Everton v Arsenal: the media’s predictions on the teams & a historical misunderstanding

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by Bulldog Drummond

The 4th Official were one of the first sites out of the blocks with a team prediction.  It goes…


Maitland-Niles   Chambers   Sokratis   Saka

Guendouzi   Torreira

Pepe  Willock  Aubameyang


The Express and the Standard have much the same but varies the attack…


Maitland-Niles   Chambers   Sokratis   Saka

Guendouzi   Torreira

Pepe  Willock  Martinelli


Squaka remind us that no Arsenal player has created more chances than Ozil in the Premier League this season (19) – which is a thought to bear in mind when calling for him to be dropped.

Their team is


Bellerin, Chambers, Sokratis, Kolasinac;

Guendouzi, Torreira;

Pepe, Ozil, Martinelli;


Meanwhile the Standard made a whole story out of the fact that Aubameyang’s brother (who previously played for AC Milan) has “lashed out” at Arteta as manager.  Actually according to a report which is probably highly inaccurate, he said, “Ljungberg, Arteta is the same thing.  No experience.”   Yep, a right old lashing out.

There has been a difference of opinion among the scribblers as to who will be manager for this game, and they’ve gone to town with their views, mostly to cover up the fact that they don’t have a clue what’s going on – although all may be revealed by the time you read this.

FoLo in yet another article has come up with the headline, “The three players Mikel Arteta will be without for his first game as Arsenal manager vs Everton” but basically they mean “here’s the injury list.”

Incidentally, Suburban Gooners have run the headline “Arteta won’t get five years like Chapman did” reflecting that Herbert Chapman had five seasons as manager before winning the title.  But that misses out a few details, so as we also publish the blog of the Arsenal History Society I thought I would grab the details there, and offer them to you.

In the season before Chapman arrived Arsenal came 20th in the league – one position above relegation.  That was the second season running the club had just missed out on going down, so anything Chapman did was going to be an improvement.   In his first season Arsenal came runners’ up for the first time in their history.

In his second season, Chapman took Arsenal to the FA cup final, also for the first time in their history.

In his third season, most of the interest was off the pitch, as Sir Henry Norris, the man who had rescued Arsenal from bankruptcy rebuilt the club, funded the building of Highbury, and was now in the process of selling the club to its fans, was suspended from football for life.  Shock horror outrage – except this was exactly the punishment Chapman had been served seven years before when he was manager of Leeds City (which became Leeds Utd).  It was the standard everyday punishment.  People accepted it and then appealed when they wanted to re-enter the game.

In Chapman’s fourth season with the club ending up in 9th in the league and going out of the cup in the 6th round, Chapman offered his resignation, which the new board, now floundering and directionless without Norris, refused to accept.  In the fifth season, Chapman won the cup.

Details of course, but I like details.  They help me understand things.

Anyway, here’s a nice one. It comes from Wednesday 18 December at 3pm and appeared at that moment on the Boot Room website as a headline: “Report: Arsenal have appointed new manager”.  Seemingly they just forgot to tell us.  At least they haven’t told us at the moment I am writing this.

If you’re going to the game, have fun.  It’s looking rather wet around where I live.

11 Replies to “Everton v Arsenal: the media’s predictions on the teams & a historical misunderstanding”

  1. Yes, you can rely on 99% of the media to have nothing worthwhile to say.
    I’m looking forward to this match so much, the expectations will really be cranked up for Mikel’s first game on Boxing Day.
    At least today feels like we have a fighting chance,going into the City game,it felt like we were near certainties to lose.
    Good luck Freddie,I feel as though he has improved things slightly, for example I don’t remember us scoring 3 goals,away in a league game too often.Also as Arsene and others have said,confidence can be very slow to return.
    Anyway fingers crossed..

  2. The team
    1 Leno
    15 Maitland-Niles
    21 Chambers
    23 Luiz
    77 Saka
    34 Xhaka
    11 Torreira
    24 Nelson
    32 Smith-Rowe
    35 Martinelli
    14 Aubameyang

    The Substitutes
    9 Lacazette
    19 Pepe
    20 Mustafi
    26 Martinez
    27 Mavropanos
    28 Willock
    29 Guendouzi

  3. Piggy in the middle Friend who only sees what he wants and books players for cosmetic fouls whilst letting physical fouls go — oops he has shown a yellow where a red was appropriate.

    it is the PGMOL laws for Arsenal we have to cope with.

  4. The continous fouling of Martinelli is referred to as feisty by the ex Villa broken nosed commentator.

    I hope the cold gets into that joint to remind him how much injury pains.

    Friend ignores the incessant fouling of our youngsters.

  5. On french TV, the bashing is permanent. The commentator underlined the fact that Arteta has so far only coached one game in his career, when he had to replace Guardiola in the CL against Lyon. And he lost the game, which is a very negative element the way he pointed out…..

  6. Why was Iwobi down at 11m? Subbed out. Friend pretending to be Sargent Schultz.

    Martinelli needed treatment at 14m, of the field for 6m. Free kick to Everton?

    Everton need a treatment at 86m, Sargent Friend still sees NOTHING. No foul, no diving, no anything.

    Arsenal need a treatment in extra time (Chambers). Did we get a free kick out of this?

    Fouls are 10:11,a nd the cards are 2:3. At full time, we had 2 shot son target and 3 off.

  7. Interesting BBC analysis again. With not a single shot on target playing a5 home apparently, “Ferguson gives Ancellotti a base”. Whist Arsenal, who are regularly told have massive defensive frailties yet kept a clean sheet and their “fragile defence escaped”. No bias here then!!

  8. Going through the Guand8943kjfkj4e90 commentary:

    Iwobi was grabbing his hamstring at 6m, so it seems he either came into the game injured, or injured himself.

    Martinelli (right ankle) hurt in collision with Sidibe.

    Richarlison fishing for a call at 19m?

    _Fat Sam trying to impress the masses with his giberish.

    Guand8943kjfkj4e90 _employee_ has to be bashing Arsenal more. I could call _it_ a journalist, but _employee_ is probably more accurate.

    A few times, Guand8943kjfkj4e90 _employee_ fishing for Arsenal to be carded.

    Well, at least we kept a clean sheet.

  9. Mikey

    So a defence restricting a team to zero shots on target is not worth even a bit of reluctant praise whilst the team failing to muster a single shot on target is ?

    Yep sounds like the bbc to me, oh and talkshite and sky and…….well you get the picture.

    And still they come on here saying there is no media bias !

    Of course there isn’t.

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