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Ref review Man City 2 – Everton 0

By Ref Reviewer 04

This is part of a series of articles covering the refereeing of matches in the EPL.  We cover all Arsenal games, and some of the games of other leading teams.

For the game between Manchester City and Everton it was Howard Webb in charge.

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
2 OTHER Barry Osman C Trip 1 1
5 OTHER Richards C handball. It was from close range but he stuck out his arm in a not natural position and in an attempt to block the cross 1 1
6 OTHER Richards Baines NC Baines tries a shot and Richards slides in and catches him late. Nothing given 0 0
8 OTHER Hibbert Nasri NC A push when teh ball is gone. Not given 0 0
9 OTHER Cahill Barry NC It was Barry who blocked the run of Cahill and used his arm 0 0
9 OTHER Rodwell Silva C A bit late this time given 1 1
14 OTHER Silva Rodwell C Trip 1 1
16 OTHER Fellaini Clichy NC I can’t see anything wrong and the assistant who was standing 10 m away makes no signal 0 0
20 OTHER Rodwell Silva C Tackle both ball and the ankle 1 1
21 YELLOW Rodwell C A bit from behind and possible dangerous 1 2
24 OTHER Lescott Cahill NC A ball over the defender and Lescott uses his arm to stop Cahill going on goal 0 0
24 YELLOW Lescott NC Should have been a yellow card at least as this was a promising attack. Ref gives nothing 0 0
24 OTHER Neville Silva C Neville touches Silva on the ankle as he tries to turn away from him 1 1
24 YELLOW Neville C Neville claimed his innocence but I think the assistance called the foul 1 2
28 OTHER Silva Jagielka NC Didn’t touch the defender who tumbled because of his clearance 0 0
29 OTHER Osman Richards C Push maybe shoulder against shoulder 1 1
29 YELLOW Osman NC For what was hardly a foul this is harsh. Or was he booked for pointing at his shoulder? 0 0
31 OTHER Yaya T. Coleman C Late tackle 1 1
31 YELLOW Yaya T. C Late tackle on the defender 1 2
37 OTHER Neville Nasri C Advantage given 1 1
38 OTHER Baines Aguero C Block him with the arm 1 1
44 OFFSIDE City C Not given as the keeper was first on the ball 1 1
Half time 14 17
CORRECT 58,33% 62,96%
YELLOW 3 5 60,00
RED 0 0
GOAL 0 0
OTHER 4 5 80,00
7 10 70,00
OFFSIDE 1 1 100,00
Second half
47 OTHER Fellaini Lescott C Pull 1 1
49 OTHER Cahill Barry C Trip 1 1
56 OTHER Jagielka Hart NC Attacks the goalkeeper in the area and came in late. Always stamp this out. He signalled advantage. No advantage to be seen 0 0
62 OTHER Cahill Kompany C Came sliding in 1 1
62 YELLOW Cahill C Dangerous tackle.  Correct card 1 2
65 OTHER Toure Coleman C Trip 1 1
68 GOAL Man City C Correct goal 1 3
69 OFFSIDE Saha C 1 1
73 OTHER Balotelli Jagielka C Late challenge 1 1
74 OTHER Fellaini Aguero C Push 1 1
75 OFFSIDE Balotelli C 1 1
75 OTHER Kompany Saha NC Kompany clearly blocks he run of Saha just outside the penalty area. Nothing given 0 0
77 OTHER Baines Richards C Little push 1 1
80 OTHER Balotelli Distin C Indicacte by the assistant 1 1
80 YELLOW Balotelli NC Balotelli shows his anger towards the assistant. Should not be tolerated and should receive a booking for this 0 0
82 OTHER Clichy Drenthe NC Clips his foot. Nothing given 0 0
85 OTHER Savic Saha C Pus in the back 1 1
86 GOAL City disallowed C Silva was offside. Correct from the assistant to rule it out 1 3
87 OTHER Jagielka Balotelli C Tackle from behind 1 1
87 YELLOW Jagielka C Dangerous tackle.  Correct card 1 2
89 GOAL Man City C Correct goal 1 3
92 OTHER Kompany Baines NC For the third time this game the ref refuses to give a foul just outside the City penalty area 0 0
2nd half score
TOTAL 17 25
% CORRECT 77,27% 80,65%
YELLOW 2 3 66,67
RED 0 0
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 3 4 75,00
7 9 77,78
OFFSIDE 2 2 100,00
TOTAL 31 42
% CORRECT 75,61% 72,41%
YELLOW 5 8 62,50
RED 0 0
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 7 9 77,78
14 19 73,68
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
Correct calls For city 19 63,33%
For Everton 11 36,67%
Total correct calls 30
Wrong calls Against City 3 23,08%
Against Everton 10 76,92%
Total 13

This was a classic example of what I would call a home ref. The majority of the good calls for the home team and the majority of the wrong calls also going to the home team.

Backing out of some decisions to go against the home team. A typical Webb weakness in my opinion. And a yellow card for ….well nothing in fact against the visiting team. I think he booked the whole visiting midfield in a the first half hour.

The most strange thing was the way that he just refused to give any free kick close to the City penalty area. On 3 occasions he just did nothing when he Everton player was clearly fouled. Was it the presence of Baines who can score from those angles that stopped him?

The final score was just acceptable at the end of the day after a really poor first half.

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12 comments to Ref review Man City 2 – Everton 0

  • Mahdain

    ok this is off topic but have you guys seen this? a section of our supposed “fans” are going to unveil this against sunderland…please i call for every arsenal fan who is going to attend the next home game make these guys look like complete tools..let “one Arsene Wenger” ring out through the match and let it be heard and show our beloved manager its only a bunch of idiots who want him out..there is only one Arsene Wenger

  • Pat

    Shocking stuff Mahdain. Wish I was going. I would make my own ‘One Arsene Wenger’ banner and take it along.

  • Mahdain

    pat no need to worry…if le groove and a bunch of his fellow idiots can organise one why not us? sensible arsenal fans on twitter have organised a banner in support of wenger..all thanks to and she got someone to fund the banner and here it is a good move to show our manager that we still want him and he is still the best…

  • walter

    There so proud of themselves that they have hidden their face behind the banner….

  • Shard


    You misunderstand the ones who came up with the ‘It’s time to say goodbye’ banner. It is THEY who are leaving Arsenal for whatever reason, but even then they chose to thank Arsene for all the happy memories he gave them. Too bad they won’t be around to share the new memories made. I feel sorry for them.

  • Mahdain

    @shard the way these people abuse wenger its unreal…this is the same wenger who won us DOUBLES,the same wenger whose players wooed people with how the play across the world,the same wenger who led to us to the champions league final which we only lost thanks to the ref on a back of 10 consecutive clean sheets and ofcourse he is the same wenger who made an unconquerable team which went on a long unbeaten league run which once again was ended by the refs…even with his 20+yrs at united with all refs at his disposal fergie has not been able to do wat wenger did and thats creating an INVINVIBLES side and yet the same wenger is being abused and deduced to nothing? seriously sometimes i wonder why they even call themselves arsenal fans

  • Kentetsu

    Sadly, you know already that the only banner that the director of Sky/ESPN chooses to show is the one from LeGrovel.

  • Kentetsu

    I was wondering – knowing that Webb is a home ref – have we ever had Webb at home or mostly away, particularly Old Trafford? And if we have had him at home, did he, god forbid, favour the Arsenal?

  • Micko

    Howard Webb has never favoured Arsenal and we have had him at home a few times, unfortunately.
    I just looked at a few of my notes on Howard Webb and just before he reffed our game aginst Manu on 8th November 2008 I found the following newspaper article where Roy Keanes talks about brainwashing…….

  • Shard


    That’s a great link, and kudos to Roy Keane for saying what he did, while he was still a Premier League manager at that.

  • Pete0

    Just stumbled across the sight. How come you are biased against Everton? Only fair review is unsurprisingly against united, or games were the ref has had nothing to do. Kompany should of been off in this game for a disgusting 2 footed challenge on Cahill.