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  1. deejay

    It would be interesting if you could produce a ‘league table’ for 1 year and say.. 5 year? moving average. other than that good show chaps

  2. Sam

    Dean has been shockingly biased against Arsenal in recent years. A truly incompetent and suspiciously biased referee whose over-dramatic performances when the cameras are on him are quite repellent. Why Wenger hasn’t caused a stink about him is a mystery. If alex Fergusson had the biased decisions against him from Dean he would’ve ensured he never undertook another game with them by causing a mass press rant against him.

  3. bjtgooner

    It is the same general pattern as with the other refs – very poor on the major decisions and with an anti Arsenal bias. Spurs seem to be the only London club that gets a favourable bias from Dean.

    Based on his past performances in Arsenal matches I am not really surprised.

    Dean is in no way a competent ref – he should go.

  4. Mahdain

    The only suprise here is that Arsenal arent the ones with the highest negative numbers with him in charge. I always thought Dean was a competent but biased/bent ref though i see i was totally off on that one. He aint competent at all. His major decisions bar the goals and own goals are pathetic all around and i agree with bjt he should go but knowing PGMOL he will be named the chief when Riley retires

  5. Mandy Dodd

    Wow, he does seem to like the physical teams found north of the Watford gap! Surprising arsenal do not come off worst, maybe even a recent slight improvement for us due to the work of this site, and articles in the press about our statistically freakish low win percentage under him. All these numbers seem to show is that whatever else is clearly going on, our refs are just not good enough. Will be interesting to see how arry’s QPR do under him, when they return to the top flight, probably better than most London teams.

  6. Florian

    His last 2 games saw us vs Wigan and Stoke – hardly top 4 material, so even with all the bias he couldn’t do anything to prevent us from winning. I bet Mickey r thought this through, and specifically delegated him to those matches in order to “fix” his record.

  7. WalterBroeckx

    Rotational bias it should be called I think.

    With Untold as the first one making some noise about Dean his terrible games against Arsenal the media picking up on it and then it was clear to see that there was something wrong.

    And I have said this for a few years now: Dean is a very clever person. He knows when to act and when not to act. Acting like he did for many seasons with the spotlight of the media focussed on him would have been stupid. So he did what a clever person did and made absolutely sure that in his last games he kept himself far away from anything controversial against Arsenal.

    And that is the reason for a significant drop in his anti-Arsenal bias. I think Untold banging on the nail for a few years and finally being picked up by the media made him turnaround his refereeing when Arsenal was involved.

    It will be interesting to see how he acts in a few seasons time. Because to get his numbers back to normal we will have to win the next 10-15 games when he is in charge.

  8. WalterBroeckx

    About the rotational bias remark: I think other refs have been told to take the place of Dean.

    They know we are watching them….

  9. para

    Mistake in paragraph?
    “Teams who have a bigger positive bias are Manchester City, Wigan. And for those who have been following us over the last seasons these are no surprises. What might be more surprising is the two teams with the biggest positive bias. Sunderland and Aston Villa are the ‘lucky ones’.”

    Manchester City should be Manchester United here.

  10. semeotistic

    Although, through these detailed analyses you have confirmed what many of us have only suspected, I still can’t help feeling sick to the stomach that the game that I love is being perverted in such a way by these enemies of football. And as a gooner I feel its just like russian roulette to see when this wonderful team ‘get the bullet’. I’m sure, when it does come, it’ll be no surprise to readers on this site as to who pulls the trigger. Keep up the good work…

  11. WalterBroeckx

    You are right, Para. I will correct it. Done. Sorry, my mistake

  12. rantetta

    Well, he has previously been suspended

    He’d have had to make a good impression upon his return, wouldn’t he?

    Mike Dean. How do they get away with it? (Rhetorical).

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