Scotland v England live on TV and free. Now. (Eddie is playing)

By Tony Attwood

Eddie is playing and it is on live TV, and better still free.

There’s a channel called Free Sports (it is available to Sky customers whether you subscribe to Sky Sprouts or not) and they are starting to pick up some interesting bits and pieces including the Toulon Tournament.  The semi-final is being shown at this moment.

The score approaching half time is 1-0 to Scotland.

Eddie got into a bit of trouble for a late tackle and the Scotland players over reacted which should have meant a booking or two, but nothing was given.

It’s half time at 1-0 to Scotland, and if you have Sky it is on channel 422.   And three cheers for Free Sports.   Let’s hope they pick up the pre-season friendlies.



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  1. Oh my oh my oh my

    Sensational solo goal from Eddie – beats three players and then scores from the far side of the penalty area right across the goal into the far corner. What a player this lad is.


  2. The only other Arsenal player in the tournament this year is João Virgínia with the Portugal squad.

    55 minutes gone, still Scotland 1 England 2 (eddie, 1 superb assist one stunning goal – the talk is all about him)

  3. Oh if you are an Arsenal fan and not watching this you are going to regret it. Eddie has scored AGAIN.

    Another brilliant goal, he beats two men and then perfectly places the ball into the corner of the goal to make it 3-1 to England. And we have to recognise that without Eddie this England side would have struggled – this guy in on a different level from the rest of the players on the pitch.

    Also lovely to watch it on a channel that is not afraid to criticise the referee. Good on yer Free Sports Live

  4. Eddie 3 Scotland 1.

    It’s all over. What a brilliant player. Two goals and an assist. And multiple thanks to Freesports for showing it. Thanks Gunz for pointing out it is on other suppliers too.

    England in the final against Mexico. Do watch it and support Eddie.

  5. Bonaroca:- Watched the match and there is no doubt Eddy is a real talent. I hope Manager Emery
    will give this lad space from time to time to play and train with the senior players.
    Best wishes to the youngster and hope to see him make it with the seniors.

  6. the boy’s a jewel, pure and simple.
    he has an eery physical resemblance with “the wire””s marlo stanfield (jamie hector) and is as fast, sharp, ruthless, cold-blooded, as his fictional alter ego.
    hope we won’t bring in jermaine defoe, just to “give him time to mature” …
    sorry, couldn’t help the sucker punch … i just fear these amazing u23s of ours might be deprived of the time play they need so much; but if ivanunai prove to have been right after turning our defense in a retirement home, i’ll be more than happy to have had the wrong feelings about the whole stuff, and i’ll willingly join in the celebrations of away game triumphs.

  7. Looking through Google News (sorted by time) many hours later, what I see for a story is that the Scottish goal was wonderful, Oh, and Eddie Nkehtiah scored a brace. One picture shows all the England players as looking miserable after one of his goals. One report, said that one of Eddie’s two goals had some quality to it. I guess everyone writing is Scottish, eh?

  8. A great performance from our youngster , and two well taken goals and a fine assist for the other goals . Bodes well for the Arsenal. Hope he gets some more quality game time next season.

  9. This message was sent to me today , but something seems not quite right here . Do you guys think this is legit , or is it fake ?

    Here is that message verbatim –

    ‘Wembley : England 2 Nigeria 1-
    The Nigerian football team were so disappointed with today’s performance that they have said that they will personally refund all the expenses of their fans who traveled to support them.
    All they need to do is to send in their bank details , sort codes and PIN numbers, and they will transfer the money straight to them.’

    I initially felt that is was such a sincere and touching gesture . But on further reflection…..

  10. Ha Ha Ha – Brickfields – the Nigerians call it a 419 because that is the law it breaks. It is a scam that takes your money rather than give you anything.

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