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July 2021

Arsenal v Leicester City: 6th vs 8th (according to the pundits), with added videos and scandal.

by Bulldog Drummond.

OK before we begin, Leicester at home can only mean one thing – the greatest ever match to have been at, which those of us who were there will never ever forget

Ah, the good ol’ days.  More video footage anon, but first yes Arsenal are being tipped to end the season 6th, and Leicester 8th, according to all those people who know everything and write about it in the wild and wacky newspapers.  Except the bits they don’t know of course.

Last season away from home Leciester were not that hot: here is the league table just recording away games…

Pos Team Pld W D L F A GD Pts
11 Stoke City 19 4 5 10 17 32 -15 17
12 West Bromwich Albion 19 3 7 9 16 29 -13 16
13 AFC Bournemouth 19 3 6 10 20 38 -18 15
14 Swansea City 19 4 2 13 18 36 -18 14
15 Watford 19 3 3 13 15 39 -24 12
16 Middlesbrough 19 1 7 11 10 30 -20 10
17 Leicester City 19 2 4 13 17 38 -21 10
18 Sunderland 19 3 1 15 13 35 -22 10
19 Burnley 19 1 4 14 13 35 -22 7
20 Hull City 19 1 3 15 9 45 -36 6

Yes, only Sunderland, Burnley and Hull had worse records than Leicester away.  Quite how they are going to improve on that we have not yet been told by the all-seeing pundits.  But apparently they will.

At home, in contrast, Arsenal were not too bad

Pos Team Pld W D L F A GD Pts
1 Tottenham Hotspur 19 17 2 0 47 9 38 53
2 Chelsea 19 17 0 2 55 17 38 51
3 Arsenal 19 14 3 2 39 16 23 45
4 Everton 19 13 4 2 42 16 26 43
5 Liverpool 19 12 5 2 45 18 27 41
6 Manchester City 19 11 7 1 37 17 20 40

That gave Leicester an average away score of less than one but we’ll say one to be generous, and Arsenal an average home score of two and a fraction.  So if it’s an average game it will be 2-1.

Looking at Leicester’s run to the end of the season in their final ten games they managed two wins.

Date Game Res Score Competition
09 Apr 2017 Everton v Leicester City L 4-2 Premier League
12 Apr 2017 Atlético Madrid v Leicester City L 1-0 Champions League
15 Apr 2017 Crystal Palace v Leicester City D 2-2 Premier League
18 Apr 2017 Leicester City v Atlético Madrid D 1-1 Champions League
26 Apr 2017 Arsenal v Leicester City L 1-0 Premier League
29 Apr 2017 West Bromwich v Leicester City W 0-1 Premier League
06 May 2017 Leicester City v Watford W 3-0 Premier League
13 May 2017 Manchester City v Leicester City L 2-1 Premier League
18 May 2017 Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur L 1-6 Premier League
21 May 2017 Leicester City v AFC Bournemouth D 1-1 Premier League

Arsenal’s last ten by comparison was rather positive…

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

Date Game Res Score Competition
17 Apr 2017 Middlesbrough v Arsenal W 1-2 Premier League
23 Apr 2017 Arsenal v Manchester City W 2-1 FA Cup
26 Apr 2017 Arsenal v Leicester City W 1-0 Premier League
30 Apr 2017 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal L 2-0 Premier League
07 May 2017 Arsenal v Manchester United W 2-0 Premier League
10 May 2017 Southampton v Arsenal W 0-2 Premier League
13 May 2017 Stoke City v Arsenal W 1-4 Premier League
16 May 2017 Arsenal v Sunderland W 2-0 Premier League
21 May 2017 Arsenal v Everton W 3-1 Premier League
27 May 2017 Arsenal v Chelsea W 2-1 FA Cup

Their out index of the players they have let go currently reads

  • Marcin Wasilewski, released as a free agent
  • Ron-Robert Zieler to Stuttgart for £2.5m
  • Bartosz Kapustka to Freiburg on loan
  • Callum Elder to Wigan Athletic on loan

In their pre-season Leicester played in the Asia Trophy

Then upon returning from foreign parts they played thus:

  • 26 July: Luton 0 Leicester 1
  • 28 July: MK Dons 0 Leicester 0
  • 29 July: Woverhampton Wanderers 1 Leicester 0
  • 1 August: Burton Albion 2 Leicester 1
  • 4 August: Leicester 2 Borussia Monchengladbach 1

Of course you can’t tell much from friendlies pre-season, but we might perhaps note that Leicester scored four goals in those five games, having scored 12 in the last 10 of last season, so we might therefore also be looking for them to buy some attacking forwards.  Let’s see what they got…

Date Position Name From Fee
1 July 2017 CB Sam Hughes  Chester Free
1 July 2017 CB Harry Maguire  Hull City £17,000,000
6 July 2017 DM Vicente Iborra  Sevilla £15,000,000
19 July 2017 GK Eldin Jakupović  Hull City Undisclosed
3 August 2017 CF Kelechi Iheanacho  Manchester City £25,000,000
8 August 2017 RW George Thomas  Coventry City Undisclosed

So yes they bought a centre forward for £25m.  He played 20 Premier League games last season for Man C, scoring four goals.  He also played nine FA Cup, League Cup and European games and scored a further three goals, making 29 games and seven goals: one goal in every four.  As for departures they released a number of free agents and sold goal keeper Ron-Robert Zieler to Stuttgart.

The club is 250-1 to win the League in some quarters but 1000/1 in others.  Arsenal are 14/1.  Manchester City are favourites.

Here’s the February 2016 game

And now here’s a thought: in the last 27 years Leicester have had 18 different permanent managers.

In 19 out of those years, have either been promoted, relegated, just avoid relegation, played in the play offs, won a trophy (they don’t do “not a trophy” in Leicester) or lost in the League Cup final.

To celebrate what WS Gilbert in his librettos would have called “Topsy Turvey Land” they are very much into free hats, free clappers and Vardy masks.  Indeed they have been at this topsy turvy stuff  for so long that eventually it plunged them (perhaps one might say inevitably) into an existential crisis.

For this summer, lo and behold, Leicester’s owner, King Power, was accused of £327m corruption in Thailand.  King Power let it be remembered is owned and run by the Leicester chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, and his son Aiyawatt.  Untold twice before this seismic event covered the stories concerning the strange workings of their marketing company, and suggested that there were a few questions that perhaps could be answered to make things a little clearer.

Of course not everyone agreed, and some abuse came forth, but those questions about where the marketing money came from are still there.   And of course it wasn’t just us, for the Guardian also ran the headlines

 Leicester sold sponsorship rights to company which sold them back to owners
 Football League investigating amid concerns club appear to have broken rules

There will be more (and more vid clips) in the next exciting episode of Arsenal v Leicester: the match.

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2 comments to Arsenal v Leicester City: 6th vs 8th (according to the pundits), with added videos and scandal.

  • markyb

    I managed to go to that Match. Fantastic atmosphere.

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    All I believe will happen tonight on the Emirates Stadium football playing pitch is the Gunners will beat the Foxes and take them to the cleaners in tonight’s Premier League opening match battle that will take place between the duo teams.

    I find it beyond comprehension as to what has made the Foxes so courageous to want to engage the Gunners in a Premier League 3 points collection match battle, more so, right there at the Gunners sanctuary, the Emirates Stadium. Can we imagine the paws scratching and teeth biting which are the only weapons the Foxes have to engage the Gunners who are in possession of high calibre guns and precision target bullets to shoot at the Foxes during this battle? Does this battle engagement undertaking by the Foxes make any sense? Are the Foxes out of their minds or something else is the matter with them that’s making them to have the audacity to come to the Emirates Stadium tonight to take on the Gunners instead of the Foxes manager, Graig Shakespeare to willing donate 4 hefty Foxes to the Gunners to appease them in their wrath not to be brutal to his Foxes team tonight beyond recognition? But since Graig Shakespeare has decided to go this line of action, the Gunners will by themselves take 4 hefty Foxes by force and caged them in cages for the Emirates Stadium faithful fans to behold as exhibition spoils taken from the daring of the Foxes who came to them but did not success to paw their paws on any of them nor succeeded to bite any of them in this will be one sided Gunners game battle for collection of all points which they the Arsenals will collect all unfailingly tonight.