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January 2022
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January 2022

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Match report : Man City – Arsenal 2-2, one point away from 3rd place

By Walter Broeckx

One big surprise when the team sheet came out as Mesut Özil didn’t play as he got a slight hip problem.

So a few changes compared to the starting line up from last week. Welbeck came in the place of Özil but I think he will not play in his position. And at the back we knew that Gabriel started in the place of the injured Mertesacker.

On the bench we had Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla both on the way back from a long injury period.

Team at the start: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Elneny, Ramsey, Welbeck, Iwobi, Alexis, Giroud

On the bench: Ospina, Gibbs, Coquelin, Wilshere, Cazorla, Campbell, Walcott

Taylor immediately pointing out his standing point from the start. A foul on Bellerin is ignored, a little pull from Giroud is punished. City the most attacking team in the opening minutes. Arsenal not attentive enough and too much looking at the ball and not enough attacking on the ball leading to some space for Aguero and his left footed shot went in the goal. 1-0 to City after 8 minutes.

The first attack from Arsenal caused havoc as Clichy headed the ball back to Hart and it trickled wide shaving the post in a corner. Elneny with the corner and Giroud completely unmarked 6 meters out headed it over the line. GOAL 1-1 after 10 minutes.

City almost in with another chance but Koscielnu could clear. A crazy opening is the least you can say. A loose ball in the Arsenal penalty area and Aguero with the shot but Gabriel diverted it in to a corner. Taylor inventing a foul when Giroud put up his arm to apologise for a bad pass that still went well in the end…

Arsenal kick out the ball as Welbeck is down with an injury just under the knee it seems. He injured himself when blocking a ball. Wilshere came on so that would bring Iwobi to the flank and Jack in the centre. Jack making his first appearance in the PL this season. City with a long ball and Cech coming out far out of his penalty area, Cech half missing the ball but in the end City fire over. Iwobi is punished for a late tackle but when Ramsey has to jump to save his legs to avoid an injury Taylor sees nothing wrong.

The match now more even after half an hour. Mangala heads a corner wide for City. City not as accurate with their passing as in the opening 15 minutes and lots of lost balls. I notice many Arsenal players slipping for no reason. Change the studs in the second half? City with more pressure with some 10 minutes to go. But apart from some corners not much danger from open play. De Bruyne with a shot that ends up in the Arsenal end. At the end of the first half we wend in the dressing room at 1-1.

Fernandinho slipped past the offside trap but his shot went far over from a difficult angle. Fernandino holding Alexis after a free kick and Giroud being pulled back by the short but as usual no penalty for Arsenal. (My match commentators said it was two penalties for Arsenal but non given…. again)  . De Bruyne then on a run after a lucky bounce at the start but the Arsenal defenders just let him run and then he kicked it in the goal from outside the penalty area. 2-1 to City after 52 minutes. Ieanechio on a run but he choose the shot and it went wide.

Taylor then stopping a pass from Wilshere with his chest…. bad positioning from the ref… After 58 minutes Walcott came on for Iwobi. Arsenal with an attack and a cross from Monreal but a City defender could just hook it away in front of Giroud. A bit later Giroud with a shot after a good combination between Walcott and Bellerin but it was wild and went over. Walcott away but Otamendi could just cut it out in front of Giroud.

Walcott away but he lifted the ball over Hart but also wide of the goal. Wilshere is fouled in the middle but Taylor gives advantage and Monreal gives it to Alexis who runs through the middle, gives it to Giroud who lays it off for Alexis again and he puts the ball in the net. GOAL! 2-2 after 68 minutes. It came after a long spell where Arsenal was clearly the better team.

De Bruyne on a run but this time Gabriel stops him outside the penalty area at the cost of a yellow card and a free kick. Cech punches the free kick away. Aguero shoots the following corner wide. Aguero with a half volley but it went just wide. After 75 minutes Coquelin came on for Elneny who hadn’t had his best match for Arsenal looking rather slow in his reactions this time.

City looking for the winning goal as that would take them in front of Arsenal in the league table. A draw would secure 3rd place for Arsenal unless we completely would mess up against Aston Villa. Free kick for Arsenal after a foul on Alexis, Giroud heads it again the cross bar but was well offside. City claim a penalty for handball but no movement with the hand so correct non decisions. Bony shoots against the cross bar after a cross. That was a lucky escape.

Otamendi gets a yellow card for a studs showing tackle on Alexis. Fernandino also goes in the book for a late kick on Giroud. The match ended rather desorganised from both teams. Not really good football.

But in the end Arsenal took a draw and that secures at least 4th place and when we win against Aston Villa we will finish in third place. A few players below their usual level this time but we fought back and Giroud with a goal and a great assist my man of the match.



85 comments to Match report : Man City – Arsenal 2-2, one point away from 3rd place

  • dan

    Well done

  • colario

    Mancs Hart may be disappointed at the result of that match but my heart aged 10 years watching.

    If my heart has aged during every game like this one then my heart is at least 100 years older than the rest of me.

    By this I mean FA 79 then of course league 89 for just two games.

  • Walter, I may have got this wrong – but IF

    Man U win their two games
    Man C wins their one game
    Arsenal do the unthinkable and lose to Villa

    We could be fifth.

    On the other hand

    Arsenal win their last game
    Tottenham lose

    We come second.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    got done what needed to be done

  • Phil

    Fortunately no chance of 5th, as the Manchester clubs can’t win all their remaining games – they play each other.

  • dan

    Walcott learn to finish

  • para

    Pelligrini was able to match the changes in players by Arsenal, although one of ours was forced. I thought that ManC would be more tired.

    Our subs were at a proper time(except for Danny of course) and should be like that all season bar injuries.

    Defending paid off for us trying to keep our point, but could have been different. Still think dropping too deep is just asking for trouble though.

  • bushido

    was so shock when the english match commentators give man of the match to Fernandinho

  • Phil: is that really right? According to the Man U official site they play

    WHU 10 May

    Bournemouth 15 May

    Or have I got that wrong?

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    Good result.I was worried we will suffer without ozil but still the boys managed well. Giroud did the job for Wenger.I think Wenger will be relieved and the AAA
    Wanting Giroud to be axed can see the utility what he brings.
    The angry Sanchez debate will be over too after he showed his class again.

    In the end graet regards to Pelligrini who is a true gentleman and very nice humble person my favorite after Wenger .A great manager and i would say City board has done a blunder sacking Pelligrini who plays an attacking game nice to watch same as Arsenal.

  • Leon

    The draw is not a disaster. Next week’s results remain the same. We still have to beat Villa & Spurs lose to N’Castle for us to finish second. Is that right?

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Spurs have been bottling it…despite our underwhelming performances, wouldn’t it be hilarious if we passed them? Newcastle at home is going to be crazy if the barcodes can keep it even for the first 45 minutes.

  • bjtgooner

    A very intense and hard fought match, well done to our guys for their effort and the two class goals.

    Nice write up Walter.

    Taylor seemed to let a lot of fouls go – just the usual incompetence from the PGMO unfortunately.

  • RichHeart

    Newcastle might need the win to survive relegation.
    Spurs playing for the pride of finishing ahead of Arsenal.
    Good luck Rafa. Keep bottling it Spurs

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Thanks for your write-up Walter.What with you and your wife going over for the Villa game,at least we might get a penalty and a win! Hope you have a great time-and hope youre still going!. Is Nicky still posting I dont recall him being around for a bit?
    At least the last day of the season should be still interesting.
    COYG! Lets hope its soon St.Totteringham day!

  • Andy Mack

    Phil, I think you’ll find the 2 manc clubs have played each other twice already in the PL. I think they meet again in one of the summer tournaments.

  • Andy Mack

    If Sunderland win on Wednesday against Everton then I’m pretty certain Newcastle and Norwich are down. Even a Draw in that game will see Newcastle going down unless the barcodes can win the last game by 8 clear goals (I’m not religious but ‘Please Dennis’) and Sunderland lose the last game.
    So the tiny totts game could be as dead as our Villa game…

    Come on Everton!!

  • Mandy Dodd

    A difficult fixture, a very good City performance, but a fighting draw, ultimately a good result. Really hope we do tie Alexis and Ozil down to a contract extension.
    Some very lenient refereeing for City as well from the Manchester ref…..though rumours suggest he is a Utd fan. confusing.
    Should be ok, but the team and fans need to show up against Villa…..teams with nothing to lose should not be completely underestimated.
    GWS Danny.

  • Gord

    Thanks Walter.

    I was doing what I could. I had the TV on (no sound), and spent much of my time cooking or on the computer.

    Thanks to the team, getting a tie visiting ManC is a good point. I’m secretly hoping for +13 or so against AVilla. 🙂

    Oh, we’ve had an early and dry spring (you may be noticing smoke from forest fires in northern BC and Alberta). Today, we have light rain and snow. Too bad it isn’t expected to last beyond the day.

  • Gord

    What little of the game I seen, it sure didn’t look like Alexis had any problems performing for Arsenal. You think those jerks in the medja screwed up another observation?

    Taylor, go rot in hell. Take 😈 Mike Riley with you.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Not really caring about others as long as we finish second or third, but have a feeling West Ham will do City a favour this week.
    If Newcastle are not already relegated, can see them getting a result against Spurs, Rafa will demand no less.

  • Leon

    I’m quite new to this blog, so am not completely up to speed with the protocols, but what is it with Giroud? He scored a great goal of the type he’s recognised for, and then proceeded to “fall over” for the rest of the match. What is it with a six foot four mountain of muscle that finds it impossible to remain on his feet under the most flimsy of challenges?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Was wondering as to why our players were slipping and sliding . Some very poor ball control. Good to see a fighting comeback after being down twice . The City fans were really looking worried near the end . But what a way to cheer their manager at the end .

    Would love to see 50,000 or more banners, or t-shirts of support for the club , manager and players next week . Sing your hearts out all ye faithful .Especially as it could be 10 games unbeaten after the Villa game. And possibly 2nd place . And an improvement from last year.

    WOO HOO , HOO ! Up the Gunners !

  • Luvyourclub

    The thing I love about the comment from Phil is that someone gave it a Like

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A Priest dies and is waiting in line at heavens gate.

    Ahead of him is a guy, fashionably dressed, in dark sun glasses, a loud shirt, leather jacket and jeans.

    God to the guy : Who are you ?

    Guy : I am the Udupi-Mangalore Express Bus driver.

    God : Take this gold robe and the enter kingdom of heaven.

    God to the Priest : Who are you ?

    Priest : I am a priest and have spent 40yrs preaching good to people.

    God : Take this cotton robe and enter heaven.

    Priest : God, how come that foul mouthed, rash driver gets a gold and I spent all my life preaching good get cotton.

    God : Results, my son, results. While you preached,the people slept; when he drove, people really prayed…

    “Its Performance, not Position that Counts !!”

    ( This is especially for ARSENAL 13 , who must have also prayed as feverishly as me whenever we boarded this express bus ! From the time the bus conductor blew his whistle and shouted ” RIGHTS !!!! ” )

  • Florian

    It almost looked like Clichy wanted us to win more than Anthony Taylor.

  • Florian


    That’s because those are not “the most flimsy of challenges”. The opponents come in full force, or pull his shirt, which despite the appearances is quite resilient and doesn’t tear that easily.

  • Florian


    Hope you and yours are safe and far away from those fires. The images I saw were terrifying.

  • Al

    Well done Arsenal. Didn’t watch but getting a point at the etihad is nothing to be sniffed at, especially after having gone behind twice.

  • In relation to the slipping and sliding thing, this was mentioned on Sky, and they pointed out that the pitch had been heavily watered before the game, and at half time, and that this was the reason for the City second goal sneaking in.

    As far as I know there are no regulations against the watering of the pitch, as long as they do the whole pitch equally.

  • And not while the match is in progress

  • dan

    Fuck both the manc clubs, fuck em up the arse one of them will not feature in the CL, Fuck Liverpool as well cheating pricks.

  • thierryhenry22

    Well done the Gooners! 2nd place is still there too!

  • Leon


    Maybe, but check on 37 mins when with nobody touching him at all he just threw himself down. For my money he’s a diver and always has been. Can’t stand the bloke.

  • colario

    What is the reason for watering the pitch in the way it was done today?

  • dan

    Happy st toterringhams day for next week.

  • Leon


    I didn’t see the pitch watering, but was it done any differently than we do at every match, winter, spring, summer autumn at the Emirates?
    We have underpitch sprinklers which rise to spray water over the whole pitch. This is Wengers preference to make for a faster game.
    Was City’s watering in some way wrong?

  • Phil

    Sorry – you are right. I was looking at Man City’s upcoming fixtures, which have them playing Man Utd – but in July!

  • Mandy Dodd

    Wonder if Harry Kane regrets his pack of lions tweet?

  • Mick

    I detect a touch of the ‘Ruperts’ about your comments.

  • gouresh

    I know that the point and all that. Also the ref was rubbish..but did anyone else see that our passing was absolutely non existent?

  • Leon

    Do you mean about the pitch watering or my honest personal opinion about Giroud’s aversion to the perpendicular? As I say I’m new here so if in my attempt at honest opinion I offend delicate sensibilities I can only apologise.
    And who is Rupert?

  • Mick


    Rupert was a commenter who always managed to criticize and find a negative, even after a good performance or result such as todays. As you can imagine he was not very popular here and he disappeared from Untold, probably he has found a blog more in keeping with his views on Le Grove or similar.

  • Al

    And so was Serge, Mick. We always seem to have someone like that here; Rupert, Tailgunner, Serge..

  • gouresh

    Leon, the thing you need to know on this site is never critize the players even if u can see the blatantly obvious. Its like an elephant in the living room and also never ever critize the manager. If u do that you are termed as AAA. Also, blame every single defeat or drop in points on the ref. Remember our players and manager can do no wrong. Apart from that, u will be fine.

  • Leon


    I came to this blog after seeing how maligned it is on other blogs, so thought I’d check for myself and found it quite harmless, but now that I’ve encountered one or two or three of you can understand why people dislike it so much.
    Honest opinions are unwelcome. But I’ll stick it out.

  • Leon

    Thanks for supportive the advice Gouresh, but I’m never one to hide my light under a bushel. I’ll always tell it as I see it, even at the risk of upsetting the Micks & Als of this blog.

  • Florian


    I don’t know what timer were you using, but Giroud is not involved in play at all during the whole 37th minute.

    The only incident that can remotely resemble to what you described is his clash with Otamendi at 35:37 and Mangala at 35:39. Cech clears the ball towards Giroud, who attempts to jump and shield it from Otamendi. He deals with the guy, but then Mangala comes running and jumps with his elbows in the back of Giroud’s throat. Giroud is projected to the ground and has a hard time standing back up. That’s not a dive, that is a targeted attack. Don’t worry, Wanter and Usama will analize it in the ref review.

  • Florian


    You are quite right in noticing that our passes didn’t have the usual accuracy. Where you’re going astray is in immediately assuming that the players are rubbish (or were on the day). There were a lot of weird bounces, as if the ball was overinflated, or the pitch was not 100% alright. Which may be consistent with the theory that the sprinkling was being done in excess. If you ever watched a video of our training drills you would see that these are players that can consistently deliver passes with an incredible precision, with balls within regulations and on a standard pitch.

  • Florian

    I also noticed that at both their goals, the ball bounced at least a couple of times off the grass, but still maintained enough speed to deceive Cech and make it past him and into the net. As a former keeper (not pro, but I did play quite a few times on a natural surface) I can tell you that a bouncing ball usually slows down, which is not what happened today.

  • omgarsenal

    Gouresh…..don’t go corrupting newbies with your whiny negativism. You are being disingenuous and terribly hypocritical. You can criticize anyone (including posters) on this site BUT you do need to support your opinions with hard facts and not baseless, self-inflated regurgitated media inspired offal, like you tend to do.
    The manager,players or the Club are legitimate targets for criticism IF that criticism is founded on facts and provable observation and has a positive view to offer but your very cynicism in saying that poor little posters like you get vilified because you state your ¨opinions¨ in a sincere way is tantamount to claiming that LeGrove’s fecal offerings smell like roses.
    As far as officials being bent goes, you have NEVER provided ANY evidence to the contrary, simply moaning about how our conspiracy theories are nebulous and comical…..which perfectly describes your philosophy about Arsenal.
    Basically you are a cowardly little wanker hiding his viral anti-Wenger, anti-Arsenal views behind a thin veneer of pseudo-martyrdom and bruised sensibilities. Grow a pair and write something for UA instead of hiding in your closet and sniping ceaselessly at UA and those of us who write articles that seek to explore the complexities of being a true Arsenal supporter.
    YOU ARE a classic aaa anus,but then what can one expect from cowards.

  • omgarsenal

    Leon ….honest AND rational opinions,viewpoints etc. ARE welcome but when supported by careful analysis and no hidden agenda like Gouresh always has. Don’t let his BS twist your perspective. State your opinions and ideas but back them up with well-thought out arguments. Your observation about the ball bouncing strangely is factual, your conclusion about players not having the skills to play well is in error.

    I can only hope that you have read the masthead and understand that we do support the manager the team and the players, but NOT absolutely. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you will find your sensibilities being offended on occasion.

  • thierryhenry22

    ‘I came to this blog after seeing how maligned it is on other blogs’

    Haha they’re sipping gallons of Haterade again I see. Round here we just try and support the club through thick and thin and there are plenty of times when the authors rightly slate our play if it warrants slating.

    Most of the time though, this blog offers amazing actual football insight without the negative hyperbole. I love it because I love my football experience, and don’t want my football experience to be ruined by people who are generally unhappy and negative.

    oh ye, huge +1 for Omgarsenal well put mate.


  • Menace

    Walter -the first Spuds goal was scored after Kane was offside & ‘impacted’ the defence. Wasn’t the offside law interpretation changed to include impact of players other than the player with the ball. Not that it makes a difference in this game now, but it does expose the PGMO.

  • Menace

    Florian – the ball splashed each time it bounced. So there was a lot of water on the surface (at least for KDB goal).

  • Leon

    Now I’ve got the blog police on my case. Isn’t Untold Arsenal exciting.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    @Menace…interesting point…Kane made no effort to play the ball but was running sideways and not really away from the play…does this constitute being ‘active’?

  • Florian


    You can choose to believe whatever you want, nobody is imposing anything on you. What we’re saying is that you need to be prepared to defend your point of view as described here.

  • Polo

    It’s laughable how certain posters whine and moan about UA but keep on coming back to this website. It can’t be hard to understand, if you don’t like what being offered then don’t come back, find somewhere or something that make you happy and accepted.

    Leon, express your opinion or criticism as long as it is factual not insults and I’m sure most members here will treat you well. We have seen many posters post silly comments such as ‘AW don’t do tactics’ or ‘AW is tactically clueless’ or ‘most of the players are bench warmer quality’ etc.

  • ARSENAL 13


    I was one of those brave kids who enjoyed a bus ride. I even wanted to be a bus driver. I’ve seen the buses change (structurally) over my life time. I ‘think’ I understand (“prayed as feverishly”) what it must’ve been when you were here.

    Gone are those narrow roads (wish they were the same) and those matchbox like buses (thankfully). And sadly, gone are the RD350s, Lambrettas and the Jawas..

  • Leon

    Who’ve I insulted? I mentioned the style of UA insults in a comment on Brickfield’s article the other day, said how comical they were: “you’re aaa & why don’t you go onto Le Grove”, but I’ve not insulted anyone here yet.

  • soglorious

    Leon, are you on here to fight or to comment? Seems to be more of the first than the later. Support YOUR team. end of.

  • Polo

    @ Leon, I don’t know what you commented or why other members have issue with your comment in the other article, however from what you said above about BG article it was ‘comical’ not sure if you meant it in a disparaging way, if so it’s unfortunate because BG put an effort and his time to write an article for this website, he deserve some respect even if you don’t agree with his article. If it wasn’t disparaging then, other members shouldn’t have taken issue with your comment.

    In general, I just hope the comment section is used to debate issues at hand and not be used for character assassination.

  • John L.

    Back to the match. I thought Giroud was superb.

  • norman14


    So many Spuds goals have been offside – probably more than a third at a guess. The same as the penalties that Leicester have been given for diving. Not least, either club could have cause for complaint about the referee yesterday on the grounds of his location reported bias (reference PGMOL/FA, with Friend) it all points to the inability of PGMOL to act properly.

    Can’t wait for the ref analysis – surely Taylor was below 40%?

    Also noticed Mike “Squeaky” Jones in the 4th officials area – how many games have we had him in some capacity recently – 5 out of 7?

  • Leon

    I think you need to go & look at the Brickfield article which I told him was quite funny. He was making bullet points (if you remember) and I think I added mine to his numbers 8 & 9. I wasn’t the only one to do this as it was quite a light hearted event.

  • para

    We sure would love a goal feast at Villa, but 13 is a little too much me thinks. 🙂

    We should not underestimate Villa though, sometimes the wounded manage a last desperate attack.

  • Pete

    Think poor Leon should be given a chance! Always good to get a variety of views provided, as several have noted, they are well argued and preferably backed up by evidence.

    As for Giroud, yes I know he infuriates people but, at the end of the day he scored a great goal and provided a great assist… Hopefully this will help him get his confidence back. It can’t be easy being the butt of hatred from the unthinking and having continuous speculation surrounding who will be bought to take his position.

  • Pat

    @John L

    Agreed on Giroud. It shows Arsene Wenger is right to point out that strikers have good and bad runs, and also right to defend Giroud to the press. Giroud kept fighting and now his reward is coming first in assists and now in goals. Good to see.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ ARSENAL 13 – May 9, 2016 at 6:10 am – To tell the truth it wasn’t all that bad even then . The roads were narrow especially within Udipi itself , but then again it was the nearest ‘big’ town for us . 3 or 4 movie theaters and a Chinese restaurant were among the main attractions .

    I remember us riding 3 on a motorbike and 7 in an auto-rickshaw . We were all slim then , you see ! I remember our football team and supporters traveling to Moodibidri from Karkala in two Ambassador cars for a friendly match . The match ended very early as it was anything but a friendly !

    I guess progress must have changed most of the town . Would love to come back sometime to check it out . I always thought that at least one of my kids would study medicine at my old alma mater in Manipal , and that I would come to enrol them , but it did not happen that way ,although two of them are studying it locally here .

  • Nick

    Overall it was a good performance.Just a shame we couldn’t get the win.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    The Brickfields Gunners Blog will endeavour to post at least an article of Fantasy Football every week as I notice that it has been receiving an overwhelming response from both sides of the divide ! And as I should be quite free to man the portals in the close season .
    A good stirring of the pot will often sweeten the broth ! Am sure most of you are licking your chops in anticipation!

  • Menace

    Brickfields Gunners – have you seen this?

    The science behind Leicester’s recovery & stamina.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Menace May 9, 2016 at 10:33 am – Thanks for that interesting link . Very impressive if its all above board . Am sure that the other clubs will also be looking into this .

  • ARSENAL 13

    @ Menace,

    Revolutionary as it may sound to us, I dont think therz any big difference in routines and recovery processes between PL teams now as compared to, say, 15 years back. One major difference we all saw throughout is the support they got from officials.

    I read elsewhere, Leicester winning the league has helped PL in negotiating a few things. Well, should we read it this way, PL helped Leicester to get the bargaining power???.. We’ll never know.


    Now the ‘big’ town has grown bigger by consuming Manipal into its guts. Well, Manipal is the one that helped the ‘big’ town grow bigger rather.

  • John L.

    A footnote in anticipation of ref review:-

    Mr Taylor has extended the repertoire from giving / not giving free kicks etc to actually intercepting our passes.

    Can we expect to see more of this? …. Dean heading a goal for Spurs? Atkinson tackling one of our forwards?

    A bit like the character played by Brian Glover in the film “Kes” (for our older readers— he was a Man Utd fan as well)

  • Nick

    I think you are being a little harsh or its tongue in cheek to say the referee intercepted the ball on purpose..but it was a good block I have to admit

  • Damilare

    Genuine question. After the ref intercepted Jack’s pass, city took possession immediately. If their possession leads to a goal, would the ref have awarded it?

    It’s also strange that Taylor remembered where he kept the cards after 90 mins. What a meaningless booking. Yellow card awarded in first half and late in the second half never has equal impact on the outcome of a match.

    And isn’t it obvious enough that nothing or no one could make UA stop supporting the Manager, players and the club?

  • Menace

    The most interesting aspect was the beetroot juice. There is some theory that memory & brain power improves with chemicals from purple veg & fruit. Life also gets enhanced.

    Gord – any views on this purple patch the foxes have had?

  • Gord

    Hah, hah, hah, hah.

    How did I get involved in beetroot juice?

    Okay, off to Wikipedia.

    Having something picked out by Dr. Oz (of Oprah fame) is not a good start.

    It does not appear that the purple fleshed sweet potato (or yam?) of Okinawa is of a different variety or species. Any difference it demonstrates, is due to where it was grown. When probably means many tropical islands in the Pacific or Indian ocean should have similar stories.

    Foods that are blue or purple, have higher energy bonds. This even carries on to the ultraviolet. Bees and hummingbirds are often found to frequent plants that are “coloured” in the ultraviolet.

    You mentioned beets. Their colour is pH sensitive, they can be blue or red.

    The curing of meat typically involves nitrites. Many root vegetables are high in nitrite. And people that eat a lot of root vegetables (but not cured meat) probably see a higher does of nitrite than the bacon lovers do. So, the idea that nitrite is in of itself bad, is lacking some standing.

    I don’t know about other countries, but in Canada there are companies in the cured meat industry claiming things because they reduced how much sodium nitrite they were adding, and that they were adding celery root juice instead. It is kind of like saying that I am reducing how much dihydrogen oxide I am adding to this recipe, because I am using glacier spring water instead.

    People that think a lot can use a lot of energy. And the brain is pretty good at using sugar. If medicine wants to find out what part of your brain is working, they will give you a sugar (deoxy-glucose I believe) that has been labelled with radioactive F-18 (positron emitter, 110 minute half life or so). Active areas see the concentration of the sugar raised there, which means that the 2 gamma rays (emitted almost 180 degrees apart at the same time from the annihilation event) both originate at the same place. If they are both detected at the same time, we know the place they were emitted from is halfway between the 2 detection points. If one side is detected slightly earlier, the origin must be slightly closer to that side.

  • Menace

    Gord – apparently Alexis has a lot of these purple/blue sweet potatoes from Chile. Perhaps thats what makes his stamina. I wonder how much faster Theo & Hector will be with similar doses of purple energy?

    The beet has both purple & sugar so both types of ‘feed’ (brain & energy) are satisfied.

    I know you are naturally as curious as I am except you seem more focused. I have no patience. I skip through data quickly. Looking forward to your findings, particularly if other sport use similar science. Posted this earlier but it is worth repeating

  • Gord


    Just because the term “sport science” exists, doesn’t mean there is science behind some of what they do. The term “political science” also exists. We can almost lump it in with “military intelligence”.

    There are lots of words there (the BBC document), I think a lot of it is BS.

    The USA has a training facility at Boulder, CO for the Olympic team. I am told they have a treadmill there with a long platform (12 feet or so), which can go at speeds up to 35 mph. No human can run that fast (yet?). But the idea was that if people got used to moving their legs that fast, they would be able to run faster. Has it worked? I think a treadmill can be safer for this kind of thing than downhill running, as it is possible to capture an athlete in the act of falling on the treadmill. Not quite so easy running downhill.

    I think people benefit from variety in their diet. If you are on what most would call a balanced diet of 15 foods and there is another person on a balanced diet of 30 foods, I think the person with the more varied diet has a better chance of avoiding injuries, over-training, stress and what not.

    I’ll stop there. I could ramble more about other aspects too.

    I think that most of these people in sports science should have to read, and understand a medical physics text.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Oh for those who asked: yes my wife and I will be in the Emirates next Sunday 🙂

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Glad to hear that Walter-hope you both have a good time!Still no sign of Nicky,hope hes alright.