Arteta is appointed and our “Rotational fouling” phrase becomes mainstream

By Tony Attwood (with a suddenly very enlarged head)

Just a quick note here.

First Arteta is appointed Arsenal manager and is saying all the right stuff.  OK so we knew that, but it is now announced.

But that news pales into utter and total insignificance when noted alongsidethe fact that the Guardian has just published this line

Spurs’ rough treatment of Wolves winger Adama Traoré shows how rotational fouling has become more complex and embedded, writes Barney Ronay.

And that is important because “rotational fouling” was a phrase that I have always thought I invented along with “rotational time wasting.”  Indeed I didn’t think anyone else ever used it other than myself and people who read this blog.

It describes the practice of player A committing a foul, and then player B, and then player C and so on and on, with the aim of ensuring that the referee does not book anyone, because by the time it is player A’s turn to foul again, the ref has seen so many fouls he can’t remember that A did it before.

Anyway, checking back, there is a mention of rotational fouling in our article dated February 12 2008.  And now here it is bold as brass turning up in the Guardian!!!!!

And that stimulated some activity here in the wild and very wet Lincolnshire countryside, where I am currently sitting.   I went looking on Google just to see if anyone had picked it up, and would you believe it, there are over 1000 mentions of “Rotational fouling” – on Google that phrase I was so lambasted for when I first started using it.

But none of them, as far as I can see, precede my use (and I am checking because of course it is always possible that I heard it or saw it somewhere else, and it stayed in my head, and then I thought I had invented it, when in fact I had just heard it.  Although I really do think I invented it.)

So I am chuffed with myself.  “Rotational fouling.”  My contribution to football and to the English language.   Not much I know, but it is a contribution.

Now all I need is for the Oxford English Dictionary to include the phrase and cite this blog as the first user of it and then that would be heaven.   A phrase of mine in the Oxford English?  I could slip away into the darkness a happy man.

Rotational fouling.   Would you belief it.

6 Replies to “Arteta is appointed and our “Rotational fouling” phrase becomes mainstream”

  1. City used that tactic to break up ARSENAL attacks high up the pitch as they regrouped behind the ball. no problem if it works for us. Arteta looks a tough boss. He was good at the ‘not a red foul’. He will look at who to give those duties. XHAKA and TORREIRA may be the candidates

  2. Fergies boys used to do it to Paddy all the time. Keane then Sholes then Butt then Neville etc etc. Then first foul by Paddy instant yellow. Drove me nuts. As bent a bunch then as now

  3. The one that sticks out is the straight Red to Xhaka by Moss for taking one for the team. Everyone else that fouls from behind gets a yellow.

    The same Moss who is allowed to teach children showing how corrupt his officiating is.

  4. Aye up gents. I’m watching the Everton game and I just thought I’d say: you’ve got a decent coach in Arteta and I must say; a decent collection of young footballers that could be a credit to Arsenal in the future i.e. Xaka.

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