The all time most successful FA Cup team against Portsmouth; prognostications


By Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal have won the First Division / Premier League 13 times, and won the FA Cup 13 times – the latter being the all time record, with Mr Wenger winning the Cup more than any other person alive or unalive (rather like the people who run the FA).

Our most recent flurry of success came in the seasons 2014 to 2017 when for the second time in the Wengerian era we won the FA Cup three times in four years.  Interestingly, although less significantly as it was a one match affair, we also won the so-called Community Shield each time (although no one quite knows which bits of the Community get any money out of this affair, nor how much they get.

In those three FA Cup winning seasons we finished 3rd, 2nd and 5th in the league, so to win it again while lurking in the lower reaches might be tough.  But if we can rise up the league a little we might be able to replicate past achievements.

In this regard here are the top performing FA Cup teams…

Club Wins 1st win Last win  Losing finalist Last final lost Final
Arsenal 13 1930 2017 7 2001 20
Manchester United 12 1909 2016 8 2018 20
Chelsea 8 1970 2018 5 2017 13
Tottenham Hotspur 8 1901 1991 1 1987 9

In the two years since we last won the trophy we have gone out in round 3 (2018) and round 4 (2019).

Turning to the injuries Arsenal have got four players out for this match.

Kolasinac’s injury is said to be “significant” and further assessments will be done this week.  Tierney is now back in full training but not yet ready.  The same is true for Soares.  Chambers is not expected to play again until September or October.

As for Arsenal, our great run from the start of the year has now come to an end and the question, as it always is in such circumstances is, when will we be able to pick it up again.  Sometimes the end can be just a blip, but quite often it can lead to a prolonged downturn.

Date Game Res Score Competition
01 Jan 2020 Arsenal v Manchester United W 2-0 Premier League
06 Jan 2020 Arsenal v Leeds United W 1-0 FA Cup
11 Jan 2020 Crystal Palace v Arsenal D 1-1 Premier League
18 Jan 2020 Arsenal v Sheffield United D 1-1 Premier League
21 Jan 2020 Chelsea v Arsenal D 2-2 Premier League
27 Jan 2020 AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal W 1-2 FA Cup
02 Feb 2020 Burnley v Arsenal D 0-0 Premier League
16 Feb 2020 Arsenal v Newcastle United W 4-0 Premier League
20 Feb 2020 Olympiakos v Arsenal W 0-1 UEFA Europa League
23 Feb 2020 Arsenal v Everton W 3-2 Premier League
27 Feb 2020 Arsenal v Olympiakos L 1-2 UEFA Europa League

And Arsenal of late have had difficulties at the end of a good run.   For example, in 2016 the 19 match unbeaten run ended with three defeats and three wins in the next six games.

Going on to the year after that in 2017/18 the nine-match unbeaten run through to 3 January 2018 was followed by four wins in the next 13 games.

Then 2018/19 another 19 match unbeaten run (excluding Trophy games) was followed by just seven wins in the next 14 games.  Which wasn’t an absolute disaster but was a disappointment.

Thus quite clearly what we have to do is ensure that the defeat in the Europa League does not lead to another one of those stuttering periods of winning and losing, because if that does happen we will surely finish around about 10th.   Obviously this game isn’t going to affect our league position, but looking at the lists of results, it is clear that at the end of a good run, it is quite easy for the team to slip into a run of mediocre results.

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  1. Seems we have Mike Dean, again, vs Pompey, with David Coote as fourth official, no VAR, although the refs aren’t always as PGMOL on us in the cup.
    I am sure Portsmouth will make life as difficult as they can, our players may have to get over various levels of fatigue and disappointment.
    But, FA Cup aside, we can still celebrate The Invincibles, and I suspect that will be the case for some time.
    A little off topic, but have skim read reports of our financials, it seems club had to pay for the fees For Stan to become 100% owner when Usmanov backed out. Might say a lot, or might not Probably not a lot of money in the scheme of things, quite legal, and for all I know, standard business practice at that level, and the club have certainly spent money ,especially last summer and Josh Kroenke seems genuinely engaged with the club, attending a lot of games, but….just saying, and perhaps just a small indicator of what Wenger was up against for so many years.

  2. OT: Everton 1 0 ManUre 5m

    Kavanaugh is the twit for PGMO. At 2m, ManUre inflict a treatment on Everton. Sargeant Kavanugh Schultz sees NOTHING! Everton score shortly after that, on their first shot on net. No fouls or cards so far (up to 5m).

    OT: Spuds 0 0 Wolves 4m

    Attwell is the PGMO twit. 1 foul each way.

  3. OT: Everton 1 1 ManUre HT

    Fouls are 7:7 and cards are 2:2. ManUre inflict another treatment on Everton at 27, and the player needs to be substituted. Is the free kick to ManUre just before this related? At 36m, the first Everton player hurt needs treatment again, Sargeant Schultz sees NOTHING! Just after the Everton player returns to the field, it looks like some handbags and yellow to both sides (1 each). In the next 4 minutes, Everton and then ManUre are each booked one more time. Good man management there PGMO.

    OT: Spuds 2 1 Wolves HT

    Attwell is the PGMO twit. Fouls are 3:5 and no cards. Wolves inflict a treatment on the spuds at 33m, Sargeant Attwell Schultz sees NOTHING!

  4. OT: Everton 1 1 ManUre

    Fouls are 11:11 and yellows are 3:4. ManUre inflict a treatment on 79m, Sargeant Kvanagh Schultz sees NOTHING! Within 1m of getting back on the pitch, the Everton player hurt has a yellow.

    OT: Spuds 2 3 Wolves

    Fouls are 12:14 and yellows are 3:2. At 84 and 85m, a spud is yellow carded. Foul count for spuds unchanged, so both are dissent?


    With those 2 games finished, we are in 10th at 37points and +3GD. ManUre gained a point to have 42 with +12GD. With their win over the spuds, Wolves are now at 42 points as well and +7GD. The loss leaves the spuds at 40p and +7GD. Sheffield in 8th and us have 1 game in hand. Sheffield are 3 points better of us and +1 additional GD. Sheffield missed playing AVilla (they are playing Man$ity instead today).

  5. OT: AVilla 1 2 Man$ity

    Mason is the PGMO twit. Fouls are 7:13 and yellows are 3:2. Some player (Man$ity?) needs treatment at 55m, and Man$ity make a substitution at 58m. In between, Man$ity gets carded for some rough foul. Maybe the card is part of the treatment?

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