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  1. markyb

    I managed to go to that Match. Fantastic atmosphere.

  2. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    All I believe will happen tonight on the Emirates Stadium football playing pitch is the Gunners will beat the Foxes and take them to the cleaners in tonight’s Premier League opening match battle that will take place between the duo teams.

    I find it beyond comprehension as to what has made the Foxes so courageous to want to engage the Gunners in a Premier League 3 points collection match battle, more so, right there at the Gunners sanctuary, the Emirates Stadium. Can we imagine the paws scratching and teeth biting which are the only weapons the Foxes have to engage the Gunners who are in possession of high calibre guns and precision target bullets to shoot at the Foxes during this battle? Does this battle engagement undertaking by the Foxes make any sense? Are the Foxes out of their minds or something else is the matter with them that’s making them to have the audacity to come to the Emirates Stadium tonight to take on the Gunners instead of the Foxes manager, Graig Shakespeare to willing donate 4 hefty Foxes to the Gunners to appease them in their wrath not to be brutal to his Foxes team tonight beyond recognition? But since Graig Shakespeare has decided to go this line of action, the Gunners will by themselves take 4 hefty Foxes by force and caged them in cages for the Emirates Stadium faithful fans to behold as exhibition spoils taken from the daring of the Foxes who came to them but did not success to paw their paws on any of them nor succeeded to bite any of them in this will be one sided Gunners game battle for collection of all points which they the Arsenals will collect all unfailingly tonight.

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