World Cup 2018 – a focus on the three favourites

World Cup 2018 – a focus on the three favourites

After suffering through the regularly frustrating four year wait, another World Cup is almost upon us, and it’s time to consider who looks like the most likely candidate to be crowned tournament winners.

The World Cup is such a gigantic competition, where even those who aren’t usually interested in football suddenly become engrossed. Working on behalf of both the novice and the avid fan, Footy Accumulators provide recommended bets and tips with all of the latest odds. They take us on a run-down of the three key favourites:

Germany at 5/1 –

Unsurprisingly sat at the top of the World Cup odds, Germany were bound to be seen as certain favourites to win after taking it home in the previous attempt back in 2014.

Having to wave goodbye to Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger took its toll after both players retired following their win in the last tournament. Germany have shown just how much depth they possess through needing a quick fix, with Joshua Kimmich taking Lahm’s place in one way or another and several members of Die Mannschaft’s weighty midfield doing more than enough to cover the cracks left by Schweinsteiger.

Other players who could be set to ignite a new era of German football include Manchester City winger Leroy Sane, highly-rated Bayer Leverkusen youngster Julian Brandt and lightning-fast RB Leipzig forward Timo Werner, who’ve all been exceptional in the build-up.

Brazil at 5/1 –

Finishing top of the ten-nation CONMEBOL group with a ten-point lead, Brazil have looked like a force to be reckoned with from start to finish, and many punters are getting behind them ahead of anyone else.

It’s been a strong season for Brazilians proving their worth, Ederson being impenetrable in Manchester City’s goal, Alex Sandro being in demand at back for Juventus, Willian forcing his way back into the Chelsea setup, Philippe Coutinho making a controversial transfer to Barcelona midway through the term, Casemiro being one of Real Madrid’s only reliable figures, and both Neymar and Roberto Firmino setting Ligue 1 and the Premier League alight respectively.

Their attack is hailed more than any other area but the balance and depth Selecao possess is likely to be far more damaging than the sheer number of players they have inhabiting the final third.

France at 6/1 –

Oddly enough, France are the most backed side to win the World Cup with a large percentage of bookmakers, which is staggering when considering how they’re ranked as third favourites in terms of odds.

Some would say that they failed to win the last European Championship in the easiest of circumstances, as they fell to defeat on home soil, but their squad is growing more in each tournament and is sure to dominate most opposition sides in this attempt.

Between Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante in midfield, and the attacking variety of Antoine Griezmann, Nabil Fekir, Alexandre Lacaztte, Kylian Mbappe and Thomas Lemar, there’s every reason they’ll be packing an even bigger punch this time around.



3 Replies to “World Cup 2018 – a focus on the three favourites”

  1. I’d like to think that this WC will be quite a mellow and enjoyable one for fans after it was announced that certain drugs will be allowed into stadiums . But partakers , sorry , I meant patients ,still must have a valid prescription.

    But smoking is still strictly no -no ! We don’t want innocent connoisseurs getting cancer from second hand smoke. And hard drugs will probably be not allowed too . Head cases? You guess is good as mine !

    For some perverse reason , and unlike all other WCs , I am really looking forward to this one , especially the England games , and even though Arsenal may not have any representation in the team.

    Just want to see how the Spurs, Liverpool and City players fare without the ‘benefit’ of the PIGMOB rules ! And am also looking forward to the inane and biased expert commentary from the usual gang of idiots .

    For a change , I will have the volume on !

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