There are more Arsenal fans in Nigeria than in England. Plus what Sky said re Liverpool’s money


Mutiu O. Shokanmbi

Personal anecdote/introduction:

Let me start by stating that I suck at playing football. I was born and raised in Nigeria and in my country if you cannot dribble 2 or more players then you suck. Period! The more players you can dribble past the better player you are.

Jay Jay Okocha is the darling and hero of most Nigerians despite not being as productive or successful as Kanu is as a footballer. If you know Jay Jay then you know why. I find it hard to go past one player: I suck!

When we played “set” (forms of 4, 5, or 6-a-side in Nigerian lingo) in secondary school, no one liked me in their team except ‘Femi, my talented school mate, who was an automatic captain like a few others because of his obvious ability.

He repeatedly included me in his team and when asked by the other captains his response has stayed with me for more than 20 years. He said I would not allow anyone to go past me. Now, I was no great defender, actually I was poor. We played without referees and the only punishable offence was ‘handball’. I was a terrible fouler but others could only complain. I did nothing nasty or hurtful just some serious shirt pulling, holding, grabbing, dragging, leg holding etc.

I might have been playing rugby but all I did was legit based on our general rules. My friend recognised my hatred for losing and willingness to throw my body on the line to prevent it. But most importantly, he knew I was effective otherwise he would not continue to pick me.

‘Femi, even as a teenager recognised that different players bring different dimensions to the game. He also seemed to understand the psychology of loyalty as I would give my all to ensure his team did not lose. I see ‘Femi on hindsight as a Wenger-like thinker even if the circumstances and (especially) the football philosophy are totally different (Wenger would have no one like me in his team and even I detest teams who adopt this playing style e.g. Bolton). ‘Femi never played professionally but unlike our other talented peers, he was smart enough to get educated. He works in one the biggest banks in Nigeria as a financial analyst.

What I lack in footballing ability, I make up for in passion and understanding of the game’s history. And love of Arsenal!

Denilson Vs Stoke City (FA cup):

I yelled: HOLD HIM, GRAB HIM, BRING HIM DOWN as Denilson ‘escorted’ Sidibe to deliver Stoke’s second goal which effectively killed the game. For the first time ever, I felt like I could do something football related better than an Arsenal player. Watching Denilson jog behind Sidibe is one of the most disgusting sights I have ever seen on television. I can swear that Fabregas would have brought Sidibe down. Again perspective: I love Denilson. I have liked him since he first featured 4 years ago in the Carling cup. I was mad at him for a few days but I am glad he is an Arsenal player. I think his place in the team is earned and deserved. I look forward to seeing him do greater things in Arsenal shirt as he has already done some great things. I also expect to see him make (hopefully just) a few more mistakes in future for which I will be mad but still get over. I’ll never wish him injuries or demand he be sold off.

I have supported Wenger’s Arsenal long enough to know how things work with players coming up. Cesc is the only exception and seriously, we all know El Kapitan is a freak (in an awesome way).Arsene’s strong sense of perspective and ability to see beyond HERE and NOW is the main reason why I love him. It’s also the reason why Arsenal will beat any team in the world to any young player’s signature unless the youngster has other consideration other than developing as a player.

Is it a mere coincidence or plain double standard?

My most frustrating Arsenal player is Theo Walcott who I hold in same esteem as all his team mates. In terms of contributions to the team, I think Denilson has done more for Arsenal than Theo but what I have noticed is how much leeway some commentators can give the latter while coincidentally crucifying the former – at times in the same article. Their most common excuse is Theo’s young age while savaging a fella about a year older. I have no grudge against Theo; I just wish the double standard will stop. I understand and appreciate the promotion of ANYTHING British from beef to potatoes. But with Arsenal players, I expect things to be different, especially from Arsenal fans. We are still the most English top team in terms of ownership. That should count for something.

Comparative Arsenal Support: British Vs Overseas Gooners

There are more Arsenal fans in Nigeria than in England! Having lived in England for 3 years now, I also know that there are more passionate Arsenal fans back home.

Visiting the Emirates for the first time was like Holy pilgrimage for me. I think it is the most beautiful place in the whole of Britain! I find it difficult to understand why the stadium is always half empty 10 minutes before time. When I’ve been fortunate get ticket to visit ‘the Holy Land’, I stayed till the players have left the field. I consider myself very lucky. I know what many of my mates will sacrifice to see our players in action.

On occasions when they come visiting, they pay any amount to get in and scream themselves hoarse in support. Most of the overseas fans don’t think they know better than the manager. They regularly get mad about some of our players based on their performances but there is never malice.

A bird in hand………

It seems there is nothing some fans love more than hating some of our players. At times it seems like an obsession. Why can’t we just say that Denilson had a bad game (ok maybe a string of bad games) and wish he’ll come good again soon? If these fans had their way, Song and Diaby would be blossoming for other teams right now. I agree that we have some duds but which team doesn’t?

For how many years did Barcelona wallowed in the wilderness playing second or third fiddle to Real Madrid and even Valencia at some point? Do the big money paying teams always get it right? Is Ibrahimovich TRULY worth 40million + Eto’o; has he justified it? The buy, buy, buy singing Gooners give the impression that buying is the all in all. They really make me mad when they spout their anti-Wenger sentiments under the cover of the Internet anonymity and pompously demand he takes certain actions – usually buy certain players – so that we can win titles and they can stop getting humiliated by their friends and co-workers or he should be sacked as he has already lost the plot.

Self-loathing caused by harmless and easily dispelled banter

Most of the complaints of the Doom&Gloomers stem from the taunting from other fans. But we take the good with the bad and fortunately at Arsenal, we have more good than bad. Some of the taunts and jeers from other fans are borne out of envy. No one ever describes ManIOU, Chavs or any other British team using accolades like beautiful or entertaining. Roman Abramovich knows the cost of an entertaining team. He is yet to get one after spending billions.

We take it for granted and other fans are mad with jealousy. How can they beat us in banters? Just throw in “you’ve won nothing in 4 years” (sorry it’s not 5 till end of May). Take up any argument with any of our rivals’ fans and you can bet your pay cheque on this line of attack. But if we are to commit suicide over this easily waved off banter then only ManIOU and the Chavs should have fans.

A chav colleague of mine wondered aloud that I must truly love Arsenal because – wait for it – I have not changed my computer desktop background featuring the 2009/2010 team photograph despite our back to back losses to them and ManIOU, pitying me for the open ‘humiliation’ I had to suffer. He reckoned it would have been less painful as fewer people will know I am a Gooner and not mock me for our losses if I only had the ‘good sense’ to change my desktop background picture to Jedward’s. Seriously, these are the type of fans for which many Arsenal fans throw their team, players and manager under the bus!

Call it revisionism, I call it Perspective

I read on a blog a few days ago, how winning the league doesn’t mean much anymore as we are definitely only the 3rd best EPL team of the season having lost home and away to ManIOU and the Chavs even if we end up with more points after 38 games. If you read Walter’s last post you may be wondering like I often do: “are some Arsenal commentators crazy, stupid or just Tinites (apologies Sir Tony but I love this new name – it is not offensive and it perfectly describes our wannabes from up the road) faking as Gooners in order to piss us off”.

It is this kind of self-hating crap that drove me to Untold. “Hey boys, stop trying; my ManIOU supporting co-worker has told me that they are champions already because they have beaten you home and away.”

Let’s look at the last few seasons and compare and contrast.

2006/7: We beat ManIOU home and away and topped the mini-top4 league. ManIOU came last. We came 4th after 38 games. No one called us champions. In fact everyone pretended like this never happened and the prediction was that we’ll be out of top4 (that prediction has now been long running).

Last season: ManIOU again came last in the top4 mini league. We beat them at the Ems and drew at OT. Liverpool beat them home and away. No one said they are undeserving of the title. The general critique of Liverpool was that they were not ruthless enough against weaker teams.

Current season:

1 Chelsea 26 39 58
2 Man United 26 41 57
3 Arsenal 26 31 52

We lost 6 points and net of 10 (+5 – -5 = +10) goals to the Chavs. We lost 6 points and net of 6 (+3 – -3 = +6) goals to ManIOU. Take away all our games against these 2 and we have:

1 Arsenal 24 39 52
2 Chelsea 24 34 52
3 Man U 24 38 51

Now, I am as heartbroken as any Gooner about our losses to these 2 teams but the good thing about this season is that we are killing-off small teams. Believe me this is why ManIOU are perpetual champions: they are a bunch of hyenas – no team is better at killing-off dying or wounded oppositions. By the time they have beaten all the average to small teams, their losses against us or Liverpool becomes insignificant. A 1-0 win at home against Pompey is more valuable than 2 away draws at Anfield and Stamford Bridge. ManIOU recognise this, I am overjoyed that we finally do too.

Who knows tomorrow or May 2010?

I have absolutely no idea how this season will end but looking back to summer of ’09 and where we are now, I feel very good. We are supposed to be struggling for fifth or sixth place. We are comfortably 3rd with realistic hope of finishing even better. We are currently over-performing. And we are still maturing with vast room and capacity for improvement! Not forgetting our long list of injuries to key players. But the sweetest of all for me is that we are doing this despite not towing the lines of the Doom&Gloomers: buy buy buy or else……

Keep hope alive and support your team Gooners. The future is bright, the future is Arsenal, the future is HERE!!!

UNTOLD RUMOURS by Algenon Fitzgibbon-Beater

FEBRUARY 6 2007 – From By Mark Buckingham – Sky Sports

George Gillett Jnr has confirmed money has not been borrowed against Liverpool’s debt in order to buy the Premiership club.

There have been suggestions that the buy-out will be similar to that of the Glazers’ takeover of Manchester United, but Gillett says Liverpool will not be saddled with any debt.

“This is going to be unusual, I think, in the history of sport in England,” Gillett told Sky Sports News.

“There were many concerns that the chairman (David Moores) expressed about that subject and we listened to him carefully.  “So we’ve structured it in a way, I think, will be good for the club and good for the fans going forward.”

“We want to create a club that has that wonderful success on the pitch.”

—- Editor’s note: that is not actually a rumour it is an actual report from Sky Sports.   It really makes one wonder if there is anything on that station that has any resemblance to the truth.—

Ashley Cole has been banned from Harrods in Knightsbridge, on “health and safety grounds”.

Re the arrest warrant issued against Portsmouth’s chairman relating (allegedly) to a disputed property deal with Fahim (allegedly) owing a sum of £1.4m, if he were found guilty he would have to leave Portsmouth under the fit and proper person’s rule.  The arms dealers and struck off solicitors could however remain.

If Arry is found guilty of defrauding the state by not paying tax, he would not have to resign from the Tinies.  Funny old world.

If you have any story that ought to appear in Untold Rumours please send it to


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35 Replies to “There are more Arsenal fans in Nigeria than in England. Plus what Sky said re Liverpool’s money”

  1. Nice article Mutiu, I could feel your love for The Arsenal coming through the internet.

    I also totally agree with what you say on the loss against MIOU and the Chavs. Hard to swallow but at the end of the day it is only a loss of 3 points in the league. Nothing more. If we can win our remaining 12 fixtures and I really believe we are capable of winning every single game than we shall see who is in first place and I really think we will not be far away from first place. The others will lose points when playing each other. In fact I believe we will have first place after the game against Fulham.

  2. Good stuff Mutiu,

    I think your comments on Denilson and Walcott are valid. However, I suspect one reason that Walcott has more leniency afforded him is that Denilson has played an incredible number of games for his club (he played more than any other Gunner last season) whilst Theo has had far less playing time due to debilitating injuries.

    For what it is worth I like both players but there are definite frustrations. Denilson’s passing needs to improve and though I do not agree he is ‘lightweight’ he could definitely display some more hunger in his approach – especially when it comes to tracking back.

    With Theo, he needs a good, long injury free run in the side before we can really start to see the best of him. He can’t mature from the sidelines and those that have judged him already have obviously let impatience overrule sound reasoning.

    Looking forward to hearing Walter’s thoughts on the free kick last night. 5 things spring to mind.

    1. I have never seen a quick free kick from inside the box – is this a precedent?
    2. The ref did not blow his whistle to signal resumption of player and was not even looking at the ball when the Porto player passed it. I immediately thought of Fabregas’ disallowed goal a few years ago which had to be retaken because the ref was not ready and had not blown his whistle? HOW can this ref claim he was ready if he was looking elswhere?
    3. If a quick free kick is allowed for passback from now on, the goal keeper just won’t release the football. To do so would render all passbacks in some ways more dangerous than penalties. This makes a farce of what happened – in some ways I feel we have become a test case for future law.
    4. ITV commentary on it was simply woeful – quel surprise.
    5. The referee was a clown all night but no more so than Fabianski and Sol.

  3. Further to my last comment, I just read this on the Telegraph’s pages –

    “There is no need for the referee to blow his whistle for a free kick to be taken; a player must simply get the approval of the match official to restart play.”

    I cannot see how the player could have gotten the ref’s approval as the ref was looking in the opposite direction at the time. If you watch he then turns as the ball is played and raises his arm immediately…

  4. Mutiu, THANK YOU. Your passionate article cheered me up. It’s always good to have a little perspective on things.

    And Tony, that Algernon Fitzgibbon-Baker sure is one talented guy! A true multi-tasker. Does he get along with Billy the Dog?

  5. Stringfellow,
    just my thoughts on TA:

    How much we may like TA for all what he has done to The Arsenal in his playing years I really think that TA is not well qualified to give comment on another manager.
    The day TA has won the same amount of prizes with a team then he can come over and say something about Wenger.
    I’m sorry to see it but the teams he managed…well… it was not that succesful

  6. i think mutui actually made a point dere i reside in nigeria but what am saying is just dat we have been playing so well dat we end up losing,i think its time to do it the nigerian answers 4rm God because this is simply an issue of hard not against wenger or his attitude 2wardz his policy,but wat am insinuating is dat its time 2 change d stylish n handsome football 2 a more physical and aving d aim 2 win n nt entertain.4 e.g d last chance diaby had which he still wanted 2 pass,goodness me i rather see wanyne ronney in dat position,u n i know wat it wud be.thnks

  7. Mutiu, doomers can be rational people as well. I don’t believe we need a buy, buy, buy policy. I DO think we need to buy in certain areas (like GK). But on the whole, we have a good side. What I want to see is some defensive nous by our fullbacks, a better ‘keeper, and a team that doesn’t wilt like lettuce on a hot day. These are things that can be accomplished easily, if we have the will to address the problems. I dare say that they don’t even need much spending to accomplish (Lloris would be £15m, Akineef would be £20m, which are both within the transfer surplus we got from Toure and Adebayor).

    What I think a lot of tinters are guilty of is blind loyalty. You can support a club and still see its faults. The Chinese have a saying, that a true friend is one that points out your faults. The North Londoners have another saying in response to that, Fuck off and support Chelsea, you glory-hunting plastic. Which one is a more nuanced viewpoint?

  8. Since last night’s loss to Porto, apparently the sky has fallen in on Arsenal according to the mainstream media and most internet bloggers. I saw the game on a delayed basis. Being aware of the results before I viewed certainly helped my perspective as I did not have the usual anxieties during a live game. PROS: Apart from two blatant mistakes by young Fabianski, this could easily have been a victory to Arsenal or a draw. CONS: We were not as sharp as we typically are due to a spirited Porto intent on putting us off our game by pushing the limits of the law (e.g. rotational fouling of Cesc) and the typical lack of fluidity for a team that had five changes from its last game.
    But then Arsenal is not supposed to grind out results even though not at is best.

  9. Oh, and Walcott came late to football, so he’s never going to be an instinctive player. He will need a lot of time to learn when and how to time his runs, and time to learn whether to pass, shoot or dribble. No one knows whether he’ll get there, but he has the kind of natural talents (blinding pace and good finishing) that make it worthwhile to persevere. So don’t expect him to be a world-class winger at 21. But be cautiously optimistic that he’ll be a useful, Michael Owen-type striker at age 25. If Cesc stays, imagine the kind of through-balls that a fully mature Theo will be able to get!

  10. Shotta-gunna, Fabianski is 24 and a full international. If he’s rusty sitting on the bench, then send him out on loan. But don’t make excuses for his “youth”. Yours is the attitude that exemplifies blind support. “Two blatant mistakes” cost us the game, and maybe the tie. Go along your train of excuse-making, and where does it end? But for 10 bad games, we would’ve won the league last year?

  11. Nice work mutiu. A very good post about how the game is played here, just only sad you are one of those who employ that ‘ojoro’ tactics of pushing and shirt tugging, i just got my knee battered by one of such tactics due to my opponent not been able to keep ur to pace with me -miss the ball don’t miss the leg- i have always love the arsenal with my heart and grumbles of both ‘fans’ and non fans alike does not affect me. If we lose by a large margin today, the next time there is a game i would be there. Up gooners

  12. Am really crazy at the ref yesterday. One can’t just believe that the ref decision, a terrible decision and an intentional act from the ref for not facing the ball, he raised is hand upward, he blocked Sol, Fabianski was not interfering the ball….

    So tell me what will UEFA do to this, let them call to action the ref to explain why and how on earth after all is act still point to the centre for a standing controversial goal

  13. @ Jonny
    I’m also interested to hear what Walter has to say. One thing that struck me is that it was the only time in the whole game the ref allowed a free kick to be taken immediately, so I can understand why the players were not expecting a quick free kick – it was in a more dangerous area than the dozen that had preceded it.
    I agree with you that surely there should be some sort of signal that the ref has approved taking the free kick quickly. In the game against Tottenham, when we took Spurs by surprise and scored, I thought the ref signaled advantage, so that was the signal. Otherwise, as you say, keepers will have to refuse to give the ball back and risk getting a yellow card every time!

  14. And also, play had stopped, hadn’t it? So the ref can’t just take the ball off Fabianski, and let the free kick go on, could he? Walter?

  15. honestly fabianski was just unlucky to make 2 mistakes in 90 minutes.yet those were deadly,i put myself in his shoe n i feel like shedding tears,the lad needs our support right now……nice article mutiu i grew up in lagos too n am very sure i would av made the to the epl if i were british..

  16. One more point is when the ref takes the ball he can’t then ‘award’it to the other team as a quick free kick. A quick free kick to my knowledge is taken when the players respot the ball themselves and the ref has signalled it is okay to continue.

    By his positioning (in the way) and virtue of the fact he put the ball down he has interfered with play and should wait until both teams are in position and aware play is to resume.

    Another fascinating point (from another Nigerian Gooner) was made on F365 this morning it goes thus –

    “So If The Advantage Rule Is Applied In The Penalty Area, Then What Would Happen With Penalties?
    It seems that the conventional wisdom at the moment is that Arsenal should have no complaints about the second Porto goal. After all free kicks can be taken quickly, and have been in the past. However all those commentators miss a central point: the advantage rule does not apply in the box.

    Because if advantage applies to indirect freekicks in the box, then it also applies to direct free kicks in the box, just like it applies to direct freekicks outside the box. What is a direct freekick in the box? oh yeah it’s a penalty.

    So according to these luminaries, if the referee had given Rosicky a penalty last night the player was completely within his rights to take the ball from the referee while Helton was arguing about the award, place it on the spot and pass it into the net. After all as Graham “Three yellow cards” Poll tells us the rule says “advantage is immediately given to the team that has been wronged”.

    Any response that says “but penalties are different” doesn’t count. Any response that says that “penalties have defined rules” automatically proves my point because penalties have defined rules solely because they are direct free kicks in the box.

    So let’s hear why direct free kicks in the box are different from indirect free kicks in the box.
    Naz, Nigeria”

    Walter, again I’d like to hear your thoughts, I wouldn’t know where to begin with! However, I do think it’s an excellent and thought provoking point.

  17. Correction, the ref didn’t put the ball down – he takes it from Fabianski and then allows a Porto player to strip it from his hands and in so doing creates this whole controversial decision.

    What a berk.

  18. Mutiu,

    Belief is what you write about. Belief is what you cite that lads have outside of the UK. And, belief is what IOU fans have and Chavs fans have.
    You are correct and it’s shameful for the lack of respect given and shown to our lads and Wenger. I was going to write a piece on Denilson to point out his quality and along my journey I discovered that he has a story. It was a great read (research) and some things I knew about him and others I did not. The point being he has amassed quite a CV at 22 yrs. of age. Did anyone know his father was a professional in Brazil. Quit at 25 to raise 4 young boys. 3 of the Neves boys are professionals. Did you know he lost his Mum at age 10 but still had the passion and the belief to become a professional at 14 for Santos? Did you know Denilson captained Brazil Nationals u-14’s, u-15’s, u16, u-17, u-18, u-19 & u-20? At age 22 he has played for our team since 2006 and has amassed over 72 appearances and has played over 58 full games.
    So when I or you ask for patience it’s only sensible. Who in their right mind would let this darling footballer go? Well the answer is our fans… ANd, if anyone were to do a little research on “our” supposed youth team they would find similarities of successes at a young age. We are excelling younger and playing better than 99% of Europe. The average age of the supposed elite teams in Europe is at minimum late 20’s. Arsenal is 23!
    Seriously the right is ours to view this team but we have no right to disrespect anyone ever. I say this I am disgusted with Arsenal fans and previous Arsenal managers and players who disagree with this team publicly. The tongue is an awful dirty thing and all’s I ask is before anyone opens the mouth to use it simply find out the story!

  19. Great article Mutiu.On behalf of all Ugandan Gooners let me say again, that one is truly blessed to be a supporter of such a club as Arsenal. Despite the anguish we all go through when we lose as in last night, through exasperating and self inflicted mistakes,this can never be an excuse to berate Wenger. All well meaning Gooners recognise his immense contribution not only to the Arsenal but also quite importantly to the English game and the passing philosophy.Living within your means and laying solid foundations for the future, through a well functioning youth policy, are also facets of the Arsenal way that other clubs are only belatedly coming to appreciate. Come on all you Gooners, The future is bright!

  20. Well said Hartwick89,
    We need to be a little more charitable with the lads and their manager,a little longer in the tooth and a lot less acerbic.One feels we are almost there. Let’s all get behind this team of overachieving 20-somethings!

  21. A very good piece, Mutiu.

    Johny: The guy, Naz, From Nigeria is absolutely correct. But would the iZombies say the truth? Of course not; It happened to ‘bloody foreign Arsenal’. Woe betides any referee or team that tries the same with their darling ManIOU or even Chelsea. But we are not any of those teams, and we certainly don’t have Gerrad in our team. Yes, it is okay to them if we are cheated.

  22. Great piece Mutiu! You’ve covered almost everything I feel about Arsenal, from the anti-Wengerism in the press to D&G brigade and the paranoia that everybody else hates the Arsenal.

    The fact that before the start of the season, English pundits were going on and on about Liverpool winning the league and Arsenal finishing behind Man City and out of the top 4. Everyone was saying that Everton should beat us before the game. From the Eduardo diving incident vs. the “flying” Rooney incident against Arsenal this season. And of course, the point constantly highlighted in this site that Arsenal have NEVER won a penalty this season despite always being “bullied” off the pitch by physical roughnecks. Fletcher on Arshavin watched by Mike Dean anyone?

    And of course.. The Porto game… People are going on and on about “karma”. That Henry started it. I’ll save my comments about that incident for the other post specifically highlighting that issue.

    In short, double standards are painfully obvious and are painful to swallow when Arsenal are on the shorter end of the stick. And even worse when some Arsenal fans get brainwashed by this double standards…

  23. great piece Mutiu, our patience will be rewarded.

    WEG, whatever the situation surrounding the second goal, if we had been awarded the penalty it would have been a moot point anyway. one bad decision followed by a highly suspect one were our downfall last night. and regardless of the errors made by fab, he made some fine saves and sol scored the away goal which gives us more than a fighting chance. do you really suggest that we buy more players to sit on the bench when our players are injured. 5 plus rvp.

    we all have to remember that its only half time in this match.

  24. Bravo Mutiu ! A very fine post which reflects the feelings of almost every
    Arsenal fans .We all desire a team which scores many goals and in style while keeping it tight at the back.We haven’t achived it yet but this side will do us proud in the near future.I fully support AW and his vision and hope that he will be proved right.Cheers !

  25. Here in ethiopia also we are great in number.As far as this season season concerned, i can’t tell u that we will get a trophy as we are moving incosistently throughout the season. the only thing we have looks like finnishing the season 3rd and waiting for another season. But who knows if Man utd and Chelsea continue dropping points like the game with Villa and Everton we will be champion of the PL.

  26. arsenal can not survive with this youth player the only thing arsenal need to do now is to brougth a real exprience player to achieve the goal

  27. Great Read Mutiu. I like how Untold has allowed the creme of articles to rise to the top, thus promoting more great articles!

  28. Wonderfull post, it’s also great to know that our club has such supporters all over the world, Those so called supporters of Arsenal who post the crap over the internet should read this post and hang their collective heads in shame!

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