All the 56 players Arsenal are signing this summer and blog goes berserk in attacking players

New on the manager front is Max Allegri who is coming from Juventus to Arsenal, maybe via a year out.  Daily Canon, and Corriere della Sera have this one straight out of the fantasy factory.  Sports Mole however has claimedthat Allegri himself says the move is unlikely.

Apparently Arsenal now have a shortlist of managers to replace Mr Wenger which has been provided by Daily Canon

  1. Lucien Favre
  2. Thomas Tuchel
  3. Fabio Capello
  4. Joachim Low
  5. Mikel Arteta
  6. Leonardo Jardim
  7. Brendan Rodgers
  8. Carlo Ancelotti
  9. Paulo Fonseca
  10. Thierry Henry

One or two names on that list I am not too sure about.  But there will be more at some stage, of that I am certain.

Newcastle – Arsenal 2-1

Arsenal in Feb 1922. Norris missing, Cup success, relegation threatens, and a monkey


2 Replies to “All the 56 players Arsenal are signing this summer and blog goes berserk in attacking players”

  1. Arsenal should not be relying on penalty given to them by referees before they can win matches in the Premier League. The last unbeaten Arsenal Gunners team that won the Premier League Title in 2004 was not relying on penalty awarded to them by referres before they won the PL Title that season. Rather, the Gunners of that era relied on their individuals top quality peculiar to them such like able to win duels, track back to defend efficiently, a strong back line backbone that was almost impregnable and unrivalled goals scoring domination ability that made their opponent teams to have no answer to them.

    The current Pep Guardiola’s managed team that has just won this season’s PL Title yesterday with 5 games to spare van be said is a team reminiscent to Arsenal team that won the PL Title in 2004 with 4 games to spare.

    I can see that the current senior Arsenal team of this season lack special quality players who should be in the team such as players who can win duels, track back to defend efficiently and having incredible strikers/mid-filders/defenders who can score goals regularly to win matches almost unabated without relying on penalties awarded them by referees before they win matches. If Arsenal are given a penalty in a match by the match referee, good and fine. But if the referee flagrantly denied them as referee Anthony Taylor denied Arsenal in our last away match to Newcastle, we don’t cry. For, we’ve already known that the PGMO referees are mostly anti-Arsenal referees mostly in the Premier League games. But that shouldn’t stop Arsenal to go ahead to score match winning goals that will be not disputed but be praised even by the PGMO match officiating officials and the opposition teams.

    Now, the majority of Premier League clubs have voted to defer the introducing the VARs into the Premier League matches next season. Why do we think they’ve done this? It’s because the clubs that voted against the introducing the VARs in the PL next season don’t want to see Arsenal win the PL Title. Because they know if the VARs are introduced in the PL next season, Arsenal will likely win the PL Title with the brand of tantalising football they are playing.

    Therefore, since Arsenal have now known that the VARs will not be introduced in the PL next season to stop the cheatings the referees have cheating Arsenal with in the PL matches and getting away with them to stop us from winning the Title. Arsenal should prepare themselves adequately well for next season’s campaign in the PL by acquiring the right players with the right physical attributes who can play both the physical and finesse game to counter the PGMO. So that we can win the Title next season just as we’ve seen Man City countered the PGMO this campaign to win the Title.

  2. I thought that Chambers had a good first half, with some good defensive play and some attacking runs…second less so but he is still young. And, I thought Holding, though less offensively effective (hey, he was a CB), was OK in the middle. He and Mustafi might have to improve their communication, though…

    I’m not ready to get rid of them, though. The game was not an important one so take it easy, folks!

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