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  1. nick

    Tony can you point me to the evidence that we can only spend 70 million?

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    To adequately strengthened their first team in readiness for a successful Premier League campaign when next season starts next month, I am of the opinion Arsenal should still reinforced with 2 signings of a top grade attacking midfielder and a top class striker. For, to my seeing Arsenal are are yet to be fully covered in the attacking midfielder personell in terms of highly necessary top quality and in the striker department despite having Ramsey and Ozil as their main AMFs and 4 strikers of: Auba’, Laca, Mkhi’ and Welbeck but is Mkhi’ more or less operating from the wings.

    Okay, in the AMF area, Reiss Nelson could be dragged in to cover for Ramsey or Ozil. But I think it won’t be in all PL games should one of the duo main AMFs is not available to play. Nelson is still young and should be played by Unai Emery to further develop him for Arsenal. But the PL is a very serious business where experimentation or mistakes could fail or be punished. Therefore, Arsenal need a matured strong senior AMF signing before or on summer transfer deadline day. Is Alex Iwobi suppose to be an AMF but seeing to mostly operates from the wings? Or is he an outright winger for Arsenal? Will he be efficient for Arsenal and be productive for them in the PL next campaign in terms of good number of goals scored and assists
    to warrant Arsenal jettison the idea of signing of a new AMF?

    The season campaign could be long for Arsenal as they compete in all 4 fronts to win the quadruple? Yes. Why not if Arsenal are ambitious to win it and have the belief they can win it and believe their beliefs of winning it. However, ambition alone don’t win the quadruple more especially the coveted PL Title. The ambition to win the PL Title or the quadruple has to be seriously backed with availability of top quality players in all the segments of the team. Strikers who can score goals regularly for the club and competent adequate cover for them to step in when the main striker or strikers are not are available to play are very important for the club to have to keep their Titles campaign going without stumbling.

    In this regard, Arsenal should do all they can not to leave any stone unturned but turn every stone in their efforts to rebuild and reinforced the Gunners team left behind for Unai to inherit.

  3. Andy Mack

    I agree that I also think our spending is over although I’m sure they’d find a bit more money if a top player became available at the right price (unlikely but possible).
    The main priority at the moment is to reduce the squad size.

    It has been said by the present UK government that EU citizens presently in this country working may have to obtain a work permit but would not be deported after Brexit.
    So I’m pretty certain that none of the PL clubs are considering suddenly having to sell their foreign players next summer.
    Whilst it’s clearly not cast in stone, to suggest the opposite is anything other than a seriously remote possibility is wrong.

  4. MickHazel

    A fantastic response by the chair of Kick It Out to FIFA’s and Hoeness’s responses to Ozil’s statements in the Metro….

  5. Gord

    My looks at the schmews this morning, is a whole bunch of imaginary stories about transfers.

    There are stories about Usmanov now thinking about selling his 30% to Kroenke, as Kroneke won’t sell his majority to him. A week or so ago, there was a story or two about Dangote still wanting to buy all of Arsenal, and change us back to a 1-0 team. I think I would rather see that Usmanov 30% go into a bunch of independent investors, not to make a bigger block in a single owner’s hands.

    Some medja outlet, is wondering if Arsenal can once again become part of the Top-4. This news outlet has missed the boat entirely. Top-4 is not something written in stone. Last season, it was a Top-6 and Arsenal was still part of it. If the Spuds start having problems, it could become a Top-5. Maybe some other team will jump the gap, and make it a Top-7.

    With respect to the DFB and Mesut, I think heads at the top need to roll. The head of the DFB and Hoeness at Munich might be a start.

  6. Andy Mack

    Gord, I do think the club will have problems off the pitch as long as it’s 2 main shareholders hate each other, so although (like you) I’d rather Usmanov sells to a number of independent investors, I’d be OK with Stan buying all his shares if that’s the only option. I’d rather the club didn’t have any involvement with Dangote, as my Nigerian friends don’t speak well of him.

  7. nicky

    Usmanov, by virtue of his 30% holding, should have a place on the Arsenal Board.
    The present situation where Kroenke reigns supreme is not a heathy one for the Club.
    The Board’s actual
    powers are extremely weak and always will be under a single Owner with an unassailable holding.
    In due course I would like to see (say) a consortium from the City, buy out Kroenke and restore a sense of democracy in the governance of Arsenal FC. 🙂

  8. Menace

    Personally I would rather see shareholding limited to UK resident investors only as in many other organisations. The ownership of shares by one majority holder will allow a takeover of all shares as happened to Chelsea. I would prefer control of all sports clubs retained by members & supporters.

    Ownership of sporting entities has become a lucrative business for greedy foreign investors. This usually is followed by sale of chunks real estate to developers. There is no magic solution as most magic is in hard currency.

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