He’s number 1 on our list of 85 player we’re signing, and he’s just signed

By Tony Attwood

Yes indeed, he was on the list at number one (largely because the list is by and large in alphabetical order and his surname is Adli) and we have signed him.   Making it two players signed.    If anything is going to encourage the rumour makers to keep going it is a couple of early signings.

Here’s what we said…

No Player Club Commentators The story
1 Yacine Adli PSG Sport Review.  Talk Sport says the deal is certainly on for a mere £250,000.  Mirror says it is for sure. Barcelona Manchester City,  Bayern Munich and Juventus want him.  He’s a wonderkid.  All set to sign NOW (DZ)

Mind you that “now” at the end of the final column was added a couple of weeks back, but now he’s ours: “17-year-old midfield prospect Yacine Adli from Paris Saint‑Germain.”

He’s been signed on a three-year contract after he rejected the offer of professional terms at PSG.  The commentary is that it was  “much to the French club’s dismay.”

It is interesting that he left PSG despite them not wishing to lose him – it may have been because he likes and trusts the manager, and it may also be that he knows that Arsenal has a reputation for bringing on young players such as Bellerin, Ramsey, Wilshere, Fabregas and Maitland-Niles.

Other clubs might say, “we’ll give you a chance next season” but the proof of the pudding is on the grass as they say.   With PSG able to buy any player they want, what chance will they give a youngster who is bound to need a few games to settle into the pace of the top league in any country.

I think that is going to be a continuing problem for both Manchester City and PSG; the expectation is to emulate Arsenal’s unbeaten season, and to do that the clubs are reluctant to experiment with the youngsters.

I suspect he will be given chances, just as Maitland-Niles and co have been.  So I suspect the order of the day will be appearances in the League Cup, group stages of the Europa, and maybe a home game or three in the league.

And now we have two players in, and according to the latest chart, 83 to go.



5 Replies to “He’s number 1 on our list of 85 player we’re signing, and he’s just signed”

  1. So far nothing on Arsenal.com , but seems like we have signed a good prospect , and one for the future. Here’s hoping that he comes good with the Arsenal.
    Up the Gunners!

  2. Hmm ancient and modern, this wont please the ‘aaa’ but before they start whinging they should take into account it is two months before it is too late.

    In my opinion a program of transfers has been set in place and all we are seeing is it being carried out.

    We are in reality not fantasy football so it might not go to plan. According to plan or not we shall never know and that is our it should be.

    Mean time there is much more going on in football than our bubble gum media spills out of its mouths or keyboards.

    This is a good example of what we could discuss here instead of the media custard.


  3. This is from the link I have provided above:

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  4. 80% of the posters on Justarsenal.com were already whinging about us not having signed someone a couple days back, then they started whinging about getting players that were too old, then they moved on to whinging about buying players that were too young (all the same group of posters, mind you). It really is beggars belief.

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