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  1. mark

    Will you be commenting on the issue of relegation? I think it is an economic necessity as the teams going down just lose to much money. If there is a super league in the future I don’t see relegation as a part of it, for this reason. While I can see that it adds drama to the seasons end it worked better when the financial issues where much less significant. The MLS does not have relegation and never will. I think one way they add drama is the playoffs. Maybe this ought to be considered. Does not Brazil have two seasons? Anyway I would like to hear your thoughts.

  2. Oneniltothearsenal

    I don’t know if this is just something that sounds good in my head and let me also add that I don’t know too much about refereeing..but it would be interesting to see how many times each team gets the same ref. For example..how many times manu get howard webb. Again I don’t know much about refereeing and how its organized, but I just feel it would be interesting to know if certain teams get more games by a particular ref and if this might have an influence on games. Any thoughts? Am I horribly off? Anyway keep up the good job with the ref reviews, you guys are making history

  3. Donnyfan1

    Thanks for the report- excellent stuff. Dowd is a wonderful ref but for reasons best known to him–when he refs Arsenal– he definitely is not!!. Like Webb,(23 out of 25 wrong decisions favoured Sunderland) the difference when they ref Arsenal beggars belief and keeps that dodgy, nagging, pot on the boil. Why oh why oh why? Isn’t it amazing how much better Arsenal do in Europe with ‘agenda free’ refs!!!! Our spineless ex-fourth estate love Arsenal stories but print rubbish whilst ignoring the persistent bullying by match officials—the best and longest running story of all (this is the third season). Come on- when the level playing field goes– we are on the slippery slope to the game not being worth a candle. The evidence is there! Use it!

  4. Ref Reviewer 03

    I’ve never seen Dowd ref a game like this before. He kept a tight rein and called almost every infraction.
    Compare this to Howard Webb who last weekend more or less gave Sunderland a license to foul.

  5. RedGooner

    Nothing about Dowds performance would encourage me when it comes to officiating an Arsenal match this shows when it suits him he can be fair even though it was still with a huge mistake that allowed city go 2-0 up and effectively end the game it may have been 1 mistake but its costly as at 1-0 anythings possible.

  6. William

    I have to agree with RedGooner here, the fact that he can be a good ref means that when it come to reffing The Arsenal he not just incompetent he is actually bent.

  7. Micko

    As we haven’t had Dowd yet this season we’ll probably get him for the Chelsea game away ;(

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