Have we made progress? An investigation into Arsenal’s current situation.



I write this as a follow up to the blog posed by Tony Attwood at the end of the latest Untold Arsenal article entitled Arsenal TV claim this is our best league campaign for a while. Is it? 

Now I first have to say “Yes it is”

I am a life long supporter of Arsenal, being a typical Flunden lad! I was born in Nor Flunden, but have lived most of my life in Sar Flunden! And being a Flunden lad, I must support my Blogetta friends around the internet who have hammered the current performances of this once grate team! Untold Arsenal always tries to pretend that everything is grate, BUT it isn’t. (At least not for the three times that I have read an Untold Arsenal blog)

Look what happened at Wolves. Three goals given away and only one shot on goal. Who can we blame? The obvious first person is that clown Mustafi! He never moved once to cut out any goalscoring attempt by a Wolves player. He simply sat on his arse looking annoyed at everyone else except him! Why did Arsenal not have more shots or attempted shots on goal other than the one? The answer must be with Elneny! Another player who created nothing all night. All he did was look up in the air or from side to side. That old Chelsea keeper Peter Cech was nowhere to be seen for any of the three goals that Arsenal let in. Yet another player who sat back and allowed these goals to happen. Same old, same old, same old Arsenal always cheating! And each one of these three players is getting paid…..Not good enough.

And what of the coaching? At Arsenal there is nothing like good coaching so we’re told. Agreed because what happened at Wolves was nothing like good coaching! If I had the money I would pay for a plane to fly over Flunden pulling a banner with the words WENGER OUT written on it. I haven’t the money so I wont but then again nobody in their right mind would ever do something quite that stupid, especially if they were a Flunden lad supporting Arsenal.

Now, Untold Arsenal even tries to put the blame on the  referee for the bad performance. How stupid is this? English referees are the best in the world. Every pundit in the media says this. We all know it. FIFA even knows it because it would not let English referees in the World Cup because of Brexit! How low can they get?

Well we all know that the PGMOL is a grate open body filled with a multicultural selection of men, (both white and a little grey) mainly from the North and the Midlands. I am looking forward to seeing the first referee from Flunden appearing at the Emirates in the near future.

Now, to finish off. Do I have a solution for the state of play currently at the Emirates? How can Arsenal improve for next season? Do I know? Yes I do. It’s 5 easy pieces……

(1) Arsenal needs new investment if it is to compete with the likes of Norwich , Fulham and Manchester City. The club could do with the backing of a single one-off billionaire rather than with the current board, chaired by a person known as  Sir Chips. This person could be known by us supporters as the Arse Sole owner. Any returns from such investments could be used by this Arse Sole owner to help support persons in need, such as the President of the USA.

(2)  Drop any players with Muslim sounding names such as Mustafi, Elneny and Ozil and Cech (or East European names).

(3) Only play those players who seem to suck up to the Arsenal management on social media. They are our kind of guys. We, Nor and Sar Flunden lads, welcome you.

(4) Win the Europa League. This is the main evidence that shows Arsenal has indeed progressed this season. This time last year Arsenal was knocked out of this competition by Atletico Madrid. Now, we are still in it, so we must be better and have thus shown progress! QED. (We always got knocked out of the Champions League)

(5) Get me and my blogetta mates on the Board as visiting experts. You know it makes sense.




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  1. The tones and expressions used in this article posting by the article poster, AKH to describe some Gunners performances in matches for Arsenal have gone haywire and looking to be out of the standard acceptable norm in article posting on UA I would think. And therefore, this article posting that resorted to names calling of some Gunners and direct abuse to them and castigating their religious faith as unwanted at Arsenal is totaly out of line of the accepted standard Journalistic article writing. And therefore to me, this article posting of AKH that is so looking pathetically offensive is unacceptable to the generality of the Arsenal fan base and the football loving world in my opinion. Let me add to say that I feel that AKH has spoken only for himself and not for the minds and thoughts of us Gooners.

  2. Sam,
    the article was written with a certain amount of irony…I think !
    Truth be told, if it wasn’t for the hiccups of chelsea and man u this season we would not really ‘look’ as though we had improved.
    This manager and this team are about of the same quality…don’t expect too much, we have what we deserve.

  3. There is a problem with irony in that it is very culture specific and I certainly can’t blame Samuel for not getting the English humour in this. Indeed we do have a lot of readers from outside the UK who can find it hard to follow English humour – indeed we have a lot of readers who are within England who don’t get the humour sometimes. I think it’s my fault – I should have put an explanation at the foot of the article. Certainly I know I struggle with American humour on many an occasion.

  4. Good news – our U1s have just clinched the U18 Premier League South Championship with a three nil win over Fulham Late goals from Vintage Daley-Campbell (min76), Folarin Balogun (min81 and Trae Coyle (min90j added the goals we deserved following a largely dominant performance.

    A good start to the Arsenal weekend following on from the U23s win at the Emirates last evening. Now just need the Men and Women’s first teams to continue the winning trend tomorrow.

    If the Women win away at Brighton they will be crowned WSL Champions ahead of their final game of the season at home to Man City (who are unbeaten in the League this season but have dropped 10 points with 5 draws whilst we have only dropped 6 in our two losses).


  5. Of course I didn’t mean our under ones but our under eighteens, the trouble with typing without a proper keyboard.

  6. Dom.
    Hmmm, okay. But the Arsenal manager i.e. Unai Emery has said that the Arsenal fans should exercise patience in the short term with the club to see the efforts the club is making to improve the quality of the club’s first team squad come to fruition that will make it a stronger stronger and stronger first team squad with time competing at the to level to win titles than the strong team that is currently on ground at the club that is also competing at the top level of the game but not capable to win the Premier League title nor any of the other 2 domestic Cup competitions as we’ve seen this season. But is still in the race for a top 4 finish this season. And Emery has added to say that when the rebuilding and reshaping of the Arsenal first team squad is completed, the team will become the dominant football club in the Premier League and even in the Champions League competition that will make Arsenal to be reckoned with for the long term as they will be winning the desired PL and UCL titles. Some of the above words in my comment are not all those of Emery but some are mine that I’ve added to expand his sayings for a better understanding.

  7. But how are U1 doing Andrew? 🙂


    Sorry, I am not going to try and decode this article. Best of the day to all the real Arsenal fans!

  8. When we thought it was all over…Spurs throw us a life jacket. By this time tomorrow we could be fourth again.

  9. Sam,
    Absolutely right…the guy should be given the time to create his team.
    The problem lies with the Arsenal top brass’ willingness or not, to invest money for decent players. I am sure UE will do his best with what he has…

  10. The purpose of this article was to try and expose the apparent idiocy of comments posted on different social media sites concerning the recent performances of Arsenal, through the use of irony, satire and humour. Tony, Masterstroke and Dom have taken this on board but I have failed with a number of other readers. For that I apologise to such readers. I am astounded at the current vitriolic attacks aimed at players such as Mustafi, Elneny and Cech. It does not matter whether they are picked or otherwise, certain Arsenal commentators have been lambasting these people. You will notice in the article that the lad from Flunden was not aware that these three players never appeared in the team at Wolves. Likewise, Arsene Wenger is no longer at the club but still commentators are blaming him for leaving Arsenal in a poor state of play! Hence the Wenger out example used by the Flunden lad.. Arsenal are currently fighting for a top four place and are in the semi-final of the Europa Cup. One can hardly lambast the team for failure as the team have yet to fail! If I have any concerns regarding Arsenal FC, it is with the management and controlling group within the club. Many pundits and social media commentators ignore the ethical and moral questions that surround the current sole owner of Arsenal related to his treatment of issues around his property developments. The main criticism is that more money should be invested! (Ask St Louis Rams fans about money investment!) Yet one million dollars was invested in supporting the latest President of the USA, yet very little was made of this! (I wonder if Mexican families and women in general to name two groups were pleased).
    UA has made endless comments about the PGMOL. It is such an opaque organisation, made up of apparent white Anglo-Saxon males who mainly represent the Midlands and the Northern regions. It does not currently offer any other apparent ethnic group representation in its Premier group. Nor does it appear honest in the way its members perform on the pitch, but this is rarely commented upon in the media.
    I have gone on at length, but I am not a supporter of the type of comments found on Social Media sites that do not attempt to use evidence or attempt any investigation before postings. I thank Tony and the UA editorial board for allowing this article. I have followed Arsenal since 1957 but I have never attacked the club nor its players. Arsenal football players are top professionals, but are sometimes prone to error. I was born in North London and have lived in South London for much of my life. I have a strong Lodon accent which has been criticised in the past by so-called more celubrious people. Hence the terms Nor and Sar Flunden for those not understanding such name places.

  11. Is not the question is UE’s best good enough?

    He had a team with superstars costing more than some countries GDP and yet only managed to win French titles.

    So, with the considerably smaller amount that he will have available this summer take him far?

    Surely, he got the job assisted by his dossiers of the players we had at the beginning of this season.

    Did he say that he had dossiers for them all and wanted to get rid of them all?

    The jury is out but what chance they will come back with a positive verdict.

    The last 2 defeats, including Wolves, when we had more than 70% of possession and could manage only one shot on target, are unlikley to help.

  12. AKH,
    The irony and satire in your post was lost to me. Thanks for underlining the crassness embedded in many posts on social media on AFC. Your follow up explanation further clarified your view. I agree with a majority like you, UA and others that the ownership structure in AFC is a problem in the progress of our team towards trophy level performances.

    AFC support worldwide has never been united on any issue, except perhaps, in the period when Arsene was seen as the ‘only’ issue standing in the Club’s way. Evidence suggests that this is not so. When you have to deal with so many disparate groups in the AFC sphere, be prepared for the most varying of reactions.

    We have a red card for Maitland-Niles in the game against Leicester, very poor decision by the PigMob once again.

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