Untold Ref Review: ManU 1 – Newcastle 1

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By Ref Reviewer 05

A new day, a new game, a new reviewer….and a game in which we have seen something unique: a wrong penalty call against Manchester United. And this at Old Trafford. Ref Jones did the game between Manchester United and Newcastle United. What’s the score ref?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
5 Other Taylor Chicharito N/C Not much wrong with that challenge 0 0
6 Other Ferdinand Ba N/C Push in back 0 0
7 Other Simpson Young N/C Push in back 0 0
10 Offside Chicharito C Since I don’t have a good view I will have to agree with the non-call 1 1
12 Offside Ba C 1 1
13 Other Ben Arfa Giggs C Pull 1 1
15 Other Ben Arfa Young C Holding 1 1
17 Other Giggs Ben Arfa C Trip 1 1
18 Other Gutierrez Chicharito N/C Falls to easy and Chicarito was already going down and held his arms around Gutierez 0 0
20 Other R. Taylor Giggs C Bad camera work 1 1
21 Other Chicharito Taylor N/C Should have been the other way around 0 0
21 Offside Taylor C 1 1
22 Other Nani Gutierrez C High foot 1 1
23 Offside Chicharito C 1 1
25 Other Obertan Evra N/C Nothing wrong 0 0
25 Other Cabaye Evra C Trip 1 1
26 Other Rooney Coloccini C Rooney kicking as hard as possible when Coloccini’s legs are in the way 1 1
26 Yellow Rooney N/C You can see that Rooney tries to kick as hard as possible, only to hurt the other player, at least a yellow card and this could have been also a red if this would happen in another country. 0 0
26 Yellow Ben Arfa C Ben Arfa shouldn’t rush in like that, but there’s nothing wrong with his message to Rooney. 1 2
28 Other MU N/C Handball. Ref signals advantage butNewcastlelose the ball. The foul was 8 meters outside the Utd penalty area so a possible good position for a direct free kick 0 0
29 Other Evra Obertan N/C Trip 0 0
36 Other Carrick Gutierrez C Good tackle 1 1
39 Other Carrick Guthrie C Trip 1 1
45 Other Nani Cabaye C Push 1 1
46 Other Ba Vidic C Unlucky collision 1 1
Half time 16 17
CORRECT 64,00% 62,96%
YELLOW 1 2 50,00%
RED 0 0
GOAL 0 0
OTHER 1 1 100%
TOTAL 2 3 66.67%
OFFSIDE 4 4 100.00%
Second half
47 Offside Chicharito C 1 1
47 Other Fabio Gutierrez N/C Stretches his arms to protect the ball 0 0
47 Other Guthrie Rooney N/C Rooney misplaced his jump and gets the freekick 0 0
48 Other Simpson Young C Trip 1 1
48 Other Taylor Chicharito C To late 1 1
49 Goal Chicharito C No Offside, C goal 1 3
52 Other Cabaye C Looks to me like he touches the ball last, so CC 1 1
52 Yellow Cabaye C Hits the ball to the ground 1 2
53 Other Young Simpson C Nothing wrong with the challenge 1 1
54 Other Fabio Gutierrez C Catches his leg 1 1
54 Yellow Fabio C Bad angle to judge from but does come in with big speed into the challenge 1 2
55 Offside Chicharito C 1 1
56 Other Young Simpson C Push 1 1
59 Other Guthrie Giggs C Wild but no bad intent 1 1
62 Penalty Ferdinand Ben Arfa N/C Ref had it right but the assistant let him down, was a good tackle 0 0
62 Goal Ba N/C Wasn’t a penalty so N/C goal 0 0
63 Yellow Ferdinand N/C Ferdinand went to the ref after the penalty was given to show his dissent 0 0
65 Other Gutierrez Carrick C Wild and late 1 1
65 Yellow Gutierrez C Late tackle, correct card 1 1
67 Other Guthrie Evra C Brought him off balance 1 1
67 Yellow Guthrie C Evra was at full speed and could open things up 1 2
68 Offside Chicharito C 1 1
69 Other Ben Arfa Vidic C 1 1
71 Other Carrick Ben Arfa C Ben Arfa falls 1 1
73 Other Vidic Ba C Unfurtunate 1 1
74 Other Taylor Nani C Push 1 1
76 Other Rooney Gutierrez C Push 1 1
76 Yellow Rooney N/C Rooney shows his dissent once again in a clear way against the ref. Why doesn’t he book him? 0 0
78 Other Rooney Pearch C Advantage 0 1
78 Other Gutierrez Nani C Bad tackle 1 1
78 RED Gutierrez C Studs against both feet, tackle from behind a second yellow card is his part 1 3
80 Other Carrick Ba C Schwalbe 1 1
81 Other Young Krul N/C Dangereous & wild tackle and was never going to be first 0 0
81 Yellow Young N/C Sliding with an outstretched leg to the keeper is dangerous play, should have been a yellow 0 0
82 Other Young Simpson N/C 50/50 ball but Young came in with a stretched leg towards the opponent. Should have been a foul 0 0
82 Yellow Young N/C Again with the foot stretched to his opponent but he got away with it once so he goes in it again 0 0
84 Penalty Taylor Vidic N/C Pushes Vidic in the air 0 0
86 Other Man u Krul N/C Push 0 0
87 Other Simpson C That wasnt a pass to the keeper 1 1
87 Other Fabio Cabaye C Trip, couldve left advantage 1 1
88 Other Ameobi Fabio C Push 1 1
89 Penalty Simpson Chicharito C Chicharito does fall but has no intention for a penalty, there is a spat because of it though 1 3
92 Other Fabio Ba C Pulls him back 1 1
94 Offside Chicharito C Very close, but his upperbody is just about offside 1 1
94 Goal Chicharito C Disallowed goal because of the offside, CC 1 3
  2nd half score
TOTAL 32 44
% CORRECT 72.73% 65.67%
YELLOW 7 42.86%
RED 1 1 100.00%
PENALTY 1 3 33.33%
GOAL 2 3 66.67
OTHER 5 7 71.43
12 21 57.14%
OFFSIDE 4 4/td>

TOTAL 48 61
% CORRECT 71,64% 64,89%
YELLOW 4 9 44.44
RED 1 1 100.00
PENALTY 1 3 33.33
GOAL 2 3 66.67
OTHER 6 8 75,00
14 24 58.43
OFFSIDE 8 8 100,00
Correct calls For mu 27 55,10%
For Newc 22 44.90%
Total correct calls 49
Wrong calls Against MU 5 25,00%
Against Newc 15 75,00%
Total 20
Total fouls made by MU 16 51,61%
Newc 15 48,39%
Total 31
Important wrong calls Against MU 4 57.14%
Against Newc 3 42.86%


The Ref had a not that good game, tried to let the game flow but should’ve showed more authority. Specially about the dissent that the United players showed during the game and this also before the penalty incident.

The penalty for Newcastle was wrong because Ferdinand blocked the ball and didn’t really stick out a leg towards Ben Arfa. It was not a ball and man tackle but a clean tackle first on the ball and then there was contact but there was no attempt to make a foul. However it was the assistant who insisted for the penalty. Will we see him again on a field in the EPL? Will SAF have a word with Riley about this?

Wrong calls in general are well in favour of Man U.And as you can see the important wrong calls are pretty balanced so in the end both teams got their share of fortune/misfortune.

Man U also complain more and get away with it, contrary to Newcastle where only 1 person complains and doesn’t get away with it.




6 Replies to “Untold Ref Review: ManU 1 – Newcastle 1”

  1. Rooney is such a petulant little imp. I remember the ref getting in his way and as such the Newcastle player won possession of the ball and Rooney then blatantly and unsportingly shoved the player over.
    I think that was the incident in the 76th minute where it says he should have been booked. Not only did he shove the player over unsportingly, he yelled at the ref for getting in his way.

  2. Only a yellow card for Rooney’s kick on Coloccini??? Really??? It was twice as bad as the red card he got against Montenegro–two pointlessly violent kicks instead of one. It should have been a straight red and possibly a four or five game ban.

  3. More unfair calls for Newcastle than ManU! It’s a re-occuring miracle!!

    Thanks for the work 05. More evidence.

  4. El Gringo,
    As much as I love to see Rooney get a red card in this case it can be said that the Newcastle player kicked the ball away just before Rooney lashed out at him. So in this case he was given the benefit of the doubt.
    But giving no card at all was certainly a very bad non call.

  5. “The penalty for Newcastle was wrong because Ferdinand blocked the ball and didn’t really stick out a leg towards Ben Arfa. It was not a ball and man tackle but a clean tackle first on the ball and then there was contact but there was no attempt to make a foul”

    I watched the incident several times and this is certainly not what I saw. Ferdinand did not get the ball – Ben Arfa kicked the ball onto Ferdinand’s leg.

    Reviewer 05, please look at it again and see if you agree with me. In any event, please tell me what you would rule if my interpretation was correct.

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