It’s Eddie Nkehtiah’s day, Villa won’t pay, Palace won’t say, Chelsea lose their way

Anyway, Palace lost £7m according to their last reported accounts – those for 2015/6, and now we have the figures for the other 19 clubs for 2016/17 and I’ll take our usual look at those shortly.   Of the 19 clubs whose accounts we can inspect, only two made a loss: Chelsea who won the league, and Sunderland who were relegated out of the league.



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  2. I believe Chelsea owe Fordstam (Romans Company) just over £1.3 billion. With the squeeze on the Russian Oligarcs and their attempts to hide their’dodgy’ money, this could end badly.

    Interesting times ahead, financially, for Chelsea now Roman has decided he can no longer bank roll Chelsea and outspend everyone.

    Such a shame the media choose to fornicate over clubs that ‘buy’ success and their managers like Mourinho and Guardiola but ridicule those who try to make the books balance. Seems Leeds Utd is forgotten along with all the other clubs, including Aston Villa, who have found that irresponsible over spending comes with a huge cost.

    Sanity may one day prevail but I won’t be holding my breath.

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  4. about the media: i can’t resist the pleasure of sharing this masterpiece:

    (“analysis” of the nigerian world cup team):

    Which player is likely to disappoint?

    Alex Iwobi’s poor form for Arsenal will leave many wondering whether he can deliver. After a breakout season in 2015-16 the attacking midfielder has failed to kick on, often stuttering when presented with opportunities. Too often he appears on the fringes of a game and he needs to be more assertive.

    Which player is going to surprise everyone at the World Cup?

    Francis Uzoho. For a goalkeeper who has only two made senior appearances for Deportivo La Coruña, Uzoho is perhaps fortunate to get into the World Cup squad but has a good command of his area and impressive shot-stopping ability. The 19-year-old may to start, despite his mistake against England – putting him in illustrious company with keepers such as Peter Rufai, Ike Shorunmu and Vincent Enyeama.


    just so everyone remembers:
    this was “written” right after the england-nigeria game, during which alex was, by a mile, the best “eagle” on the pitch – he scored the goal, actually
    uzoho (i wish the young guy well, mind you)let in a howler that, had it been ospina’s or cech’s, the guardian would have kept it as a headline for ages … actually, any centre-forward but kane would have sympathised with the lad, and wouldn’t have celebrated the goal … but good ol’ harry hopped like a regular wallaby, as though he had scored against, let’s say … juventus at wembley, perhaps?

    i do love those guardian guys … get myself a fix of ’em any time i’m starting feeling down a bit

    warning: “has only two made senior appearances”, as well as “may to start” are in the original syntax … solomon, please, come back soon!

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