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  1. Eric

    whats the difference between ID wrong calls & other wrong calls? :p

  2. Eric

    nevermind, actually read the last part! So under important decisions you got the yellow/red/goal calls?

  3. Abhishek Kumar

    Walter: Please correct the formatting.. Its almost impossible to read the whole thing..

  4. DogFace


  5. Alek

    Many thanks for ID wrong calls. Some proposals: to show minutes of ID wrong calls in comments. So everyone can see what do you mean by ID wrong calls.

  6. Alek

    Or you can give more weight to ID wrong calls.

  7. C4

    Lol, off topic, but has anyone seen the Guardian’s Media Watch?

  8. Micko

    The Norwich v Arsenal ref review should be interesting this week, we’ve got Phil Dowd, and Garratt as lino ;(

  9. bob

    Rev04, Walter, Alek,
    KUDOS for initiating the ID wrong calls category (at long last!) – so that “game changers” can be tracked. It is no small thing, as it adds a vital interpretive (qualitative) element that, in the Ref Review context, helps to complement the quantitative assessment. Adding the minutes of what you deem ID wrong calls in parentheses would go the next step in giving readers who care the ability to zero in on the key moments and see for themselves in a time-efficient way.

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