Those Arsenal matches without crowds and not shown on TV & 4 fantastic tales

by Billy “the Dog” McGuire

Yesterday’s pre-season game between MK Dons and Arsenal was shown on Arsenal’s web site.  The opening was a bit strange with several minutes of water being sprinkled onto the pitch (and no commentary – just think of what some of the chattering journalists could have made of that, contrasting the vigour and vibrancy of Milton Keynes water with the lackadaisical water flow typically associated with north London) but clearly they couldn’t be arsed to watch.

And once it goes, going it was, ok (or words to that effect).  Interesting always to see the younger players, to make a guess as to who might come through, to work out what the manager has in mind for the future…

But now we come back to the big thing.

The Football League (ie Championship and down) and Sky Sports have got a deal so that fans can watch games that are not on Sky or the Sprout for the duration of the Time of the Virus.  Season ticket holders who miss a home match because they are not allowed in and can’t get the game on TV can now watch it,

Season ticket holders at Championship, League One and League Two clubs can watch away games for £10 each.  This deal lasts until fans are allowed back in – and obviously won’t include those that are planned to be broadcast by Sky anyway.

Philippe Coutinho has named his dream club amid talk of Arsenal transfer (Football.London)

The story is that he wants to move to the Premier League although “recent reports have claimed that new Barca boss Ronald Koeman is open to keeping Coutinho at the Nou Camp – a stance that may well be strengthened by the news that Lionel Messi wants to leave the club.”

So probably not Arsenal.  After months of telling us it would be.

“Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang reacts on Instagram after Arsenal fans go nuts over contract theory” (Football.London again)

And thereafter they tell us that “In a video posted on social media, it’s claimed Aubameyang can be seen at the Emirates Stadium wearing his trademark number 14 shirt – and the fact that he’s standing alone indicates it could be some sort of announcement.”

Mind you he looked thoroughly pissed off with reality at Milton Keynes, but despite all the joke about the city, it actually isn’t at all bad.“Gabriel Magalhaes to Arsenal: Fans think announcement is imminent after Emirates Stadium video” Football.London (again and again and again)

Yes well this has been running for so long it has been round the track twice, doubled back through the underpass, burrowed underneath the stadium and returned offering half price to come in as a senior citizen for the last ten minutes.

“Community Shield prize money: How much can Liverpool and Arsenal earn?” (Express)

Now this is a real classic.  You have to be sitting down.  And remember all the pieces we have written asking about where the money goes each year and what the word “Community” actually means after the FA was found guilty by the Charities Commission of not keeping proper records and running a brothel.  (Actually I made the second bit up).

Anyway the answer is, according to the Excess, “Community Shield prize money   Figures for the 2020 showpiece have not yet been released.”

Great article, men of the Express.  Great reporting too.

‘It’s happening’: Some Arsenal fans think they’ve spotted sign Partey is coming (HITC)

Spotted at the airport I imagine.  And why not.

2 Replies to “Those Arsenal matches without crowds and not shown on TV & 4 fantastic tales”

  1. According to The Express Partey was reportedly spotted at an airport, I believe that should read.

  2. The suprise signing of Jonathan Dinzeyi from Spurs is being herald by many in the know (Wink , wink !) as the next best thing since the Gunners signed Sol Campbell around 20 years ago. The Gunners seem to have the knack of picking up great bargains from their North London neighbours .

    Among those that were poached from the Sods ( I had intented to type ‘Spuds” , but this appeared !) are –
    Willy Young(£80,000) ;
    Pat Jennings (Free) ;
    Steve Walford(£25,000) – all of whom helped end Arsenal’s trophy drought (1971- 1979 ) by winning the FA Cup in 1979 . And that too being managed by an ex-Arsenal player, and the former manager of the Spuds – Terry Neill.

    During this period , Arsenal had also played in three consecutive FA Cup finals ,losing in the 1978 (Ipswich) and 1980 (West Ham) FA Cups finals, as well as the 1980 Cup Winners Cup final too, to Valencia .

    Arsenal fans are hopeful that with this signing , Jonathan Dinzeyi , will become a great Arsenal player as Sol Campbell was in his time with the Gunners .

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