Disaster hits Arsenal as the number of players leaving rises to 13, and Wenger is off too.

By Sirs Hardly Anyone

Before today we already had nine players and a manager (well the manager) who were all ready willing and able to quit Arsenal for pastures new if not pastures greener, at least according to “reports”.

But now the bloggettas and journalists are getting themselves into a right lather – and when they do that, you know we must be on the right track.   Yep, two wins and a super goal scored, and you can be sure they will be doing everything they can to knock Arsenal back.

Of course it might all just be to cover the fact that Iwobi at 20 years old made a decent fist of playing in Ozil’s position.  That must be rather annoying for all the people who claim that the only way to bring in great players is to buy them.

Or maybe it is the fact that we are not going to be particularly upset by the Africa Cup of Nations this year.  We lose Elneny, and that’s it.  True I’d sooner have him in the squad, but compared with the disasters affecting some clubs, that is not bad.

So now we have got everyone turning on Arsenal.

  • “Giroud’s goal not in Premier League’s top 20 – Rooney, Henry and Alli have managed better”.

I mean, who really cares?  Being there to watch it happen was a great thing to remember, so does it really matter if by some ill-defined set of rules which no one knew about until after the event, it didn’t have quite the amount of skill, pizzazz, razzmatazz or origami as someone else’s goal?

Or how about

  • “Fuming Wenger ready to sell Arsenal defender after huge bust-up,”

in the Metro.  The boss, we are told, is going to kick Mathieu Debuchy out because he has had a “bust up” with Arsene Wenger, having suggested in a French newspaper that Arsenal blocked his departure for Manchester United in January 2016.

The funny thing about this story is that it is argued that as a result of what Debuchy allegedly said, Mr Wenger is so annoyed, he is going to let Debuchy go.  Or put another way, he is going to give Debuchy what he wants because Debuchy behaved badly.

And so it goes on with

  • “Tottenham star makes huge claim ahead of Chelsea clash… And Arsenal fans won’t like this”
That one is in the Daily Star along with…
  • Tottenham vs Chelsea now as big as the North London Derby against Arsenal, says…”
and that is before we get to the Metro with…
  • “Tottenham star says Arsenal aren’t even Spurs’ biggest rivals .
Does anyone really worry what Tottenham players and fans think, any more than fans of other clubs worry what our players and our supporters think?  If you really support your team the whole thing is irrelevant.
But as we have been reporting the number of players now getting ready to leave is growing by the day.  David Ospina is most certainly on the list, and well as Gideon Zelalem who is going to Dortmund.   “David Ospina is willing to open talks with Arsene Wenger to discuss his future at the North London club,” it says in various bloggettas.
And to add to that the keeper we were going to get (Jordan Pickford) is now out injured for at least six weeks with a knee injury, so we can’t have him.  Yes it is all falling apart.  And Ozil is still ill and won’t play tomorrow against Bournemouth.  Woe, woe and thrice woe.
And it goes on and on…
  • “Arsenal have lost the race to sign Wolfsburg pair Gian-Luca Itter and Davide-Jerome Itter,” according to Kicker.
The German magazine say the twins have agreed to sign new contracts to stay at the Volkswagen Arena until 2021.
Also departing is Daniel Crowley who is going to Go Ahead Eagles, while Nwakali is back in Nigeria with ASJ Academy.
And another put down….   Liverpool! will not bid for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as he is not of a high enough quality for Merseyside.

But forget any thoughts that we have got away with holding onto at least one player.  Because

  • “Reports are claiming that Manchester City are interested in signing Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain next month.”

And he “will enter into the final 18 months of his Arsenal contract” this month, because Arsenal once again have been too lackadaisical and can’t get themselves sorted.   The Sun is claiming that the Daily Star is claiming that some newspaper in the Falkland Islands suggests Manchester City are “looking to take advantage of the uncertainty.”

But we are going to sign someone, according to the make believe world of the fantasy experts.   Because

  • “Arsenal have made enquiries about bringing Sevilla midfielder Steven N’Zonzi to the Emirates, according to a report.   The Express claim Arsenal are thinking of joining the race for N’Zonzi’s signature, but face competition for the former Stoke star from their Premier League rivals.”

But let’s have a bit of good news.  The massively expert Daily Excess also says today that “Arsenal have been handed hope that Alexis Sanchez will sign a new deal after he insisted he is ‘really happy’ and ‘comfortable’ at the north London club.

“I feel really happy and comfortable at the club,” (see, I told you he said that).  “I definitely feel like an important player and my team-mates let me know every day.   I want to give the fans a new title. We always get our fans’ support in the thin and the thick, which is great. We must win the Premier League or the Champions League for them. “I try to prove that I am an important player every day and game after game. I believe we have the players and the quality to win many things.”

And if that is not enough we have another player coming in…
  • Arsenal and Leicester have sent scouts to watch Oghenekaro Etebo

But Leicester could beat us to it according to the all seeing Sun who say, “The Premier League duo reportedly sent scouts to watch the 21-year-old in action for Portuguese side Feirense against Porto on Thursday.

“He picked up African Football’s Most Promising Talent award in 2015 and shone for Nigeria last summer at the Rio Olympics

OK that is enough.  Here’s an update on the Leavers List – yes just like last summer we are falling apart and will hardly be able to put a team together come February.

Player Club Position Information  Extras
1 Chuba Akpom Arsenal Striker Ipswich fancy buying him Could be a loan
2 Daniel Crowley Arsenal Go Ahead Eagles Has gone on loan
3 Mathieu Debuchy Arsenal Defender “Arsenal are increasingly anxious to sell him” Now Mr W just wants him out
4 Kieran Gibbs Arsenal Full back Crystal Palace want him
5 Olivier Giroud Arsenal Centre forward New contract on offer
6 Rob Holding Arsenal Defender Loan to Aston Villa for rest of the season.
7 Carl Jenkinson Arsenal Defender Third loan spell to increasingly desperate West Ham.
8 David Ospina Arsenal Sunderland “He has only made five starts this season”
9 The Ox Arsenal Midfield Liverpool don’t want him. Man C do.
10 Mesut Özil Arsenal Midfield Likely to leave  Likely to stay
11 Alexis Sanchez Arsenal Forward Has signed turned down £9m a year to go to China. He is going to Man City. Or Juentus
12 Jack Wilshere Arsenal Midfield Arsenal have failed to open any negotiations with him re new contract Shock horror
13 Arsene Wenger Arsenal Manager PSG want him and will pay him £10m a year.
14 Gedion Zelalem Arsenal Dortmund

Untold Arsenal: 

14 Replies to “Disaster hits Arsenal as the number of players leaving rises to 13, and Wenger is off too.”

  1. I hope the next post is the who is coming list. I like that onealmost as much as the who’s leaving list. Arsene Wenger said publicly he doesn’t see Arsenal active in the window but already Arsenal have either lost the race or are definitely buying at least two dozen players.

  2. OT.
    No one says Man Utd shouldn’t beat West Ham. But if they are to beat them, let them do the beating on a level playing match referring by Mike Dean and his assistants correctly flagging. The sending off of one of the Hammers player by ref’ Mike Dean is not unjustifiable as the WH player did not commit any bookable offence against Jones and if a booking should be given by Mike Dean, it should be given to Jones who fell on the WH’s player foot in his attempt to dispossessed the WH’s player of the ball. And again, the lnesman deliberately refused to flag Ibrahimovic who was offside off. That 2nd Man U’s goal is fake.

    Now, I’ve clearly seen today the Pgmol referees injustices in PL matches the UA writers have been highlighting and talking about in UA articles to be stopped as the Pgmol through their referees has shown in this match they are fixing the results of PL games. Outside Man U circle, no one watching this match will respect this Man U win. It was a crooked win. I hope the FA will deem it fit to cancel the red card Mike Dean gave to the WH player even without the Hammers lodging a complaint.

  3. Pls remove the ‘not’ word that’s in front of the word ‘unjustifiable’ in my comment posting.

  4. @Samuel: While sometimes I feel your posts are over optimistic 🙂 I must say that I respect how passionate you are about this game and the fact you take the time to always post after every game.

  5. How about Arsenal fans taking some “score cards” to the game and showing the scores after each ref decision like in dancing.
    Imagine the whole side of the stadium(at home) showing a big 0 in cards.
    TV will probably edit it out of the game anyway.

    We are up against it bad people, and it’s time for change.

  6. The right honourable Sourness from Sky has claimed Arsenal is the bridesmaid instead of the bride and say we lack that “get in your face” ability and can not defend against it.

    They are determined to keep the thug football in UK and will defend it to the death. Many of these pundits have played, and know how devastating an injury can be, yet they prefer to play a thug game instead of the skill game.

    I suppose when a mindset is based in aggressivity it is hard for it to see anything else eh?

  7. It’ll help if everyone on this blog realise, if that isn’t clear already that football is just yet another money making soap opera, this time played by real people live.

    It is probably corrupt to the core, referee decisions are all controlled by the puppet master from where the money comes in. Decisions are then randomized just enough to fool around 90% people who try and find patterns. Artificial excitement is then injected (bending games and all types of fixing) to keep people coming in to games and TV ratings to go up till May 1st so the money keeps rolling in.

    Then more artificial excitement is injected into the transfer process and mediocre players go for huge sums giving the public fake hope, for Groundhog Day to repeat itself the next year.

    Leicester City winning the league is a dream come true for the puppet masters to crow about how ‘unpredictable’ the league is. Arsene does his bit too for the PR btw, as do everyone else. I’m surprised how Arsene has lasted as long as he does – and if he truly believes everything is clean.

    I’ll say this once since it is a new year.

    Don’t get emotionally involved in the fake roller coaster, just watch it if you want, be happy or sad for 10 minutes and get on with the more important parts of your life. Spend time with people you love or do things you enjoy doing or learn new things till you die. Instead of going and getting sloshed in a bar with your ‘mates’ and singing ‘What do you think of shit?’ on Twitter and being happy you ‘won’ an argument.

    Yes. I am judging everyone. And am cynical. But its all bent, maybe proof will never come out – but everything is bent by very very clever people.

  8. Arvind

    The more and more people realise this, will help it to change, but sadly all indications show that people are getting dumber and dumber when it comes to this subject, so looks like no change there for a good while.

    Anyway, if one really wants to know what is going on in football, just take a look outside football and see the same things going on, that will maybe help them to understand.

  9. My own enjoyment of the game will not be influenced by anything I read anywhere, be it on a blog or in the media. I make up my own mind, form my own opinions & need no advice on the subject.

  10. Or just have a few laughs …..WARNING – NOT FOR KIDS !!!

    I’m fed up with the excuses women come up with to avoid having sex, like: “I’m tired.” “I’m washing my hair.” “I’ve got a headache.” “I’m your sister-in-law.”

    A woman in labor is in pain and screaming profanity at her husband from her hospital bed. He says, “Hey, don’t blame me! I wanted to stick it in your ass, but N-O-O-O-O, you said that might hurt!”


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    Dear Dr Phil: I was watching my next door neighbor’s wife sunbathing topless from my bedroom window. As I was jerking off, I turned to notice my wife was just standing there, arms folded…watching me. Is she a pervert or what?

    Got this text from my brother recently. It read, “Can I stay at your house for a while? The ol’ lady kicked me out after she caught me measuring my dick. For what it’s worth, it reaches all the way to the back of her sister’s throat!”

    My wife just came in and said, “I don’t know if I’m coming or going.” I said to her, “Judging by the look on your face you’re going, because when you’re coming you look like a fucking squirrel trying to whistle!”

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    The missus asked me, “When you’re on a “guys only” trip, do you think about me?”
    Apparently, “Only to stop myself from coming too quickly!” wasn’t the right answer.

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