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August 2021

Finally let’s slowly move back to what is really important

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Back to the future (slowly)

By Walter Broeckx

Finally the silly internationals are over. Well for some countries they were not that silly at all. Like for our midfielder Rosicky it was a matter of life and death. Okay that is maybe a bit dramatic but I think it is fair to say that it was one of the last chances for the captain of the Czech national team to perform in a big international tournament in his career.

Only Montenegro could come between Rosicky playing in the European championship next summer. And in the first game in Prague it was captain Rosicky who shone like he used to do it before his injury. He was orchestrating the team and showing the way to a well deserved 2-0 victory. In the return leg in Montenegro the Czech team played the hard working version of football and defended their lead with success. Montenegro couldn’t score and in the final stage of the game the Czech scored a goal from what was almost their only real dangerous attack.

So Tomas Rosicky will be in Poland or Ukraine next summer in the European championship. As I always was a big admirer of Rosicky (even before he came to Arsenal I loved his playing style) and was very grateful when he scored the first Arsenal goal when I came to the Emirates for the first time I really like him a lot. So I think it is great for him that he can make up for the terrible long lost period in the last years.

But also other players caught the eye in the last 24 hours. I had the chance to be impressed by the team that will be my favourite to win the European championship: Germany. If it comes to transfer rumours I just would like to say: if he is German, just buy him Arsène. Okay Holland was a bit handicapped with the absence of Van Persie (top scorer in the EPL) and Hand Der Vaart (we must admit even when he plays for the wrong team that he can handle the ball a bit). But Germany was without their top scorer in the Bundesliga (Gomez who was on the bench) and Sebastian Schweinsteiger (out with injury). So that should have evened things out a bit.

But what a demonstration of football I have seen from Germany against Holland. This was pure class. They were faster and technically as good as the Dutch if not better. And amongst that attacking talent stood our giant Per Mertesacker. Just doing what a good defender has to do: stopping the other team from getting something. I think Mertesacker was outstanding in this game. And a hint for who ever wants to listen at Arsenal: it seems that Mertesacker and Badstuber have been playing together in 8 games so far for Germany and in 7 of them got a clean sheet. So they do seem to form a good partnership those two. The only trouble is that Badstuber is playing at Bayern Munich and most of the players over there are not that easily moved on. Why should they when they play in the best German team? [And live in a sounder economy, have better beer and have a more civilised life style – Tony] But still….

Another Arsenal player that got some headlines is our current on loan player Joel Campbell. The not that special one according to people who decided such things in the work permit office.  Mr Wenger of course was of the impression that he was a bit of a special one. But as usual the people who have to decide such things said: “What does this Frenchman know?” So Arsenal had to send him on loan to Lorient where he gets his chances and has started 4 games so far and scored two goals so far and getting good reviews. But it is when he plays an international he suddenly turns up and shines even more.

Last night he put Costa Rica 2-0 in front against World champions Spain. It was a nice placed left footed curler from outside the penalty area past Casillas. Not saying the best goal ever but a very good one and I sure would have loved to see this player in an Arsenal shirt as soon as possible. A goal you could see Robin Van Persie score with his left foot at times. Not that I want to compare both players for the moment. But he sure looks like a player who can do something even against a top team like Spain. Oh, Spain came back to 2-2 in the final minutes of the game. In fact Spain came back after Campbell was substituted in order to defend the lead. Stupid move from the manager I would say.

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Vermaelen came through the game against France without injury and Koscielny didn’t play. So we should have enough of our central defenders ready for the weekend. Wenger will have to make a choice and I hope he has to make some tough decisions like that for the rest of the season.

For the rest we can look at Van Persie and Arshavin who only played one game. Arteta had a good rest and will have his house in order by now I think. Santos had a rest. Jenkinson had a rest. Song has played two games but had a rest since Sunday. So all in all the internationals have been not that bad for Arsenal.

And the best part of it is the fact that from now on we can finally concentrate on what football really is all about: The Arsenal. Bring it on.

[Bring it on???  Really Walter, where are you learning all this stuff? – Tony]


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13 comments to Finally let’s slowly move back to what is really important

  • Gooneraside

    Bring it on indeed, Walter.

    No mention of our two goalies. Don’t say they were really jinxed. 🙂

  • walter

    My mistake Gooneraside, they both played one game and both are injury free also.
    And with Park only playing one game and saying he finally is ready. The competition for places is tough for the moment. Let us just keep it that way.

  • JohnW

    Thankx Walter, but I really want to see Arsene close the gap between our Reserves and the first team a bit more. Fo instance, I would play Sanchez Watt on Saturday and rest Theo for Tuesday. The experience also bodes well for man City in the Carling Cup in a few weeks time, we won’t be as easily beaten as it would be if we played only the kids.
    Finally, is there a way of writing about where we were last season after 11 games, and compare it with this season?
    Thankx again

  • Walter thanks for that piece,thats the new Arsenal as the Prof said he is building a new team. Walter who is going to be the ref?John W i think you are right if we bring in new blood and rest the seniors but remember this is the time to catch up where we had lost. So lets hit Norwich 6 and then bring in the juniors otherwise we need those 3 points. Lets go gunners

  • WalterBroeckx

    Kampala Gun, the ref will be Phil Dowd…

  • Gf60

    What UA’s “best” ref? Eek!

  • Germany started playing as a team and improved leaps and bounds when the deadwood Ballack was removed, same goes for Spain when they got rid of Raul. These teams were forced to adjust to accomodate their stars.

    England got a chance if they get rid of the so called GOLDEN GENERATION. Just saying…

  • Paul Collins

    JohnW – we all love seeing youngsters given the chance but there is nothing to suggest Watt is ready yet and Saturday is the time to push and make sure you get 3 more points. Play the best team possible and make sure you win. We are only now starting to have some consistency of selection as injuries clear up (Vermaelen obviously) and guys begin to settle into the team (Santos, Jenkinson, Arteta etc) and the last thing we want now is for the starting 11 to be messed around with simply for the sake of it.

    If AW wants to see what Sanchez Watt or any other youngster can do there is the League Cup and FA Cup to do it. Right now we want to focus on the League and CL.

  • Mahdain

    @walter dowd? Seriously? Well lets just hope he continues his form this season and not another horror show

  • Gord

    There is a report that Kieran Gibbs has undergone hernia surgery for that stomach problem, and will be out for up to another 6 weeks.

  • Gooner Gal

    I am very happy that we are about to resume ‘business’ soon. I hope that the players have returned with the same focus as before. Paul Lambert has a well drilled Norwich side that can run and pass the ball around. Hopefully we will give the team the respect they deserve as I can imagine them relishing the chance to pit themselves against us.

    I am surprised that Dowd has got this one as he will have do a bit of running, which will mean that the cards will be out to give him a chance to catch his breath.

    @ Indy Gooner, I agree with you but, it isn’t as simple as seems as the big name players sell tickets at Wembley and coverage around the world. Capello’s hands are a bit tied as the FA have to look after their financial interests first.

    @ Paul Collins, I also think that we need to put a strong team out and get the three points. though I don’t think the team picks itself yet which is a good thing, as it means the gap is closing within the 25 man squad and makes us harder to play against. I wouldn’t be suprised if Arsene made 4 – 5 changes for this one.

    @ JohnW, I think since Afobe is still out, it would be good to have Watt get a spot on the bench for some games, but it is too soon to think about giving him first team opportunities. This would be a good game for Park to play in.

  • Anne


    Good article. I really enjoyed your comments about Rosiczky, as I as well really like him as a player, and feel that he has never fully gotten the credit he deserves.

    Like Mahdain, I really do hope that we can avoid one of Phil Dowd’s trademark “horror show” this weekend, and I’ll also be keeping an eye on Charlie Wyett at the Sun (he of “empty emirates stadium” fame).

    I caught Charlie on twitter awhile back going on about how he’s a Norwich fan, so if he tries to report on this one he better make sure he behaves himself 🙂

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Nice article Walter .It should be an open game with both sides
    attacking ,but I feel that our defence will keep them at bay.
    I agree with Gooner Gal that this game will be ideal to play Park at some point.