every single contentious decision went the Liverpool way, it saddened me. In the aftermath of Dalglish meeting Riley to discuss bias against Liverpool, were there dark forces at work. We will probably never know but having watched the game twice, and re wound many moments, It was not a good day at the office for K Friend. And Liverpool were the beneficiaries.


Important notice: All referee reviews on Untold Arsenal are written on the basis of television coverage.  It should be noted that from time to time some TV channels choose not to show an incident involving the referee (preferring for example to show a replay instead).   This can lead to our reviewer missing something that would have been spotted by the crowd.  We’re sorry this happens, but really can’t find any way around this at present.

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9 Replies to “Untold Ref Review: Liverpool 2 – Wolves 1”

  1. 100% wrong calls for Wolves, a goal which should not have stood, every “benefit of the doubt” in favour of Liverpool – it sounds a bit fishy.

  2. This ref review is invalid since we all know that Steven Gerrard never dives.. Never

    It seems Mike Riley is meeting a lot of managers these days. AVB from Chelsea. Dalglish who hilariously complains about NO decision going his way when Liverpool were the beneficiaries of an own goal that came from a clear offside against Arsenal. And this league is supposedly the best league in the world. Disgusting.

  3. @ walter

    Kenny Dalglish had a meeting with Mike Riley after the Stoke game, he expressed his concerns that Liverpool were not getting any decisions.

    It was well documented in the press over here

  4. Ref02,
    100% wrong calls are truly amazing. Also amazing is that so few comments on this have occurred here; too little picking up on your good work and its probable implications. Wolverhampton are the canary in the coal mine: if it happens to them, it will happen to us. Of course 100% against Arsenal would be a massive scandal hereabouts, and understandably so. But it saddens me that there’s so little concern about the run-amok refereeing that you document because it’s only Wolves to howl about and doesn’t directly impact Arsenal. I would like to see at least the pragmatic self-interested recognition that fair play on the pitch would mean something good for Arsenal. Thanks for your good work, and it’s duly noted. We are all Wolverhampton.

  5. If Sammy the Snake knows any Wolverhampton blogs could he tell them about this?

    I must say when I read this report from our reviewer I really was shocked. I had seen the foul before the first goal but for the rest only the few things they showed on MOTD. I really had no clue about how bad the decisions went against Wolverhampton in this game.
    Unfortunately this was just the first game we covered Wolverhampton this season so I have no idea on how they are treated in other games. But when they play the other top teams we will have a clearer view on this.

  6. Damned, Arsenal just lost the highest score in the wrong decisions going against them….

  7. It just dawned on me that


    were all booked for their first fouls, all in the first half, that is how to decapitate a team.

  8. Watching Liverpool v Everton, 1 October, it is clear again that Liverpool are getting all the ref calls. Just as in this match.

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