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  1. Richard

    Well from a quick search the charities commission is involved in regulating and advising charities helpin Grenfell victims including British Red Cross and community shield. It was estimated the community shield would generate 1.25 million but no figure was given on what percentage of that would be forwarded to charities. In fact there is very little information on how much and if the victims have received a penny from the community shield money. I am currently searching on three devices through 15,600 hits so will take some time but this is just from my first five looks.

  2. Richard

    Here you go tony this URL should help and actually this is quite an eye opener to look at total raised to what’s been sent to charities to what’s been given out big disparities.


  3. Steve Palmer

    Very good post, i must admit that after the event, when bodies are counted, you would expect charity money to be passed out. The public were made aware that the community shield money would be paid out to Grenfall victims.
    This story reminded me of a friend who had died, and left a sum of money to a charity he was fond of. The will took some time in concluding but the charity concerned had been informed of the gift and started to wonder when its gift would be paid out, but in the end they wrote to the solicitors and demanded that they wanted their money but they also wanted the interest that the sum would have made while in their account. It seems that life and death is an afterthought when money is concerned.

  4. Rantetta

    Thanks for this article Tony.

    Thanks to Richard (above) too.

  5. The_Ledge

    Maybe the FA can borrow the money from the cash rich DUP, and pay it back once they find the account where the CS money is being held 😉

  6. Chris


    thanks for the link.
    Can’t see any mention of the FA…

  7. Alex

    Hi Tony
    Good read must say.
    I know a thing or two about this tragedy cause as many out there my beloved friend lost his son and we talk.

    To generate money seems the easy bit i guess.

    Question is, still the number/identity beneficiaries are unknown not identified basically is what we hear.

    The amount of cash generated i dont think is difficult to know

    My understanding at the moment is there is to much politics than finding solution.

    Just ask this question :
    Out of the unaccounted bodies how many are identifiable ?

    How many completely believed incinerated or identifiable by DNA only ?

    So far the number released is the 70 mark.
    Everyone that survived that hell i spoke to including firefigthers that they been there told me many died on the stairs and by suffocation not incinerated so their body is intact but the number being around 150 to 200 is just to much that to reveal it in one go.

    By the look the wait is long i guess

  8. para

    “but they also wanted the interest that the sum would have made while in their account.”

    This should be a stipulation made to any charity( i myself have a large mistrust of so called charities ), and i am glad that others seem to have a little mistrust too.

    There is a need for charities to be monitored closely. Good on you Tony.

  9. Menace

    Tony, perhaps a quick communication with Mr. Corbyn with regard to the Oluko case requesting a public investigation into a public affair hidden by a private (possibly corrupt) group of ‘untouchables’.

  10. Tony Attwood

    Menace I am not sure that will work, but I am not leaving this one alone

  11. Dave pescod

    Very good post I’ve thought a lot about this since I first read it. It stinks as alot about the FA does. There’s a campaign here to endorse your good site. What can be done ?

    • Tony Attwood

      Dave all we can do is keep mentioning it. some of our campaigns in the last 10 years have brought success, always by saying it over and over again.

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