8 utterly extraordinary Arsenal stories circulating this morning

By Sir Hardly Anyone

These stories have all “broken” this morning.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some old favourites.

1: Arsenal get more injuries than anyone else but now Tottenham are overtaking them

Headline: ‘Nightmare’, ‘Turning into Arsenal’ – Some Tottenham fans react to reported season-ending injury.

Source: This Is Futbol

The tale:  Luke Amos is set to miss the rest of the season with a knee injury he sustained last week.

Reality:  Tottenham have eight injuries at present and are at the top of the injury league from Physioroom, although Amos is not listed therein as injured at the moment – so it is only a rumour.   Totty injuries are Vetonghen, Dembele, Alli, Aurier, Eriksen, Vorm, Lloris, Janssen.   Arsenal have four injuries.  Cech, Maitland Niles, Mavropanos, Koscielny.   How long before the Tottenham manager’s training methods are blamed for making the Nomads the most injured club in the League?

2: Arsenal have brought Ramsey to fruition but selling him will be a good move

Headline: Latest Aaron Ramsey story will be music to the ears of Unai Emery and Arsenal fans

Source: FootballFanCast

The tale:  Ramsey going to Real Madrid will encourage other youngsters to come to Arsenal so they too can be sold on to a big club.

Reality: Youngsters are queuing up to come to Arsenal which is already seen by many as the best training ground for 9 to 16 year olds in the country.  Our recent series on London Colney gives the inside story.

3: Players sometimes don’t tell the truth!

Headline:  Arsenal news: Two Gunners legends give honest opinions on Aaron Ramsey contract saga

Source: The Daily Star

The tale: Arsenal have lost Alexis and Wilshere and now will lose Ramsey.  “It’s a shame but it’s a recurring situation at Arsenal. Ozil took a long time, Sanchez as well and then he went.” said Sol Campbell.  “Losing Ramsey would be a heavy blow, especially if he goes to a rival club.”  Robert Pires however said, “I don’t know what’s happening at the end of the season.”

Reality: We’re not missing Alexis or Wilshere, we’ve cut our salary bill, and screwed Man U and WHU with players who are not delivering for them.  Another swap deal involving Ramsey in January could be just the ticket.

4: Fulham have a better midfield than Arsenal and will show it next weekend

Headline:  Fulham take on Arsenal at Craven Cottage on Sunday in a London derby that will see a host of very interesting battles take place including in central midfield

Source: Football Transfer Tavern

The tale: Seri is much better and a much greater influence on the game than Torreira

Reality: Have a look at the weekend

5:  Alexis Sanchez is unhappy at Manchester United.

Headline: Sanchez says he regrets joining Man United

Source: Football London

The Tale: Well, you know, he’s not scoring, not playing well, looks miserable and the story is absolutely everywhere.   It’s just another bot-created tale.

Reality: He’s not scoring, not playing, looks miserable… well, you know the rest.

6:  Selling Alexis to Man U was a typical Arsenal trick

Headlines: “Manchester United fans think Arsenal robbed them with Alexis Sanchez deal.” and “Manchester United fans cheer as Alexis Sanchez is taken off against Valencia, tear into him”

Source: Manchester Evening News, Sports Keeda and a couple of tweets

The Tale: In a way that is not at all clear from the report, Arsenal manipulated reality, possibly using the dark arts of Lord Voldemort, to convince the eagle eyed Man U that Alexis would be a great player for them and that they didn’t want Mkhitaryan anyway.

The reality: Man U’s transfer team are not nearly as clever as they like to think they are and really haven’t been for some time, but no one can admit it because this is Man U, the media’s darlings.

7: Arsenal will buy back Alexis

Headline: Arsenal to launch unbelievable bid to re-sign Manchester United star Alexis Sanchez

Source:Bristol Live

The Tale: We want him back

The reality: Not in a million years.

8: Ifab will finally do something about time wasting

Headline: Law-makers to crack down on timewasting

Source: Daily Cannon 

The Tale: An Ifab source said: “We all want to crack down on major time-wasting and increase playing time but the fundamental question is how we do it.”

The reality: Ifab writes footballs laws and these are then interpreted by PGMO, the highly secret society that runs the refereeing cartel in the Premier League.  One of the many ways in which PGMO are able to manipulate results to suit the wishes of certain elements in football is by allowing “Bolton tactics” – the keeper wasting time before a goal kick, endless delays in taking a corner, rolling on the floor as if injured etc.  Like VAR it might happen in the rest of Europe, but PGMO’s grip on football is vicelike and it would take a major move to get it to change.  Besides, why do you think there were no PGMO referees at the World Cup?  As we have seen over the years, little clubs use time wasting to try and hold out for a draw against Arsenal, and PGMO officials do nothing about it.  Why on earth would they change now.



2 Replies to “8 utterly extraordinary Arsenal stories circulating this morning”

  1. @Since72

    Appreciated the let comment, I keep saying bad things will happen nobody listens, then I put all my energies into trying to stave of what I perceive and I’m attacked for it. But yes he scampered obviously; it was the only sensible thing to do and his wages were doubled; Alexis.

    Now next up is Aaron, Koscielny is intending to leave early as a true Gooner would. See also Iniesta.

    Mustarfi can’t stay upright against any team, and did anyone catch Cech criticism the manager, I mean The Manager, then claim he was after a new contract, but dismiss his poor form as being somehow Arsene’s fault? And why do you keep the goalkeeper in his last year any way? And Karma came and installed the Bear as was only correct.

    So if only he’d partner Aaron with Lucas and give us a central LA. Then play Ozil where he belongs in behind and Auba where he can be prolific, central and then swap in Danny left and Mikhi right and switch Andrei on for one or the other with Iwobi. He must be getting my Instagram, he’s stopped selfying so much and knuckled down.

    Yes I incidentally noticed that twice Unai has made the correct substitutions and to great effect. Is that partially dye to having them, given Arsene focused on Gavin a full clean bill of health for the squad, and made all those forward thinking acquisitions.

    In some quarters I hear repeated two sentiments I agree with entirely. We could use a winger, yes this one has been noted and expressed. And secondly that Auba should be central and is wasted in wide areas.

    At present Granits name seems to be a dirty word and nobody wants to devalue Mustarfi further, most likely praying nobody rewards him with a new contract.

    Reiss is brewing a quiet storm, something like Sane and the World Cup.

    But there appears a quiet and tense atmosphere, everyone is aware that things are by a I’d large ogling well despite the team playing well within itself and quote disjointedly.

    8 fear and love that it must be the glimpses of Wengerball sporadic but like the early kindling of dying embers finding fuel.

    The revival on track and seemingly mocking the Red revolution and that of their Mancunian counterparts. This is taking no time at all.

    With a swayd still not at capacity, a left back and rivlght back in the offing, and a central defensive partnership 2aiting to be formed With a with of our 4 first team attacking options turning 30 and likely to peak before they require to replacement.

    The sad part for me remains the absence of a loved and I cannot put that into context enough, that loved figure nervously twitching with his coat zipper whilst he chomps at his lower lips left corner.

    In each post I comment #makewengerproud and IWIT even those decisions that denounce and defame him , those made why the job specification and it’s ultimate mandate in mind.

    I imagine the gaffer watching eithnthat same intensity, finally able to comment amid as he refused to do pitch side.

    So what would the purist say of football and religion. Well he would probably shuffle uncomfortably as he does from time to time, when the finds himself troubled with what he wants to say not matching what he should say or could say 0r desires to say.

    So I guess you will have to accept my version on his behalf.

    Football we have ‘the hand of God’ got a start, then we could assume the fact that in some parts football is the only religion. We can consider Mo and Mesut palms faced up on prayer pre kick off, or the multiple successes dedicated to that unseen power.

    Context is a thing indeed. They say when the sh*T truly hits the fan, therenisjt an atheist to be found and I doubt a truer thing was said; I’ll discount Descartes at this point.

    Do let’s look at the relationship between God and faith and support and the fan.

    1. If you believe in God, the word derived from Hebrew, of which text the Qur’an and Tora first appeared, from which the bible was taken edited traslatednefoyed and translates. You will further the word in it’s original spelling anfnform and c9ntext refers to more than one, s0 an entity.

    This entity which offers life to all things and is in 9tseld existence, shapes every aspect of y9ur life, correctly applied, this in all religions and philopgies would shape your undersrandoglngs interactions and choices. One may become over zealous or indoctrinated or disillusioned, or even radicalized. Yet the fundamentals remain, wisdom is the closest thing to faith applied.

    Now to counteract the faith with denoal; if a man says he found £50 Some say it’s lucky, buy it isn’t, it’s a compact culmination of equations that led to that occurrence. You literally are able to create your own luck, yet the negative will occur and the positive may be sporadic. I know lucky people, I also an in myself unlucky.

    Yet I consider myself blessed, good health nd a healthy outlook and sound mind. I do not curse God for what man gas done, o do not consider droughts God’s work but the failings of man. 9 gave grown wise, I’m that 2isdom o have found greater faith, reinforced by seeing with my own eyes miracles.

    Yet he without faith aims to discourage a man of faith. I have two things to day on this.

    1. This individual is usually disillusioned with their existence, without a reason for being life could get quote dull. Your options as presented by the system, consume and waste and waste away propping up the fabric of the matrix, designed to give an elite power and control to seek wealth to ultimately feel sh*T and make everyone suffer. A very happy, grounded billionaire sets about giving away every penny he does need. In so doing he will accumulate more wealth, power and c0ntrol and he will n9t be able t0 remain unhappy.

    A person of faith does this.

    Without faith, those scared to explore the facade that is their own ecistence; to meander amongst the pines who’s ringed trunks hold the record of their wrongs this two far adrift in the sea of life to see the value of its true wealth.

    I say go to the window and spy a tree and then look skyward and tell me how, what conception contrived to put each aspect of nature at one with iseldr and it’s surroundings?

    What do you say of man, who is by his own coefficient nature incapable of that?

    I put aside Arsenal, because I had made an idol of It, above things of importance, above family, loved ones. I would do for that club, why I wouldn’t do elsewhere.

    O learned fork.it, from Arsene, from Alexis, from Henry, Koscielny, Jack, Aaron. They also brought me not and sadness. But it was witnessing the cheating, hearing opposition fans laugh at such scorn, whilst deluded supposed supporters tried to fashion sense out to clear bias. The fragile mind trying to join dots to save ots perspective, to grasp at a place, for when we lose perspective we are without a point of reference, lost.

    What I saw since Arsene’s announcement has turned my stomach, even he snapped, callingntyem out, then a new term starts and I have to watch Dean go about his crap, with this insincere imposter jumping about like a twit, making faces for the cameras.

    Spurs face Barca, Liverpool challenge Napoli away before the top two clash, no matter what happens, a nice easy win wi6h some rotation and no injuries sees us male ground, again obviously.

    I will again miss Arsene’s charges surely edge another couple of games before things hot up ahead of Liverpool.

    My faith is in Wengers vision, the concept of his art, if the World rejects that, if it rejects the simple fact that the existence of good and evil is and that forces unseen allow us breath pet alone shape our lies around us adding an detracting from our choices and those made before us, on our behalf and collectively; then we have lost perspective and thus are lost and those choices made by those unhappy people will drive us closer to the cliff edge.

    By nature we choose good things, but I’m not going to kid you, if there is no God then evil and good are relative so please consider It, of there is only what you choose to do and what you choose not to; a lot more is permissible because by what measure do we create values. I may consider your life or no value and take It, you were only going to die anyway. I made it quick and painless. Or I could buy a phone made in a sweat shop by a child, that phone will coat him his life but it will not be quick and painles, in fact he will support his family for anyway before his younger sister becomes a bar girl and is frequented by child traffickers, who bring rich ken with twisted desires, who own sports franchises, she will be found dead 6 months on, because he couldn’t make ends meet, because he was fired for watching the last five mins of Arsenal play.

    People are disassociated with reality the real impacts of their actions and always looking for excuses, the religious and those without faith at all.

    Faith is something entirely different, in fact it has a definition. But what isn’t legal is making inflammatory comments on faith or religion and 9s extremely inafvisable on the current climate.

    It is through study and experience I have come closer to God, in my bonds, in my woes, in the tribulations,not after, not because of, but in spite of.

    An atheist in my opinion is a fool at least in this regard, to belief in nothing, ok so deal with your briefs it’s just a thing.

    Agnostic at least; of the top 200 scientists a majority proportion are either agnostic or of a faith, and why? Because if you bother to study and stop rejecting what vhalleng3s the safety of the delusional environment you have entombed yourself within, you will see faith rather than religion is actually the sensible decision. Pragmatic at least, because God resides within everything that voice that speak good intent, that I’ll tempered lozie who years his head. So when y9u search for the answers, you will find that they are within you and you owe the World a lot, even in your small towns and villages.

    Sam has never forced his faith or religion on abyvofy and I read a lot if not most of what he says, he reinforces it in every statement, as the Quran, as the Bible ad the For a would ask of you. He can be slow to ovsetvr his errors but observes them and quietly corrects. He is proud and dignified, has never trspnded unpolitely to any comment or criticism, if that’s what his faith brings him to, why do you reject It?

    Misery lives company, why do you think everyone is I’ll right now? And still searching for a quick fix, only a fool suffered repeatedly and parks little or nothing.

    We could fix the World s problems in a year, if everyone accepted one thing, we defend together, we attack together, we die for one another, we focus and put nothing else above the team. Bit as you see; even in rocket science, him and struggle with that.

    Hence I just be one of those aliens likely to exist gicenthe parameters.

    I may not agree with your position, yet I will consider it. I may in term present you with my own and you may not agree with it. Buy I know I am right, it is better to be informed than it is yo remain ignorant.

    I like yo learn as many cultures and observes many religions, for it improved my ability to depict faith, because if only you would all see the benefit in loving the five that in life itself. To any it’s wonderful arts, to see how it works and how we are part of I and for better 0r worse we ate given domino over all life.

    Wenger is like God, what better than to encourage, nurture and in still, but once they crossnthat touchline to observe with marvel and wonder what you have created, for better or worse. With choice words on the odd occasion, for those who would take time to listen I their bedrooms, pires, Mosques and so on.

    Particle accelerators don’t feed the World. Moon landings don’t. Frndi won’t, n9r will football, but arguably has a better chance than any of those predecessors. I am growing up too quickly, I love to party, but how can I be happy when so many have not the basics f9r life, no I will keep faith, for all, and a little extra for those who believe in nothing and those who are lost. Because I see the bigger picture, we need massive and rapid change and doom to a Mad Max dystopia isn’t something I get excited about. And we are due an end war, femur we aren’t ready collectively yet.

    The mad ramblings of what used to be a Gooner till it evolved.

    Find me the man with the strength and agility of a monkey, that would be optimum right! Even HR Geigher believes in something.

    How you treat others is a reflection of self, what’s wonderful is looking in the mirror and loving the person looking back and scrolling thought the rinks of your trunk and my having t9 look away.

  2. Maybe it’s drugs you’re taking or should be taking but I got lost, found and lost again in this wacky, insightful, philosophical, ‘I don’t know what to call it’. It does make an amusing, even if tedious read. Just hope that whatever it was, you got it off your chest. Never a dull moment on Untold

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