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November 2021
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November 2021

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I like my fighting Gunners; Chel$ea 3 the amazing Arsenal 5


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The Christmas gift for the fan with (almost) everything


By Walter Broeckx

How many times  in the past 6 years (an obviously random generated number) have we played a great game in a top game only to end up with empty hands at the final whistle? More than enough.

And the critical part of the fans went out and said that playing pretty doesn’t count if you cannot win the game. Maybe even a fair point of view. But I must say that I always have liked the past 6 years because we always played to win. In almost each and every game (I know there have been a few exceptions but I can only count them on the fingers of one hand) we went out and played our own game. Based on skill and technical ability. We just tried to score more goals than the opposition.

And sometimes when we didn’t score enough or things just didn’t work on the day we got punished for our open football. With losing two of the best players and the problems at the start of the season we have been working on a new Arsenal. Today was, as Wenger pointed out, the first real test in a real top game for this new build Arsenal team. A team that has only started on September 1st.

Now we are 2 months further and what do we have? The new players are coming in the team and are showing what they are capable of.  I said in an article this week that I noticed that the team was willing to work real hard. Maybe in a way that we haven’t seen in the last seasons.  Maybe the way the players are showing their hunger and desire to win each game is the main difference between now and the seasons before.

Maybe in the last seasons the team was relying on the brilliance of Cesc or Nasri to bring the game home.  And maybe they were  thinking that they could win the game on their brilliance or some special moment.  But now we maybe are lacking the brilliance of those players but we have been gaining a lot in work rate and desire.  And maybe this is the difference. The way we not just try to play our own game but also the way we are wanting to fight on the pitch.

Is everything perfect in the team? Oh no. Far from.  But that is just part of football: a team is never perfect. Apart from the invincible during their 49 run maybe.  People who want to be critical will have a go at Mertesacker today. Yes he didn’t get to the ball for the first 2 goals. For the first goal I had the impression he lost his footing a bit just when he wanted to jump. Losing your footing is something that can happen on a former coal shed. Isn’t it so, John? [Yes Walter that is a very impressive knowledge of footballing history, but just remember that I am the official historian around here, ok? – Tony]

I think the second goal was not just Mertesacker getting beaten by Terry. The ball was dipping and in fact came in very low. It shouldn’t have gone past the first defenders in my opinion. And when you look at the replay you can see that a defender on the first goal post should have made an easy clearance. But if people just want to have a go at Mertesacker for those two goals they should also mention the fact that in the second half he played really strongly and worked hard.

But what was important was the fact that even with the score going against us in the first half we never got outplayed by Chelsea during long periods in the game.  You could always feel that we were capable of scoring. In fact we should have been 2-0 up before they scored.  How on earth did Gervinho and RVP miss those two chances within the 13th minute?  Both Theo with a great assist for those chances by the way.

But after going down we just went for the goal. And what a great combination that was. Ramsey to Gervinho who unselfishly gave the goal to Van Persie. Chelsea had a few chances themselves after that but we also could have scored another. The goal just before the interval was a hard blow and we went in the dressing room being 2-1 down. Now would come the biggest test for this new team: 2-1 down at Chelsea at half time, how could and would we respond?

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Well we blew them away in those first minutes after the interval. Again we could and should have scored a few goals. But you just felt that the confidence in the team was not gone. We would fight hard to gain something from the game.  So it was no surprise that we were equal within 5 minutes after the restart. Santos went unnoticed by the Chelsea defence and the ball from Song was perfect. And the Brazilian left back showed that he is a good finisher. I think he got already more goals in the few games he played than Clichy got in all in years at Arsenal. Not bad to have a scoring left back.

The next goal was an utterly amazing piece of skill from Walcott. Going through two defenders, a brilliant piece of trickery by fainting to lose your feet but this was only done to made the Chelsea players wonder what he was trying to do. Then he quickly got up and went again past 2 defenders and produced a great finish past the Chelsea keeper. Suddenly we were 2-3 up after only 10 minutes in the second half.

And then our real team effort began to show. All our players were really fighting for each and every ball.  There were moments that I thought some players would collapse on the field when seeing them run back to shut out the danger.  But no, they just kept on running and well Chelsea didn’t create that much. Until 10 minutes from time when Marinner was giving Chelsea all the freedom to regain the ball and Mata had a wonderful shot for the 3-3.

The not given foul on Santos (who gave the ball away seconds before that) was adding to the feeling of injustice being done. And so the football gods decided to make up for this. The slip from Terry was the best slip I have seen for a while. And then the agonising moments before the meeting of two of the best players in the PL. RVP against Cech… it felt like the gunfight at the OK corral. But the way and the confidence shown by Robin to round Cech was amazing. The pictures of the Gooners behind the goal was great to watch.

Chelsea threw everything at us but the defence threw all they had in front of the ball. And when the ball broke loose and we started a counter with even Santos joining I wanted to scream: stay back Andre, stay back. But once Van Persie had the ball in control he had only one thing in mind: kill them off. And he did. What a majestic finish and Cech again was without any chance to stop that powerful shot.

3-5 what a game, what a performance.  And most of all: what a collective performance by every single player on the pitch. I really also liked the fact that captain Robin called his team mates after the final whistle to go to the away supporters and celebrate this victory together. This was a victory to be celebrated by the Gunners and Gooners together.



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68 comments to I like my fighting Gunners; Chel$ea 3 the amazing Arsenal 5

  • I had Radio 5 on in the afternoon after the game, and the BBC’s misinformation service continued. Having made the errors that I mentioned in an earlier article, they commented on Huddersfield’s long run of matches unbeaten by saying that they were chasing Nottingham Forest’s all time record of 42 unbeaten.

    I half expect that tonight on Match of the Day they’ll announce the result as Chelsea 3 Arsenal 1.

    So what’s this? Seven wins out of the last eight? Or is it eight wins out of the last nine. When you are doing as badly as Arsenal are (at least in the media’s view) it is so hard to keep count.

    And (in case you missed it) a league cup game against Man City to look forward to. Hopefully the club will again keep the prices down to £20 and £10 for the game, and continue to show faith in the reserve side.

    Oh what a jolly day.

  • Gord

    Congratulations to The Arsenal!

    And to Arsene, a few places have reported that was his 500th win at The Arsenal.

    The twitterverse had a couple of stories: Frimpong is going pink (hair, lost a bet with Ramsey I gather), and Cesc sent congratulations to Theo and RVP, and got stick for it.

  • David Roberts

    Thanks are due to all the defenders who have been pulling Theo down so he can practice getting up quickly. Who needs step overs when you can do fall overs?

  • Mahesh

    If this is how Chelsea plan to “beat the crap out of Arsenal”, then I won’t mind it 😉
    What an open game. I started watching when we were already 1-0 down, and enjoyed the game thoroughly. By the way, Santos does seem to win a lot of balls via tackles in one-on-one situations (at least in second half). Or is it just me who feels that way?

  • Clyde

    yes we lost 2 of our best players.but wat is the point of keeping them if they dont perform isnt always and it isnt the only answer.torres,tevez anyone?or even carol.lets rally behind our guys(the 1’s who want2play4us).gunner4lyf!!!

  • Len

    Let the good times roll. The boys are back in town..

  • nicky

    After the first 10 minutes, I had to check my newspaper to confirm it WAS an EPL game I was watching. I had thought it might be a demonstration match on how high-line defending could be exploited. Regardless of the result, it’s one of the most open games I’ve seen in many years with goals virtually guaranteed right from the start. A recording should be circulated worldwide in order to show how entertaining UK football can be if two sides choose to go for goals. Congrats to both teams.

  • dan

    santos in the 1st half was beaten, 2nd half dont know what happened same player different outcome. The ref did all he could to stop us winning and even added an extra minute on top of the 4 for the chavs. Where was lampard in the 2nd half was he even on the pitch? Gervo and RVP scored the 2 sitters we would of been 7-3 up at full time and the chav’s manager would of been sacked.

    God what an awful display from Torres!

  • WalterBroeckx

    Dan, maybe it was Per and Kos making Torres look awful?
    Amazing how some “”fans”” even last week were saying Koscielny was one of our worst players ever…. And then he had the nerve to say that he knew more about football than the rest of that blog all together….

  • WalterBroeckx

    Yes it was amazing Santos in the first half was beaten on a few occasions but in the second half they couldn’t get past him without committing a foul

  • WalterBroeckx

    Just would like to say that I think that the choose the man of the match on should not be held after this game. I think they should just let us choose the TEAM of the match and let us choose between Arsenal and Chelsea.

    RVP will win it but I think this is not justified for the whole team effort

  • Mahdain

    really nice win today one that will hopefully shut up the media a bit… rvp was once again captain vantastic but hats off to koscielny..goodness me he continues to impress me everytime he plays..he is gonna be one of the best defenders in the world…he is just amazing which makes me question the sanity of a person who still say he is shit and average and that we need “world class” defenders like cahill/samba/jagielka blablabla…what for when we got BOSScielny? top player

  • Gooner Gal

    I dedicate that win to the ‘Let’s kick racisim out of football’ campaign. The Ferdinand’s must of had a laugh today.

    @ Tony, I hope Wenger doesn’t play RVP in the CC game and gives AOC, Fabinaski, Frimpong and Jenks a start. It is a massive game for some players and the Emirates crowd will be behind them and up for it. I will cheer Kolo & Clichy but Nasri is already cast as villian for me in this game. I will boo him from begining to end.

  • Micko

    I thought that it was very cruel of Chelsea in the second half when they made a substitution, bringing on Meireles and therefore forcing Howard Webb to hold up the board with 16 on it 😉

  • Gooner Gal

    @ Walter, I agree today I thought it was too hard to pick one person as MoTM. I think Ramsey was fantastic in midfield, Theo’s goal had me going wild, Gervinho seemed to have the defence dumbfounded and I find myself watching in exciting anticipation of what he would do with the ball. I think Per won and headed way most of the balls lofted in to our box by the end of the game.

    RVP of course was amazing though so I won’t begrudge him getting it.

  • bjtgooner

    @ Walter – good article, as you rightly point out this was a fantastic team performance – not a one man band!

    At the end of the game Chealsea seemed to have run out of steam and ideas, despite some help from the ref.

    The determination and fight in our guys was great, every Arsenal player on the pitch wanted to be there and give his best for the team – refreshing compared to some performances by certain individuals at the end of last season.

    I enjoyed all our goals, but the Walcott one interested me. It looked as if he had been fouled, the ref did not give the foul – but he did not anticipate that Walcott would react so quickly and score. Poetic justice?

    Even the AAA factions should now be able to see that AW is rebuilding the team brilliantly and, they should do the Club a favour for a change, either back the team and manager or take themselves off!

    Anyway, as I don’t have to drive tonight, I think a small malt is due!

  • Anne


    I took a quick look, and the media does, in fact, seem to have “shut up” (for the time being) 🙂 Except for Paul Hayward at the Guardian. He’s blaming the whole thing on John Terry, and how his current personal controversy caused the Chelsea defense to collapse. Quite creative, really 🙂

    And if he HAD to put a spin on the match that didn’t give Arsenal the credit they deserve, I guess we could do worse than “John Terry is Fall Guy in Chelsea’s Comedy of Errors Against Arsenal.” That’s kind of funny in itself 🙂

    But yeah, overall, looks like we might get a much-needed respite from the media this week.

  • dan

    maybe it was Per and Kos making Torres look awful?
    mayb to a dagree but Torres has shown great determination in this new found defensive role.

    We as unit have been been great today, iron out the little mistakes and we can be the best. Walcott had a good game in along time and I hope he continues to do so, Gervo was my motm his runs have allowed RvP great freedom.

  • Anne


    I’m not holding my breath on the AAA giving up that easily. But I think we can comfort ourselves with the fact that we know that THEY know (somewhere deep down)that they’re only keeping up the argument out of pride 🙂

    Overall, just a great victory for Arsenal. I’m going to watch it again if they replay it later.

  • WalterBroeckx

    They almost immediatly showed it again on our sports channels and I couldn’t resist seeing it again. And it was as great as the first time. Even better 😉

    Just that my wife wasn’t that happy that I was seeing it again as she asked me that the game hadn’t finished yet 😉 But I could do with a third look 🙂

  • Marcus

    Gotta laugh Tony…

    Radio 5 commentator summed up by saying that this match didn’t tell us anything about Arsenal that we didn’t already know…(i.e. great in attack lousy in defence)

    Whatever Arsenal do, it will always be interpreted through the media’s distorted prism….

    Were we to beat Man City 6-0, they would probably find some way to criticize us.

    Let’s think….

    Oh how about…”they regularly were beating teams 6-0 in 2003, and then look what happened, they fell apart…”

    I imagine the Footballing Apparatchicks like Greene would say something like that

  • Anne


    I’m with you 🙂

  • bjtgooner

    I think we should remember the away fans – they were great!

  • Anne


    They were fantastic. Louder than the Chelsea fans for most of the match. I think my favorite part of the victory might have been at the very end when the Arsenal players went over and celebrated with the fans, and RVP gave the fan his shirt. I know that they didn’t show that everywhere, so if you haven’t seen it, it would be worth trying to find a clip.

  • WalterBroeckx

    surely someone must have recorded it on a phone or so. Just put it on the internet I would say

  • Marcus

    5 things we learned about Arsenal:

    1) We hate the refs and we don’t care
    2)- 5) We hate the refs and we don’t care

    oh…and we’ve got a rather good player called Ramsey, and a player who is like Marco Van Basten with a sprinkling of Dennis Bergkamp

    oh… and we have a couple of French unknowns turning into world beaters

    oh…and a midfielder called Song who is making the rest of the best (Mikel) look a bit lame

    oh… and just coz we can’t buy players like Mata…doesn’t stop the manager creating a world class side

  • The Blaze

    Santos should be given the nickname The Phoenix. He was shit in the first half. Really out of it. Would not have been surprised if he got substituted at HT. But I do not know what Wenger said to him, but he came out as a new man. Djourou also started having problems with Cole, but then Walcott raped him over and over to the point that he wouldn’t dare to get near the half-way line. And that one time he did, Szczesny made him pay. He has his crazy moments, but I love his confidence.

    Ramsey was magic. Just magic. Gervinho is getting better and better. Arteta is so calm on the ball, it is amazing, never seems to lose his composure. Song also grew in the game. Koscielny has been outstanding in recent weeks. I always liked his style of defending, very aggresive, has the potential to become one of the leading defenders on the planet. Not happy with Mertesacker’s positioning, am happy with his ability to make Torres look like a ghost. One that cost Chelsea over 50 million pounds. Walcott’s hustle, delivery and effectiveness on the wing was amazing. And RVP. Best striker on the planet. Unbelieveable that he is still not undisputed in the national team of Holland.

    Two further notes: The 1-1 really made me believe that Arsenal is coming back. If you can, try to find the full build-up to that goal. Arsenal had the ball for over a minute until Ramsey’s killer pass found Gervinho. That type of patient combination play and composure was last seen against Manchester United, the 2-0 scored by Samir Cashri. Vintage Arsenal. Loved it.

    Also, anyone else found it awkward that the replays of Gervinho’s offside moment were not shown on TV? According to Arabian TV, he was not offside. And how Mariner was suddenly not giving any fouls to Arsenal in the last 15 minutes? At least he didn’t give Wojciech a red card. I thought that we were going to get screwed again, but Terry was not going to let this injustice go unpunished.

    There is still work left to be done, but if everybody stays fit, we might get something this season. Arsenal is never without drama, so it would be the ultimate revenge if we got something in this shaky season.

    And 1 more thing: I really hope the FA/media won’t make too much out of RVP’s celebration at the 3-4.
    Can easily be misinterpreted.

  • bjtgooner

    @ Anne

    I noticed RVP giving his shirt to a fan – a lovely touch I thought.

    @ Walter

    I also noticed a less lovely touch – just after RVP scored his third and play restarted, Torres, on the ground seemed to deliberately kick at one of our players, I couldn’t make out who it was. My long suffering wife has watched the match twice, so I can’t rewatch just now, but I will check later. I wonder will the FA take action on Torres?

  • M.V

    This might be for me as an Arsenal fan since i started supporting!
    Ramsey had an amazing game, was doing all kind of tricks and it just shows that you need to give players time and faith and believe in them…And my favorite player Rosicky is looking really confident…Can’t wait til te next game! C’mon you Gunners!

  • M.V

    This might be for me – the best moment –

  • The Blaze


    I saw that too, was a very blatant kick. A disgrace, really. If Koscielny went down, it would have been a red card. But that illustrates Arsenal’s game. Walcott could’ve stayed down, but he got back up. Ramsey could’ve stayed down to get a penalty, but he got back up. Koscielny could’ve went down, but he stayed up. Just like Arsenal could’ve stayed down at HT, but we got back up.

  • Johnny Deigh

    UP THE AR53NAL!!!

  • Mahdain

    to everyone who didnt see the post match celebrations check its worth it

  • Mahdain

    i really loved it that our supposed crisis is backfiring on the media..all of them are now just desperate to try and find a way on how to take a dig at should have seen what talkshit was tweeting after the match..seemed very desperate and i like it 😛

  • WalterBroeckx

    check this
    great and the way the players celebrated was great to see

  • Anne


    It’s definitely a moment that’s worth gloating over, and we should make that most of it while we can 🙂 At the same time, I would be cautious about declaring total victory just yet.

  • Mahdain

    @anne yeah i know but lets just enjoy this while it lasts(and im hoping it will for long)..we have heard too much shit talked about us recently that it became really pathetic..wenger has lost it,we cant defend,we dont have mental strength,this and that players are shit and some went as far as saying we will be in a relegation scrap..they kept repeating the same things over and over again and then called them “FACTS”..i know the war is far from over but lets enjoy our victory over the “arsenal are in crisis” battle 😀

  • FUAD

    I couldn’t hold my feelings, almost to lost my phone with celebration! I really had the feelings of victory since last weekend! and 1 important fact to note my fellow gooners, lets note judge our own players negatively when the game does not seemed to be on his side, i hope walcott had it aproved today and arshavin against bolton. so let just accept mistakes sometimes. GO ARSENAL GO!

  • Anne


    Ok, I’m definitely with you there. And I am enjoying it:) It’s just that, having a legal background, I instinctively have to qualify everything 🙂

  • Evil

    Koscielny is already world class. He’s had so many of the world’s top strikers in his pocket (Messi, Drogba, Torres, “Caroll”, Villa) that he might need bigger pants soon. I believe that a defensive partnership of TV5 and LK6 could easily become the best in the league. Oozing class every second they are on the pitch.

  • Mahdain

    charlie wyett of the sun is getting silly again..they just cant give us credit when due can they? getting slaughtered by gooners due to calling us one man team…

  • Mandy dodd

    Great day, we just beat a team on their home ground whose manager cost nearly as much as our record signing. Will be very interested to see how the ref reviews pan out as we start to threaten the chosen top four for this season, our players will have to be extra vigilant against doing anything stupid. That ref today did the best he could to stop us winning, things could get worse on that front

  • Anne


    LOL. Thanks for pointing that out:!/CharlieWyett

  • Anne

    Ok, maybe I’m just getting tired, but this is my favorite so far:


    “have written about Arsenal for quite a few years. But at moment, think you are a one-man team”


    “luckily you are a one man twat.”

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    The British media will certainly try to find the cloud behind Arsenal’s silver lining so let them have a go…that’s their raison d’etre it appears!
    What this game really showed me was the following:

    1)Arsenal are now showing the entire team has found immense confidence and mental strength, coming from behind and embarassing Cheatski in their coal pit stadium.
    2)So-called ¨bargain basement¨ players like Santos, Arteta, Gervinho, Koscielny, Jenkinson, and Mertesacker seem to really be a bargain since they didn’t cost as much as Torres and Mata combined but beat these superstars with relative ease.
    3)Szcesny is starting to show ¨crazy Jens-like¨ traits which is both a concern and a relief. Wenger had better spank him a few times as he’s racing out of his area like a enraged bull too much, but he is a rock!
    4)RVP is a marvel to behold. Gervinho is another marvel and Walcott, on his day can be a marvel as well. so much for a one-man team! Ramsey was reminiscent of Fabregas at his best and fittest and Arteta reminds me of Hleb at his best…not a bad combination! Song was, as usual the beast and was a continuous threat to Chelsea’s midfield.
    5)We have the Verminator back and with players like Ryo, Park, Benayoun, AOC, Arshavin and Rosicky on the bench, we can expect to see some great Football from the Arsenal. Once Wilshere and Diaby are fit and Sagna returns, we could see a very appreciable rise in our fortunes continue!
    6)The referee, in my opinion, did a decent job of handling a very pacey and physically grueling game and I don’t believe he favoured one team over the other. In fact he was tolerant of Szcesny’s kamikaze run at Cole….it could have easily been a red card!
    7)Wenger seems to have found the plot he lost (according to the AAA’s)and thank God that they told him where to find it…how would we live without their sage and prescient guidance?

    Overall a very satisfying result which is one big step towards visible success this season.

  • Travis

    Just let the media keep digging at us because that surely will make us stronger. We absorb pain and hatred then we transform them into fighting spirit. That’s my Arsenal.

    Thank God for making me a Gooner.

  • Dark Prince

    Just hoping that we can keep this consistency….

  • zuer

    Quoted for truth:

    “The next goal was an utterly amazing piece of skill from Walcott. Going through two defenders, a brilliant piece of trickery by fainting to lose your feet but this was only done to made the Chelsea players wonder what he was trying to do. Then he quickly got up and went again past 2 defenders and produced a great finish past the Chelsea keeper. ”

    lol – he sure trick them both and cech.. haha

  • slim

    @the blaze BRILLIANT comment, when you see things like ivanovic going down shamelessly from van persie’s push it really makes you appreciate how we won without resorting to cheap antics

  • Kentetsu

    Plaudits to all the players, but I was really pleased with the effort Gervinho put in. He brought a lot going forward, as usual. But just as important, he kept chasing the ball whenever we lost possession. Great work ethic.

    On another note, it looked to me as if Webb was continuously standing right next to Wenger as to keep him in check. Whenever Wenger got up, Webb would tell him to keep it quiet and sit down again. I think I saw it happen (on TV) at least three times.

  • Chowdhury

    Did you guys see this? ==>

    “Breaking News-> Koscielny left Stamford Bridge with 50 Million in his back pocket”

    Thats the best i’ve seen so far in twitter land. Is that a FACT or what? 🙂

    This day BELONGS to us, the ones who take all the negativity yet never lose faith. So to all my fellow Gooners, Enjoy YOUR day.

    In Arsene We Trust.


  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    The more I watch the Walcott goal the more inept the defenders appear. Four players marking one (maybe two) means acres of space somewhere else. To then ball watch to the extent that the guy on the floor is first to it is something League 2 players wouldn’t do!

  • Gf60

    Just seen an improvement on my favorite Chel$ki…

    How does CH3L5EA grab you?

  • WalterBroeckx

    And here’s one to add to the good feeling feeling

  • bob

    Your link to the article on Kozzer brings us to a great, long overdue celebration of his quality. And of Arsene/Arsenal scouting’s eye for emerging talent. I’ve argued hereabouts, after Koz’s heroics at Udinese, with several toxic AAA’s over Koz. Those so-called people will not and perhaps cannot see what’s before their eyes. Koz, like anyone new to EPL, has had his baptism by fire and has embraced the learning curve with growing passion and skill. He da man! And I agree with your article there that the defense should align around him as its anchor, or co-anchor with an in-form Verminator, as we sort out the flanks (which do need sorting, of course). But the prospect of a return to defense brilliance on a consistent basis seems relatively close at hand.

  • Mahdain

    seriously some people are THAT bitter about us arent they? now they are trying to say that rvp did a nazi salute..excuse me but isnt rvp from holland?and didnt the nazi occupy it?whats even more interesting is that RvP is from Rotterdam which the Nazis bombed. Can’t imagine RvP is a fan…. bitter idiots

  • The Blaze

    Van Persie has a Moroccan wife. Utterly ridiciolous. It is his celebration of knocking dust off of his shoulders, but then with a hard sweep. I was afraid this would happen in my earlier post and they actually picked it up.

  • bob

    Mahdain, The Blaze,
    From what you guys report, looks like now that we’ve stabilized with momentum and a flair, RvP – the ENGLISH Premier League’s Top Scorer – becomes Der Foreigner on Le Foreign Team. It’s good to know the real nature of such half-creatures who play out their toxicity under the guise of being football fans. Let ’em stew in their former juices. Avante! Go Gunners!

  • Richard B

    To achieve that result without Sagna, Vermaelen and Wilshere was truly remarkable.
    The players who grabbed the headlines did so for obvious reasons but, once again, Song was truly outstanding. The fact that he won’t now be going to the African Cup is the best news we could have.

  • Paul "the Gooner

    What a day.A friend of mine is a season ticket holder and i went with hime on Saturday.I was seated in the west stand.It was so bloody hard not to celebrate the goals.Behind me were Gooners who did celebrate when the goals went in.There were a few doggy periods and i have to say it did get nasty at one time.My friend left as soon as the 5th goal went in and i said i would meet him back at his car.I was NOT going to miss the celebrations at the end.At the end there was only myself and a dozen or so gooners left in the stand.MAGIC!
    Good on you Danny Murpy.Did you hear him on Sky sports on saying that he was pleased that Arsenal won and went on to say that the flack AW received was not on.

  • walter

    Paul, is this Danny Murphy the Fulham player you are referring to?

  • Anne


    Thanks for that link. Someone emailed it to me as well and I enjoyed it. Great article. Cheers.

  • Anne


    A nazi salute… Ludicrous. They’re obviously desperate, and we have them on the back heel. Let’s keep it up.

  • The Blaze

    RVP’s response:

    “It has been brought to my attention of some ridiculous allegations concerning my celebration of one of my goals yesterday.

    “It is totally ludicrous to suggest that my action of brushing my shoulder and pointing to my fans could be construed as anything else but of a showing of joy and celebration.

    “To suggest this meant anything to the contrary is insulting and absolutely absurd as nothing else came into my mind.”

  • WalterBroeckx

    The nazi-saluta allegations are so ludicrous…. If this is a nazi salute then the old cow that I see being milked each morning when I drive to work by that old farmer down the road will winn the next grand national race as it is in fact a race horse… and the old farmer will be the jockey…

    Some people/media are really desperate to have a go at Arsenal….

  • Paul the Gooner.

    Yes it was Danny Murphy of Fulham who praised AW live on Sky Sports after the spuds match on Sunday and also said he was pleased Arsenal won.
    Another journo to watch is Paul Smith of the Sunday Mirror.a total Del boy,a massive name dropper,hates Arsenal and AW.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Thanks Paul,

    so I guess Danny Murphy is ruining his chances to become a pundit after his career is finished. 🙂

    I must say that I remember Danny Murphy some time ago also joining in and defending Wenger when I think Ramsey was kicked to pieces. He also was very critical of the amount of dangerous and agressive tackles.

    So credit to him for being brave to come out like that.