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  1. Colin

    Interesting take on the subjective views we get from most of our media. Do any of you recall the 6.06 days of Danny Baker (still the best football phone in) he was damming of all the football top cats (including Arsenal) we all knew where he was coming from a Millwall supporter with no pretence of impartiality.

    He paid for his honesty by being banned at least twice for his comments on referees and government ministers of sport, compare with the shock jocks on TalkSport especially Brazil and Durham with his puppet that sits along side him. Then we have the football writers and commentators (all experts!!) that try and disguise their true loyalty by being so objective and following their faint praise there is always a but………

    One last thing with our neighbours altered football pitch assuming 80 ish % completed and the builders paid accordingly £600m and no stadium naming or shirt deal who is paying?? Can you remember the transparent and torturous ramifications Arsenal went through with banks and extortionate interest rates etc. Where is the transparency, or have I missed the press release?

  2. Mike T

    It was always ambitious to try to complete the rebuild of WHL in time for the 2018/19 season.

    Daniel Levy told the THST in May 2017 that indication of the project being on time would be the roof being in place in late January 2018. At the next meeting, held on the 20th February of this year DL said that the roof placement had been delayed due to bad weather and its completion wouldn’t be until mid March. It’s interesting to note that the latest pictures of the development don’t show the roof being fully in place but I do wonder if Levy didn’t mean the roof in its entirety but more the supporting structures .Irrespective there clearly, and understandably had been slippage on the very ambitious time lines

    At that May 17 meeting levy confirmed that built into those ambitious time line was the: the slightly later start date of the season , the September International break,& the almost certain agreement that the league board would agree to the first two fixtures being away from home.

    Levy went on to suggest that the location of third fixture could be flipped , if the opposition agreed just as had happened in the Liverpool / Burnley fixtures a couple of seasons ago

    After the first couple of fixtures the PL board very much have their hands tied in that the PL rule states” Each club shall register its stadium with the board and must play all its matches in the competitions listed at L9 for which it is the home club “

    Now I found that rule interesting and as with every PL rule change it has to be voted on by the clubs and is only amended if a 2/3 majority is achieved.

    A change to this rule would have significant impact on other PL rules and in truth the PL tends only to change it rules following consultation with the clubs and based on what has been reported the only potential rule change of note due to be voted on at the clubs June meeting is to do with the distribution of TV monies

    Now to the last point of this post.We all know in the past that a club has played at two different homes in the same season over two tournaments . For instance Arsenal played at Highbury and Wembley but it seems that the PL rules are now pretty clear because if you refer back two paragraphs of my post you will see I mention rule L9 in that rule the competitions listed are: The Premier League, FACup,League cup and dependent on qualification the Champions League and or the Europa league.

  3. DoubleDutch

    Hilarious if the darlings of the media don’t begin in the greatest stadium ever built – or to be built in the future. Rules are there for AFC – OBVIOUSLY! Would Madrid really want Real Hotspuds manager – he comes with a weighty trophy haul…:)

  4. insideright

    One wonders what would have happened if Spurs had finished fourth and had to play a Champions League qualification game at Wembley because NewWHL wasn’t ready? With pressure on ticket prices being very much downward and American Football feeling much more ‘at home’ at Wembley maybe the whole project is looking a deal less secure than it did.

  5. JimB

    Tony – (and Mike, since I saw that you corrected much of the misinformed chatter about Chelsea only yesterday) – you should apply the same level of scepticism to reporting of Tottenham news as you do to reporting of Arsenal news. The Telegraph, and various other publications have pounced on the fact that Spurs still retain Wembley as an option for next season and emphatically concluded that it must mean that the new stadium is seriously behind schedule. It hasn’t occurred to them that it might simply be prudent planning on Levy’s part. After all, why not retain Wembley as an option for as long as possible? There’s no harm in it as far as Spurs are concerned. No cost involved. And in the event of a wholly unforeseen, calamitous event, Spurs would still have a contractually agreed stadium for next season. Win / win.

    As it happens, though, the stadium construction is progressing just fine. The first test event is still scheduled for early August and the first competitive game will likely be after the international break. As with any project on such a tight schedule (bear in mind that, only one year ago, the old stadium still stood where nigh on half the new stadium now is), it’s likely that a number of non essential jobs will still remain to be completed come September. But the stadium will be safe, fully functional and open at full capacity.

    Mike – when Levy mentioned the roof as a marker to judge whether or not the build was on schedule, he didn’t mean roof completion. He said that the roof lift was scheduled to begin in late January / early February of this year. And yes, that was a little behind schedule. But nothing to worry about. If you are following the build closely, you will have seen that they are now installing the roof cassettes at quite a pace. I would expect them all to be in situ before the end of this month.

    inside right – the CL rules have changed. From this season, all clubs finishing in the top four of the PL will automatically qualify for the CL group phase. So none will be playing CL games until mid / late September. As to the NFL feeling “much more at home” at Wembley, how on earth do you come to that conclusion before there has even been a game at the new WHL? Bizarre!

    • Tony Attwood

      JimB believe me I am sceptical, but self-evidently not neutral. But really my interest is in the fact that as I see it the media has given Tottenham a very easy ride in the past few years compared with Arsenal, and these commentaries suggest to me (and of course it is only me) that maybe, just maybe, the more positive approach that exists in the media to clubs such as Tottenham, when compared with Arsenal, might be coming to an end.

      But also of course I can’t pick up each and every nuance of a report about Tottenham in the way that I can about Arsenal. For example when Ms Lawrence commented in the Guardian about Arsenal’s new manager and compared the appointment with others, she suggested that making Allison manager of Arsenal was rather left field – something that is just plain wrong if one reads the history.

      The racial commentary in the first half was meant to be serious, but afterwards it was just a reflection on how newspapers respond to stories about different clubs in different ways.

  6. Mike T

    Jim B

    As a Chelsea supporter I will stand my ground if and when I believe it is appropriate but sorry I dont feel any obligation nor indeed desire to take such an approach when it comes to other clubs
    My commentary was based to a large degree based on minuted comments from Levy but certainly not based on any articles appearing in rags such as The Telegraph.
    I was aware that Spurs had a second year option for Wembley and that the timeline for confirmation as to Spurs intention was set for the end of May , Levy as I understand it has for obvious reasons not wanted to even consider the taking up of that option and indeed he said that no talks whatsoever had taken place with Wembley yet that May date seems to have been extended by 14 days .
    As you will see I have always prefaced comments with the statement that this was always an ambitious project and it may well be ready by mid September but Spurs are fast approaching the point of no return .A point where they have to say either it won’t be ready and face another year at Wembley or yes it will and pray that it is for once that point had been reached I cant see any way the PL will ignore its own rules, rules that the 20 clubs have signed up to and indeed all voted on .

  7. colario

    Am I the only one who has searched the spuds website and unable to find an expected stadium completed date?

  8. Gord

    This is the police. You there colario, get your hands away from the mouse and keyboard and back away from the computer. Come with us, we are taking you to …..


    No, to the kitchen. You are going to grate a bushel of potatoes for the crime of a Gooner visiting a spud site.

  9. colario

    DAR… you caught me ‘spud handed’. I come quietly officer. Please forgive me my sin. I won’t do it again I promise.

  10. Bobome

    Gord & Colario: ? Not so fast, some of us are waiting for a dinner of fish and chips!

  11. Brickfields Gunners

    Keep your eyes on the ball.., always !


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