Has Tottenham Hotspur been naughty again? And “worst toilet” competition is suspended.


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By Tony Attwood

If you don’t live in the UK you might not know that this country is awash with stories about spying.  Not spying on our enemies but on each other.   Much of this is to do with News International who own loads of newspapers like the Sun, The Times, and so forth.  They owned the News of the World which has now closed because of the scandals.

Basically News International spy on everyone, from the royal princes through to their own columnists.   In one of the latest revelations it has been shown that their investigators followed and filmed lawyers of hacking victims in an attempt to gather material on their private lives.

The son of the owner – a Mr Murdoch – has been hauled in front of the House of Commons select committee again and an MP said to him something along these lines: “You must be the only mafia boss ever who claims he didn’t know what his outfit was doing.”

Anyway, that is all background, because it is now being suggested that, not to be left out of the fun, Tottenham Hotspur has been involved in doing this sort of naughty business.

A 29-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of fraud following complaints made against those funny people down the Seven Sisters Road by Olympic Park Legacy Company officials.  These are the people who are trying to off load all the stadia and things that we are having to build in England for the honour of holding the olympics.

The chair of the Olympic Park Legacy Company, Baroness Ford, claimed that the Tiny Tot chairman Daniel Levy, had arranged for all 14 members of the Legacy company board to be under surveillance.  Following this the Met Police arrested the man.   Earlier a deal between the Legal group and West Ham in which the olympic stadium would be sold to WHU was stopped, because of legal challenges from the Tinies.

Tottenham has denied the claims.

So now we have an olympic stadium with no one to take it over, and there’s a new bidding process starting amidst concerns from virtually everyone involved that private eyes are peeking at telephone records and bank accounts, having presumably taken lessons from the News of the World.  West Ham’s vice-chair, Karren Brady, in particular has been vigorous in saying her phone was tapped.

Here’s what Baroness Ford told the London Assembly committee: “My board were put under surveillance by Tottenham Hotspur and the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur felt confident enough to say in the Sunday Times several months ago that all 14 members of my board were put under surveillance. The Metropolitan police are now conducting an investigation into that surveillance.

“There has been all kinds of behaviour here that I could not have anticipated which, believe me, has not been pleasant in the last 12 months.”

Meanwhile I wonder if you have noticed just how many clubs are looking a bit under the weather of late?
Everton has fans complaining that the owners of their club are trying to sell the club, or trying to sell it for too much money, or not trying to sell it, or all of those things at once.
Newcastle fans are fed up because the owners want to change the name of the stadium, in order to bring in more money for the club.
England’s FA has been fighting Fifa over the wearing of poppies on their shirts.
Tevez is doing another Tevez and is off on a round the world annoy everyone trip.
Liverpool are full of angst because they have spent all their money and are not top of the league, and Chelsea are full of angst because they have invested in a new young manager and they are not top of the league.
Oh yes and a competition to find out which football ground has the worst toilets in the league has had to be suspended over allegations of vote-rigging.
Funny old game.


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20 Replies to “Has Tottenham Hotspur been naughty again? And “worst toilet” competition is suspended.”

  1. Now serious, is this serious? You couldn’t make that up… couldn’t you? and I don’t even talk about the toilets competition 😉

    Apart from that I can only say that this makes me speechless…

    Now I don’t know the English laws on following people but this sounds a bit disgusting to me….

    And the fact that Tottenham would do such an illegal thing gives me the impression that they are very desperate to leave their old ground.

    Now in a way I would ROFLMAO if they would leave what is now North London and that after almost 100 years of telling us that we have moved in our history… Even on Belgium news sites some Belgium tottenham fans come up with those things when they are not happy when we have won a game. Names like Gipsy and other stuff about moving people…

    In fact just the fact that their board looks desperate to move away from what is now North London must be a slap in the face of a tottenham fan.

  2. Here’s an extract from an email which was sent in to the previous article, but probably has more reason to be here.


    I’ve heard many Spurs fans arguing that Arsenal received public funding for the Emirates. However, this is disproved by David Lammy here:


    “Arsenal received public money for their stadium, why can’t Haringey Council do the same?”

    “This is another common misconception, brought on from an insinuation made in a statement from Club Chairman Daniel Levy.


    Islington Council have made it quite clear that no public money was given to Arsenal at any point over the building and development process.”

    So basically Daniel Levy has flat out lied in a club statement – shouldn’t he be getting called out on this?

  3. Tony, At the beginning of a completely useless fortnight, in which I and millions of others are already experiencing real-football-withdrawal-symptoms, the only thing that is keeping us sane comes from reading the type of article “what you have wrote”.
    My only regret is the absence of the result of the *WTS.

    *Worst Toilets Survey

  4. hey walter what is it with your national team coach? why did he strip vermy of the captaincy? does he want to get verminated?

  5. Mahdain,
    Vermaelen is very unhappy about him not being captain anymore that is for sure.
    And who can blame TV for being unhappy.
    After all it was because he was more or less forced to play last August in Turkey for Belgium that he got injured. And now when he is finally back they take the captains arm band away from him.

    My advice to TV would be: just drop out the national team for ever. 🙂

    PS: Wenger and Leekens (Belgium national team coach) apparantly have agreed that Vermaelen will only play one of the two friendlies. Excellent I would say.

    PPS: Kompany (the new captain) is doubtful so it could be that Vermaelen gets the armband again. And maybe also will be forced to play both games. Oh F**k……

  6. well i really hope TV lets it go and doesnt let it affect him as he sounds really upset and i understand why….well lets hope kompany play then…if it was upto to me i would kidnap all of our players and keep them from playing the stupid friendlies 🙂

  7. about the article..i wouldnt be suprised one bit..tottenham management is full of mobs..their chairman is a liar,the manager is tax paying dodger and their fans are thiefs…

  8. How different can two clubs, operating only four miles away from each other in the same city, be?
    While Arsenal received almost universal praise from just about all concerned for the way they hanndled the move from Highbury to Ashburton Grove, Spurs have contrived one cock-up after another and made themselves as unpopular with as many people as they possibly could. Mind you, they didn’t start from a very high base on that front.
    Only a couple of weeks ago they barely scraped together 20000 paying customers for their Europa League game. What’s the point of having a bigger stadium if that’s all they can manage?
    And, to think, all this effort is only being put in to window dress the club in an attempt to sell it to someone else.
    I wonder how much of the price they ask for it will be for the ‘goodwill’? Or, indeed, what their current sponsors think of the whole sorry mess?

  9. It was a bunch of schoolboys primarily from a Scottish Presbyterian School that started that lot playing on Tottenham Marshes. When that lot turned professional in the mid-1990s, 10 Scots and 3 Welsh jumped at the chance of a weekly wage of £1.00. That team upset Fulham and the London Football League by paying an ex-Fulham player 10s.0d. for a pair of football boots. The away dressing room was beneath the standards of the Aston Villa players, who decamped to the nearest pub to change! Aston Villa won by the way.

    There is a very good article written by a former Committe member on the travails of the first 20 years of that club. Bad light could stop a game before full-time was called. If a football burst, that was the end of the game. Opponents were bombarded by rotten eggs, tomatoes, turmips and anything else that was available. Being based on committee minutes a far broader understanding of those early days pf association football are relevant and insightful to any historian!

  10. Just continuing the everyone moaning theme, Dalglish has called the scheduling of Liverpool’s Carling Cup quarter-final at Chelsea just 48 hours after his team play Manchester City at Anfield as “disgraceful”. Her said…

    “It is disgraceful in this day and age that players are being asked to play a key Premier League game and then a League Cup quarter-final in London just 48 hours later,”

  11. No public funding for Tottenham Hotspurs’ planned redevelopment.

    Not sure if Untold readers are aware of this e-petition re the above, but please read and spread to other sites/blogs.

  12. Personally I wouldn’t whizz on Shite Heart Lane if it was on fire, I’d be handing out free lighter fluid…..

    ….however I think some public money should be used to regenerate the area around it if it will lead to more opportunities and a better standard of life for the residents.

    It’d piss me off that Spuds were getting our money to give them a leg up, but sometimes we’ve got to be bigger than that.

  13. Tony,
    And when Arsenal had to play two league games in 48 hours and we complained about that (Untold published an article about it) and because of that Wenger had to field a completely different team and it cost us (together with some dreadful refereeing) points we just had to shut up and don’t look for excuses.

    Oh and because it cost us points last season the Fa have decided to do the same trick to us. So we will play QPR on Saturday 31 December in the afternoon and go to Fulham on Monday 02 January.

    I don’t know if any other team has the same schedule but last season it was only Arsenal who had this bad schedule.

  14. This is a great interlull article Tony.

    @ Richard B, 6.28pm – I agree with everything you say.

    There is definately something very shady about Tottenham, from the off shore ownership, the chairman, transfer deals, stadium plans to the manager who is wanted by the taxman. When I saw the news piece about the accusation yesterday, I just shook my head. I can’t help feeling that there is one big eloborate scam going on and the club and the owners are desperately trying to cut every corner possible before they get found out.
    I think Daniel Levy’s false statement should be bought to Arsenal official’s attention and he should be made to appologise. That club has no class and it’s inferiority complex is astounding. I don’t want us dragged into their mess. You would of thought that the banking crisis and the current Euro mess would of been a wake up call to some.
    The Spuds need to start living within their means, but it’s like they are driven by a sort of mad envy. They do not have money in the bank to redevelop their current grounds or to pay for the Olympic site for that matter, they do not have the fans to fill a 60,000 seater stadium week in week out (their Wembley experiment showed that) and from what I understand, the owners do not have the support of their fans to move location from North to East London.

  15. @ And_Arsene_Said, I signed the petition because I believe the riot money should be given directly to initiatives that will help and support small businesses and as well as training schemes and grants for young people. Taxpayer money should not be given to non-domiciles unless they are accountable in some way and there is research to support the claims that they will be a significant benefit to the local and national economy by staying in North London. I was utterly disgusted that Boris Johnson has tried to bribe the Spuds to stay with the tax payers purse, when they can some how afford to pay players like Adebayor 1/2m a month.


    I think £8 – £20m is better spent on improving schools, transport, investing in technology, reducing council tax bills etc….or failing that I would rather the goverment bought a million glass hammers and chocolate teapots, than see it flushed down the Tottenham toilet.

  16. @ Richard B, 6.28pm

    Hockey is the big sport in Canada, with most of the teams being where there is money in the USA. In the NHL, there is only one city with more than 1 top level team (New York, the Rangers and Islanders). Toronto gets its shorts into a knot, every time someone in Hamilton (44 miles away) talks about a professional (NHL) team there. In other sports in North America (and baseball as well), there can be multiple cities with more than 1 good professional team. But it seems London, England is unique in its ability to have so many professional teams, which are even remotely close to being competitive with each other.

    On the public funding front, every professional team regardless of sport (and baseball as well) wants a handout from government in order to build a new stadium or to move.

  17. Last season we had to play two matches in three days twice, once in December and once at the end of January/early February.

    This season it seems half the league will play three matches in two days in the first week of January. Notable exceptions are ManU (of course), Liverpool and Tottenham. In fact, Liverpool will have three days off before their match with Man City, while City will have only one day between playing Sunderland and Liverpool.

  18. Oops, I forgot three words and a comma.

    On the public funding front, in North America, every professional team regardless of sport (and baseball as well) wants a handout from government in order to build a new stadium or to move.

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