Love and Football II: Arsenal thoughts on Boxing Day

Love and Football II

By Narendranath


I have a Fabregas jersey

And don’t know what to do with it.

I fear buying one of van Persie-

Too much for my heart and pocket.


A gift my girlfriend gave to me,

Love and winning are too good to

Last like the unbeaten trophy

Season. Life and football- ditto.


How will I ever live without

Her? A lone tree without its roots-

Such was at Arsenal the doubt

To walk without those magic boots.


Then I met another girl who

Made Goodness seem to have mercy

And bestowed what for long was due,

Just as it came to van Persie.


But all along, there was my mom,

Beside, besides loving me more.

Yet I have never told her from

My heart how much I still love her.


It’s been long since I told her that

But she does not complain about.

I have taken her for granted,

As have Arsene during this drought.


As life goes on around my lover

And as I applaud van Persie,

I’ll write letters to my mother

And seek Arsene Wenger’s jersey.



10 Replies to “Love and Football II: Arsenal thoughts on Boxing Day”

  1. @Narendranath

    Interesting and enjoyable poem.


    I see the AAA have sent you out again and, as usual, without goodwill, without sense and off topic.

  2. Moses Owuor, Bello Xaria and RobL,
    Thank you very much. Cheers!

    None taken at all, Nicky. Thanks for your very pragmatic advice, I’ll keep that in mind. But could you please spend some more time and let me know as to what made you feel that? I could learn from it.

    bjtgooner and Anne,
    Glad that you liked it; very much appreciated.

  3. @ Naren,
    Poetry can be as simple or as complicated as the athor wishes.
    It can rhyme or not.
    I thought your effort, right from the beginning, suggested a rhyming theme but then it fell away, somewhat.
    However, you received more plaudits than nitpickings and therefore my advice is to ignore folk like me and carry on with the good work.

  4. Nicky,
    The poet also gets to choose the strictness of the rhyme. Rhyme has suffered heavily at one place but it was a deliberate choice in an experiment to consciously combine rhyme with metre, metaphorical conceit, imagery and rhetorical devices and not be obsessed with rhyme, as I used to be.
    The looseness of rhyme is a fair point and I’ll remember that.
    By the bye, Nicky, I maintain a distance from both plaudits and nitpickings. However, plaudits serve the poem that already is while nitpickings serve that which is yet to come.
    Thanks for your time, Nicky.

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