38 players joining Arsenal, 8 leaving and five new managers. it will be quite a summer!!!

By Sir Hardly Anyone.  Our man who counts the numbers…

Here is the update on players coming and going… and we know it is all true because every single one of these stories has been verified by a football journalist.

Those who are leaving

No Player Going To Source What’s the story
 Update Bellering Barcelona / Real Mad / Juventus Star / Mirror / Bleachre Star readers have a memory span of less than 1 minute.  But we have “Bellering” (TM) Untold. The Guardian has him going to Madrid to escape Arsenal Fan TV.  Or Barcelona.  Mirror to Juve.
2 Krystian Bielik Birmingham Sky He wants to reignite his career and is not happy at Walsall where he is on loan.
New Cech Retirement Mirror
4 Holding Burnley Mail, Mirror, Sun £15m
5 Lacazette Arsenal Fever, Sun Manu Petit says he will go.
6 Ramsey Mail, Mirror, Star, Sun Out of contract; and because of gross financial mismanagement AFC can’t afford him because of Ozil
7 Welbeck Arsenal Mania Leaving at end of season
8 Wilshere Liverpool Football London Wenger says how much he wants Jack to stay, but this doesn’t stop the suggestions that he his going.  Arsenal Mania has him closing in on a new deal.





5 Replies to “38 players joining Arsenal, 8 leaving and five new managers. it will be quite a summer!!!”

  1. It’s good if us the Gooners thank God after our darling Arsenal have lost 4 back to back games in all competitions gave us relieve from distress yesterday night when against the form book, they beat AC Milan in their backyard at San Siro in the ELC last 16 first leg match to be on the front foot ahead of the return leg match at the Ems next week.

    I think who should be the next Arsenal manager is not an immediate concern for us the Gooners to worry ourselves about on the issue as there is still time and 16 possible games left to play in all competitions by the Gunners this season. Which they can use to get some good results to redeem their current battered on the field bad results image before they won at San Siro against AC Milan.

    The signing of new players next season by Arsenal should not be a matter on the table for consideration at the moment by Le Boss and the Arsenal board. For, Arsenal sign new players and transfer some away from the club when they are in the transfer mode. But right now, Arsenal are not in the transfer mode but are serious in the mode of winning the Europa League Cup and placing between 4th – 6th position in the Premier League final table this season.

  2. I think it’s of no use crying over spilled milk as they say. For, it can’t be collected for edible use anymore. Save, it’s given to the domestic dog or cat to lick.

    Szcezney left Arsenal and they pocketed £10m for agreeing to his transfer to Jeventus as they don’t want to keep 3 senior goalkeepers in their senior first team squad but the 2 of Cech and Ospina. So, Arsenal have since moved on from Szcezney as one of their goalkeepers in as much as some of us don’t want to see him leave Arsenal when he left. But what can we do other than to continue give our 100% support to the club at all times in all games. And I believe Szcezney too has moved on with his life at Jeventus having spent a better part of his youth and some of his adult football career life at Arsenal.

    What I believe should be of a serious focus to us the Gooners and the Gunners alike including Le Boss to focus on after Arsenal have delt AC Milan a blow in the Europa League Cup last 16 1st leg match at San Siro last night, is for all of us to turn our attention in it’s totality without deviation to our next Premier League home match against the stubborn Watford FC team visit to the Ems on Sunday and advice Le Boss and the Gunners on how they’ll collect all points in the game unfailingly to leave Watford with no cojones in this game this time around.

  3. co•jo•nes (kô hô′nes; Eng. kə hō′nās, -nēz), n. [Spanish](sometimes vulgar) .

    Foreign Terms(used with a pl. v.) testicles.
    Foreign Terms courage.

  4. @Colario,

    well, maybe Woj will become a TV pundit one day and NOT spit on his past ?
    Love the guy and how he does not renege his DNA.

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