Arsenal v Man City: the comparison of results and the teams

Into by Tony Attwood

I left England as the Beast from the East was a few scattered snow showers, the motorways were clear and there was no disruption to air traffic.  I’ve read there might be a threat of disruption to this game – you’ll know better than I since I’m about as far from the action as it is possible to imagine.

Here’s the usual preview, by Bulldog Drummond…

So we play the same game again.  The prime difference is that  Henrikh Mkhitaryan is available of course, but Nacho Monreal who went off early looks to be unlikely.   Manchester City likewise lost a player – Fernandinho – who got a hamstring so won’t play.  Delph is suspended, and as for Stirling, well, who knows.

The biggest problem facing Arsenal is the crowd.   The media made a lot of Arsenal’s fall from grace – and it struck me (not for the first time) how funny it is that when Arsenal win cups, they are of no importance, but when we lose a final, suddenly it is very important.  Ah well, that’s journalism.

Arsenal remain the third best performing home team in the league…

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 14 13 1 0 50 10 40 40
2 Manchester United 14 11 2 1 31 6 25 35
3 Arsenal 13 10 2 1 36 14 22 32

But Manchester City are the best performing away team

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 13 10 2 1 29 10 19 32
2 Liverpool 14 8 3 3 34 22 12 27
3 Chelsea 14 7 3 4 26 15 11 24

Which shows how strong they are as we all knew.   But the fact remains that the results of Arsenal at home and Manchester City away are identical: 10 wins, two draws, one defeat.   Arsenal have the better of the goal ratio with 36 to 14, against 29 to 10.  But it is a narrow lead.

The press have been talking up the fact that Manchester City would be the first team to beat us three times in a season since Chelsea in 2005-06, should they win.

Now much has been made of the fact that we have not had 90 minutes without conceding a goal for nine premier league matches – but we have had such runs before.

Of course Cech is still one game away from 200 without letting in a goal – it would be the ultimate irony if it did it in this match.  Likewise an assist from Ozil will give him 50 assists in 139 League games – which will be a new record low number of games for getting to the 50 in the Premier League.

Of course we know this is a record breaking season for Manchester City, and I won’t bore you with going through all the details – they are being printed in all sorts of other publications.   What does worry me however, as I have mentioned, is the impact of “fan” and press negativity both at once.

Now I know that many people object to the notion that the behaviour of fans in criticising a team should have any impact on the team, because they should be professional and motivated enough to rise above such things.   But then, if that is the case, why do “fans” and the media voice their criticisms, if it has no impact?

Moving on, because most of Manchester City’s success has come as a result of the input of vast sums of money (such as the building of most of their main stadium and all of their training and youth facilities without the club having to pay for it), and this influx of money of course has been quite recent.  If we look back over time we see a broader picture, in which Arsenal have beaten MC 96 times while they have beaten us 52 times.  There have been 45 draws.

But the current spell is not the only time we have had difficulty with this club.  At the end of the 19th century Manchester City were unbeaten against Woolwich Arsenal in nine consecutive matches, and even in the latter part of the 1930s they managed four wins in a row against us.   But that run immediately preceded a run of 14 games in which Man City failed to win a single one of the games against Arsenal.

In fact even the last ten games haven’t been too bad for us…

Date Game Res Score Competition
10 Aug 2014 Arsenal v Manchester City W 3-0 Community Shield
13 Sep 2014 Arsenal v Manchester City D 2-2 Premier League
18 Jan 2015 Manchester City v Arsenal W 0-2 Premier League
21 Dec 2015 Arsenal v Manchester City W 2-1 Premier League
08 May 2016 Manchester City v Arsenal D 2-2 Premier League
18 Dec 2016 Manchester City v Arsenal L 2-1 Premier League
02 Apr 2017 Arsenal v Manchester City D 2-2 Premier League
23 Apr 2017 Arsenal v Manchester City W 2-1 FA Cup
05 Nov 2017 Manchester City v Arsenal L 3-1 Premier League
25 Feb 2018 Arsenal v Manchester City L 0-3 League Cup

Three Manchester City wins in the last ten – the period of their dominance. Four wins for us and three draws.

As for the team we could go for this…


Bellerin Koscielny Mustafi Koasinac

Ramsey Elneny Wilshere

Mkhitaryan  Aubameyang  Ozil

On the beach playing in the snow, Ospina, Holding, Chambers, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles, Iwobi, Welbeck.

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33 Replies to “Arsenal v Man City: the comparison of results and the teams”

  1. we need to play without fear, we can beat any team on earth on our day but the thing is we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot with relative ease. we have what it takes to beat this city team but the alarming things are our work rate and our defense, we need to stop conceding very embarrassing goals, the number of goals we’ve conceded out of individual error when we are pressed is a thing of concern. we can win this tie if we take our chances, defend well and play without FEAR. COYG

  2. The biggest problem is not the crowd…..they are there every game, home and away. Its the players who seem to go missing, or think that the summer holidays have begun.

  3. Blaming the crowd? Really?? How many excuses does this site have? And stop with the money excuse! This site tells us that money doesn’t guarantee titles… Tony posts this so regularly it almost keeps up with ref conspiracy posts! Oh but when it can be used as an excuse for arsenals failings, all of a sudden Man City are only good because of money! If your going to spout nonsense, at least stay in script

  4. Gouresh

    3 FA Cups and a 2nd 3rd and 4th placed finish in the last 5 years suggests we turn up more often than not wouldn’t you agree ?

    Perhaps Spurs and Liverpool should try to ‘go missing’ a few times then perhaps they might actually win something.

    What do you reckon ?

  5. So, u ok with the performance of the team on Sunday? Walking around etc? Or was is the ref who forced us to do it?

  6. To suggest that it is one (the team) or the other (the ref) is really to reduce a complex world to simplistic either/or statements.
    One other possibility among many is that the referee made a couple of dubious decisions and the players felt a “here we go again” feeling. Another is that the negativity of the press in the build up to the match finally had an effect. There are 100 others.

  7. I have tried to the best of my ability to explain a perspective that I find plausible. I am most sorry that I have failed to write it in a way that you have been able to understand: I am sure that is a failing on my part. But fail I clearly have so time to part our ways I think – after all I have had plenty of opportunities to try and explain myself to you, but have failed. I don’t know why, but there it is. And so, sadly, it is time to say farewell.

  8. Gouresh.

    Where did I say I was ok with Sunday’s performance ?

    Where did I blame the ref ?

    If you want to subscribe to this notion that we walked around that’s up to you but I don’t agree.

    My point is despite Sunday’s poor performance and others as well, and a shit manager with shit players and shit tactics and going on holiday, somehow we still manage to win things.

    How is That?

    Why don’t you now answer the question ?

  9. Where would we be able to get the stats on how far the team ran last Sunday?
    I would be interested to know if they prove we were really that lazy.
    The combined team distance is normally around 115kms but that is without knowing the best place to look it up.

  10. Where did say that the victories are not appreciated? U have assumed it. All I said was stop blaming everyone else.

  11. Yes the crowd plays its part too!

    What do you miserable pricks expect to achieve by constantly abusing the team and players?

    Deluded people with overdeveloped sense of entitlement talking nonsense.

    ‘We pay expensive tickets’ Lol…. try buying a house..try renting one even..try finding a job that can pay for your family’s dreams.

    Buying tickets for Arsenal is not mandatory. It is a pRoduct/service of entertainment. And no, you or i have no say in the financial running of the club or the tactical. Thats for others to judge.

    And this idea that we sack everyone and start from scratch to hopefully climb back up again …the hilarity of it knows no bounds

    Yes we are at a level of 7-7.5 /10 currently. We reached 9-10/10 levels during the first decade. Naturaly and with stadium +russians and arab criminals we dropped to 7-8.

    Lets face it, never in our history were we ever a 9-10/10 level club. Never an Ajax, a Real Madrid, a Juventus a Liverpool. Never ever ever.

    We achieved 8-9-10 level status globally with Wenger.

    The idea that we drop to 5 (thats what will happen if/when wenger goes) to somehow climb back up to 7 8 9 or 10 again is the dumbest idea ever heard

    But thats what happens when the cafeteria and pub talks have become public and dominate the news thanks to keyboards and psychotic vanity, that what i see

    If only 10 % of that scrutiny was given to the institutions and organisation really screwing up the fans lives….

  12. Where did I blame anyone for Sunday’s poor performance?

    I’m glad to hear how much you appreciate the trophies.

  13. @Hunter13

    Agreed. Frankly, I’ve come to envy some of the lower clubs….their fans are behind them come hell or high water. They are a real 12th man. Their chants go on until the end. And more often then not the end is not a victory.

    Guess Arsenal fans feel entitled. They’ve been spoilt by Mr Wenger and the players during a time where there was some kind of even playing field in the PL – one that never really existed in the CL anyway or Barcelona and Real would not have been dominating it this way.

    I sure would not like to be a kid of one of them fans…the abuse i’d get my fan parents by not having A+ top grades in school would be hell….

  14. Hi Chris

    They are pathetic and worthless scum in my eyes, but in todays world sadly the internet has given them the impression their opinions should be heard and credited.

    They insist on imposing their dumb opinion on the club. That is fascism. Expressing their opinions was not enough. Apparently the club (a privately owned business) HAS to listen to these maniacs. And if the Club wont listen…sabotage it!!!

    We have reached new levels of absurdity with fans willing and committed to abuse either till Wenger goes or till they see the title…

    Not critisise, not talk, not discuss….they exist to abuse the manager and football club

    They are no fans of Arsenal, they are just pissed off remnants from a bygone era that use the escalating cost of living in todays world or following football as an argument to DEMAND.

    If this hilarity did not threaten to destabilise the club i wouldnt comment as harshly as we all want whats good for Arsenal (i hope). The brexiter peasants who are still fond of Graham era should accept we were no AC Milan back then either. Going for cups does not constitute BIG club status. Anderlecht has more European trophies than Arsenal……

    Valencia who also hit a decade of excellence then faced a decade of relegation fights. Another club that has faced great difficulties, having to sell their best players and a club very close to ours in terms of 3rd succesful status

    Whether we like it or not, in the premier league we are facing at least 4 other clubs that spend more in transfer fees and wages. Automatically, we are 4-5th favourites for the title. In which other country has any of you ever seen the fans of 4th and 5th favourites for the title DEMANDING dominance over them?

    The first wanker who mentions Leicester should also mention the 13 penalties they won ( 39 points to assist defeats into drwas and draws into victories) and then hide under his/her bed in shame for daring to compare Arsenal with one season wonders…

  15. So a couple of players were seen walking on Sunday, so what?

    When people do a burst of running, it is usual to walk after to “get ones’s breath back”.

    This “walking” business seems to have arisen from Neville’s hysterical outburst.

    The amount of running that footballers make nowadays is enormous, and I suspect much more than before.

    Players are trained to relax after exertion to be be able to conserve energy and to be able to exert again quickly.

    For player to walk a bit after exertion is not uncommon and needed, I would have thought.

    Perhaps an experienced trainer or coach can confirm or deny this.

    Sunday was disappointing, but was it such a bad performance in the circumstances?

    If everyone or even anyone thought that we had a good chance to win, I might have thought so, but I doubt if anyone did, so having let an easy goal in early on and being under additional pressure, simply allowed Man$ity to up their game and make it even harder.

    AS I have said before, the whole raison d’etre behind the Guirdiola style of play is to demoralise the opposition and to deny them possession of the ball, even when they do get it. Their team on Sunday did that very well.

    Why can we never seem to simply accept that our opponents did very well on the day, which meant that we were not allowed to be at our best?

    What does concern me is that we seem to have a lack of quality reserves, especially if we need to substitute or revise strategy.

    The Winter clear our removed a lot of the better reserves, which seems to have left us a bit exposed.

  16. Shall we remind these shameless 50 yearolds crying in cameras Seaman their hero gettign beaten in a final…A FINAL! form the halfway line in the dying seconds?

    Has anyone seen anything worse? Ever? Can we imagine what the fans would say today if Sceznhey or Almunia were beaten like that?

    Or from Coventry at home 2-4?

    Shall we remind them the status of our first 11 being collected from pubs and clinics and casinos? The Tuesday Club?

    Or is this some macho uneducated version of showing defiance to the corporate structure of the football industry?

    ‘A club with Arsenal’s history and finances should be competing for the title’

    Oh really?

    The cesc team challeneged for the title 2-3 times. Once they only lost and finished 4 points behind the leaders. That was nto held as ‘competing’ But Tottenham(lol) are considered as ‘challenging’ in 5th place and 20 points behind leaders. It is beyond laughable.

    Manchester united has spent close to a billion to ‘compete’ 16 points behind leaders…ha!

    So, yes i insist, Arsenal fans are clueless mugs who are trolled by media and rivals taunts

  17. And as for how they treat us on the pitch..MandyDodd spot on! as well as this website exposing these crook referees who smile when joey barton tackles with two footed stud tackle from behind and send off xhaka for a shoulder push….

    Or game#50..

    It is a bitter pill to swallow that the geek frenchman came and bossed them in their own country and showed them how its done without spending fortunes, or paying agents/refs, or any of that mafia style corruption that exists everywhere in football.

    We want to sell the epl for 5 billion worldwide, enter foreign Owners, come play in our casino

  18. Hunter13

    I don’t believe for a second that you have actually seen anyone claiming that Spurs are “competing” for the title this season. In the PL, they are only competing for a top 4 place – and no one is suggesting otherwise. By all means, argue sensibly about any criticism of Wenger or Arsenal that you believe to be unfair. But gratuitous use of the straw man fallacy will only weaken the credibility of your argument.

  19. @jjgsol,

    there is another point that is not mentionned
    City are a ‘violent’ team. Fullstop. They use physicality on and on, just looking at their record in yellow and red cards shows that. Compare it to Arsenal’s and re-watch the game and you can see the difference immediately.

    tika taka whatever you want, but it must be added as well that going for fouls is part and parcel of their game and that in this regard they are far away from ‘the beautiful game’. Wonder what the yellow card stats for City were last year or during Guardiola’s tenure at barcelona. Would be intersting to see.

    And apart from that, watching Sunday’s game, I was not overwhelmed by City’s superb.out-of-this-world-galactical prowess. I’vee seen teams play much more attracitve football. They just go to crush the opponent with whatever means necessary.

    As for the reserves, well, at some point you have to make way for the younger generation and give them a chance. There were opportunities to make a profit on some players which might not have been possible in the summer. The new look Arsenal was seen only once. let’s wait 2 or 3 games

  20. ‘In the build-up to the showpiece at Wembley it emerged Pep Guardiola’s net spend of £371million in 21 months at Manchester City is greater than Wenger’s net spend in 21 years at Arsenal, with the Frenchman spending just £349million net.’

    ehhhm… so what? i still want my empire of trophies to mock my classmates and colleagues or fellow drinkers at the pub…..

  21. Knobby.
    I was interested myself to see if we are a lazy team but I could not find any details for the Man. City match on Sunday. However, I did find some details of other matches this season.
    As a team we have run 1237 K. That gave us a position of 6th in the table. Man Utd were bottom. The player that ran the most was Xhaka, he was 6th in list with 126 K. The most sprints category saw us as a team run 5842 short sprints with Bellerin in 4th position with 695 sprints.
    Overall this does not support the lazy tag which Neville believes we have.
    Hope this helps you.
    The info was from Sky It does not give the number of matches but It looks to be in the region of 12.

  22. JimB you can check all/most national media in how they glorify Tottenham’s ‘title challenge’ of a few years ago…they ended 10-12 points behind Leicester i think.

    I repeat the cesc team ended 4 points off the champions

    Back then though…arsenal was not considered as challenging. We had to endure taunts of ‘x amount of years trophyless’ as early as 2007..thats two years after the 05 f.a cup and one season after the clubs solitary Champions league final(2006)

    Shall we take the coverage of our 20years in Champions league and the importance Wenger placed on at least top4 finishes with the glorification of Liverpool (18 titles 5 european big cups) for getting back in top4? Or same case for their beloved Spurs?

    Is there no iconsistency in how the media presnt the narrative to fans?

    Why was it bad for arsenal to ‘only get top4’ when they had to field teenagers due to stadium and face Drogba Malouda Robben Ronaldo Tevez Toure etc etc?

    Could it be that our fans are idiots and thought Emirates stadium = Arsenal is the Real Madrid of England now ?

    Who authorised the stadium move? Who chose to make it self-sustainable? Wenger? Or the Onwers?

    I insist….our fans are an embarassment. The cancer eating from within.

  23. gouresh – in case you didn’t realise, we lost because of Laws that PGMOL apply only when it suits.
    The elbow in Mustafi’s back is a foul. Do you agree?
    THe Sane position was offside as the ball was passed behind him blocking Ospinas vision & then came past Sane within inches. If that is not interfering then the whole interpretation is an absolute farce.

    VAR was not used. Why? What is its purpose if a player is a yard offside and a player deliberately uses an elbow in the back of an opponent.

    The barge by Kompany on Aubamayang was deliberate & without contact with the ball. It was not shoulder to shoulder. It was a foul. Lesser barges were called by the PGMOL officials. Why?

    You have so much wisdom just use some of it to explain the three incidents I refer to.

  24. Thanks Stevo, Tha seems reasonable.
    Chasing the ball against a passing team must mean you cover a greater distance as well.
    Also the pressing game only works if everyone presses at the same time… So everyone needs to take a breather at the same time…Just as Gary Neville decides to make his point.

  25. Hunter13

    The media didn’t “glorify” Tottenham’s title challenge two years ago at all. Anyone with anything other than the memory of a goldfish ought to remember that the media, along with the remainder of the country, were willing Leicester on maniacally. Understandably, I suppose. They love an underdog story as much as they love a crisis or a scandal. Spurs were the potential spoilsports and, eventually, “bottlers”. Nevertheless, there isn’t any doubt that Spurs were very much in the title race that season until the game at Stamford Bridge on 2nd May, after which they lost focus and motivation (though it could be argued that they lost focus, and their heads, at half time in that game!). Nor do I remember the media ignoring Arsenal’s title challenge in 2007-08. They were considered to be very much in it until defeat to Utd in early / mid April. The fact that their final position was closer to the top come season’s end than Spurs were in 2015-16 is more indicative of Arsenal going on a winning run once the pressure of being in the title race was off while Spurs lost the last couple of games after the pressure was off.

    Regardless, the point stands that you were trying to claim that the media have argued that Spurs are challenging for the title this season despite being 20 points behind City. And that is simply untrue. No one has made such a claim other than you in your mission to build a straw man.

  26. In addition to the specific fouls which should have been awarded, as mentioned by Menace, my impression was that Wilshere and Ozil were repeatedly hacked down, by various City players, whenever we were outing a promising move together. This looked like organised fouling, conducted far enough from goal to reduce the danger from the resulting free-kicks (only some of which were awarded in any case).

    I presume that Wilshere’s yellow card was for dissent, because he finally got fed up of this treatment and told the ref what a crap job he was doing.

  27. gouresh

    Did I write the article?


    Have you answered a single question I asked?


  28. Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Kolasinac, Ramsey, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Welbeck, Aubameyang.

    Subs: Ospina, Holding, Iwobi, Chambers, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Nketiah.

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