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  1. Abhishek Kumar

    Walter, One general suggestion,

    Please keep the total decisions in the 4th column only in the 1st table as it is below. It just clears confusion to those who do not read it very regularly.

  2. marcus

    Hi Walter,

    Because a lot of people, including the Salut Sunderland interviewer, query or state that your allegiance to AFC means your arguments about refs are biased and de facto erroneous, I should point out that this is called the Poisoned Well Fallacy

    i.e. the notion that because you have an inherent slant towards believing a certain conclusion, that therefore when you arrive at that conclusion it is necessarily false

    Of course, as you pointed out, there is nothing you would like more than not to believe these conclusions anyhow…..

  3. Pat

    Walter, Manchester United doesn’t appear on my table. Why would that be?

  4. WalterBroeckx


    I will have to check it but I think we didn’t review a game with Mason and Manchester United last season.

  5. Adam
  6. Florian

    Given Mason’s record, I am not surprised ManU didn’t want Mason around at their games:)

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