A bad night for the media, a lovely night for Arsenal

by Tony Attwood

We can’t get too carried away, but six without defeat is good in any season, especially when it is five wins and one draw.

Sky sports really looked out of touch with their audience by broadcasting some sort of row between their studio team until just ten minutes before kick off, a row which had nothing to do with Arsenal and Newcastle at all, but then the sprouts are looking increasing out of touch these days.

And the result only makes a minor change to the table

Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester United 18 11 4 3 34 24 10 37
2 Manchester City 17 10 5 2 29 13 16 35
3 Leicester City 18 11 2 5 33 21 12 35
4 Liverpool 18 9 7 2 37 21 16 34
5 Tottenham Hots 18 9 6 3 33 17 16 33
6 Everton 17 10 2 5 28 21 7 32
7 Chelsea 18 8 5 5 33 21 12 29
8 Southampton 18 8 5 5 26 21 5 29
9 West Ham United 18 8 5 5 25 21 4 29
10 Arsenal 19 8 3 8 23 19 4 27

But if we are going to find a way back to the not a trophy positions (which we are currently five points behind) it is going to be by going on a run like this.

Even to be celebrating a win over a sinking Newcastle side at all might seem over the top but three years ago the notion of not even being in the top half of the table half way through the league seemed ludicrous.  And it can still go wrong without us doing anything, since all the clubs above us have games in hand and the club below us has four games in hand.

But if Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang really has refound his touch, and if Lacazette can retain his, and if Smith Rowe is as good as we think he is (and still improving) and if Saka (who we know is as good as he is) can hold his new found life together, and if Martinelli can stay fit, and become full time the player we think he is, and if Xhaka can keep up his form, and if Leno stays injury free, and if Holding’s new form is permanent and if Tierney continues to be the absolute dream of a signing, and if Mr Arteta can learn that not every brilliant player will respond to hard line discipline, then it is just possible we might make it back to the top six.

For what we seem to have is that combination that is so difficult to get – some very good signings and some amazing youngsters.   Thomas Partey surely goes into the former category, and allows us to stop the ceaseless fretting over Pépé and Willian.  Maybe they will come good, maybe not, but if we have the quality elsewhere, it only matters to the bank balance.

Inadvertent???   Forced???

Just one thing – don’t read the article about the “football prediction system that works.”  It didn’t, and it doesn’t.  Drawing board; back to.  Ah well.  Can’t win them all.

7 Replies to “A bad night for the media, a lovely night for Arsenal”

  1. Whenever we have a good result and performance, the media always comment that it is because the opponent is either a very poor team, or a good team having a bad-day. Our players are never given proper credit, other than in a back-handed or ambiguous manner eg “Arsenal’s young players show how crap the seniors are” etc.

    May I repeat my concern from the previous thread about ESR and the absence of shin-guards.

  2. John I did post about thoughts on ESR not wearing shin pads , I’m pretty sure that the PL rules/laws state that players have to wear shin pads , what it doesn’t say is how big they have to be , just look at Jack Grealish of Aston Villa .

  3. Of course the media will continue to knock us (the Guardian in their preview yesterday said, “The Gunners have won the odd FA Cup in recent times but their league form has been wonderfully mediocre…”)

    Of course they will. And that sarky comment by the Guardian is a prime example of the kind of distorted reporting we get day in day out that constantly tries to paint us as failures.

    But as I pointed out the other day even these last disastrous 7 years have included 15 trips to Wembley, winning 14 of those visits and winning 4 FA Cups and 3 Community Shields.

    Meanwhile over the same period Spurs have won nothing.

    But what exactly do the Guardian mean by recent times? 1 season ? 2, 3, 4 Seasons ?

    Lets say 4 because that’s where, as they rightly say, our league form has been wonderfully mediocre. But what does that matter anyway because unless you actually win the damn thing finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th is neither here nor there.

    4th is not a trophy they mocked !

    It’s all about trophies they said !

    So we stopped finishing 4th and started winning trophies. Just what they suggested we should do.

    In fact despite the Guardians mocking tone with their “the odd FA Cup” quip, we’ve won 2 of the last 4. That’s HALF of them, or 50% if you prefer, for those at the Guardian with s**t for brains.

    And just to say, and just because I like to say it, Spurs have won NOTHING over the last 4 years.

    In fact they’ve won NOTHING over the last 7 years.

    In fact they’ve won NOTHING over the last 12 years.

    Just saying.

    But just to repeat, really, what I’m saying is, it simply doesn’t matter what we do the media will knock it.

    In the mean time I will remain proud of our club. I will enjoy the victories and get over the defeats. I will celebrate the trophies and accept the droughts.

    But most of all I will thank my lucky stars I’m not a Spurs fan, although the Guardian probably think they’re great.

  4. It’s a fashion thing with Spurs.
    Their supporters have always seen themselves as following the more stylish of the 2 clubs and, as an Arsenal supporter since 1958, i think I know what I am talking about.
    From observation, I have never seen a non-matchday Spurs supporter carrying their insignia who looked a mess whereas, in all honesty, I cannot say that about any other Gooner I have seen around …myself included! At the age of 72,I wear an Arsenal cap proudly around the Cornish town whee I live, meanwhile looking like Worzel Gummidge. Except in N.19 one does not encounter a corresponding phenomenon,

    In the uK,I have yet to encounter a Spud who wore some insignia in everyday life who was not well-groomed at least…except in Australia where I lived for 15 years. There, they are usually unkempt and sad; rather like the trophy cabinet at WHL.

    Of course, the well-groomed Gooners who read this may reject this notion, but I think it is embedded in the UK football psyche that in spite of lack of comparative success, Spurs always are the more stylish team…but only in the UK, where the journalists merely perpetuate a well-worn narrative.

    I must say, some of our transfer activity gives me the willies but it has always been like that, from the days of Mel Charles. But Arsenal have always attracted the critics which, in itself, is a form of compliment. We’ve signed some glorious flops and also, unearthed some real diamonds. It’s what we do…the Arsenal way.


  5. Ando

    And here you go confirming the narrative.

    “I must say, some of our transfer activity gives me the willies but it has always been like that, from the days of Mel Charles”

    Why? Why does it “give you the willies”. How has it ‘always’ been like that?

    Our transfer dealings are generally pretty good it’s just that the media never suggest this. According to them everyone we buy is either over priced or a panic buy or just plain useless, until they show otherwise.

    Everyone we don’t buy, we wanted to buy but were too slow and or ‘dithered’ so we ‘missed out’.

    All our players are crap and would never get into Spurs’ side, but of course only up until the time we sell them, when they suddenly become World Class players that we foolishly gave away.

    That’s why you get the willies, because the media tell you you should get the willies.

    But as I say, basically our transfer dealings are pretty decent. Wenger traded in the mega inflated transfer market for many years and won many trophies initially, then on a ZERO Nett spend for 10 years maintained top 4 status whilst 80% of the premiership clubs spent more than him, with 3 Clubs maintaining an average annual Net spend of £30 to £50 Million. That requires remarkable transfer dealings. Why it gave you the willies I do not know.

    I just think you seem to of fallen in the trap of believing everyone one else is so how perfect and only Arsenal ever buy a dud, which is simply not true. Despite having first dibs at players and enormous bottomless budgets, Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City all buy duds, but the difference was and still is, they just shrug their shoulders, move him on and buy a replacement. How many keepers did Utd go through before they got that right after schmeichel ?

    Spurs cashed in on 3 World Class players.

    In 08/09 they sold Berbatov for £30 Million and with additional sales that enabled them to spend £87 Million on new players. They won nothing.

    In 12/13 they sold Modric for £30Million and with additional sales that enabled them to spend £61 Million on new players. They won nothing.

    In 13/14 they sold Bale for £91 Million and with the additional sales that enabled them to spend £103 Million on new players. They won nothing.

    And yet Spurs in general, and Levy in particular are lorded as masters of the transfer market. Hard nosed. Always getting the deal in quick. Getting it over the line. Well maybe they do but what good has it done them? Surely the proof of the pudding is in the eating because despite all that (supposed) magnificent transfer business, since 2008 2009 season Spurs have won NOTHING.

    Now that would give me the Willies.

    Yet despite all our dithering, missing out, buying s**t, selling class, over the same period we’ve won 4 FA Cups and 3 Community shields.

    So it seems being savvy in the transfer market doesn’t win you anything, at least not if your Spurs.

    Perhaps if their fans started dressing like tramps that would help !!

  6. Nitram,
    Thank you. I did say “…some of our transfer activity..”
    Colin Addison…Peter Marinello…Gervinho…Chamakh…Willian…duds all
    George Eastham…Frank McLintock..Alan Ball…Ian Wright..Thierry Henry..Sanchez..stars
    One can be realistic without being negative. Starry-eyed optimism and blind Pollyanna-ish wishful thinking are not necessarily the only ways to support your team.
    Of course, other teams buy duds (& stars, too) …oh,how I longed for Jurgen Klinsmann to join Arsenal but he went to Spurs instead. but I am interested in Arsenal.
    We got the better of them with the David Jenkins/Jimmy Robertson swap and also, the Sol Campbell and Pat Jennings signings.
    I’m sure there are plenty of scruffy Spuds, I just don’t see them around, like I do Arsenal supporters…except as I have said in Australia and N.19.
    I have paid my money & stood on the North Bank to cheer them onto the Fairs Cup & ’71 Double..I have also seen them fail at Wembley (League Cupx2,) and – via satellite – lose in the Big Cup final v Barcelona. I still support them and will until I die. But I obviously don’t measure up to your uncritical standards

  7. Its easy to point at a player but more often it is the coach that plays him in the wrong position. All footballers are good if used in their correct positions and coached in appropriate skills.

    Some of our wingers would have been brilliant strikers if we played them like Lineker (goal hanging). The wingers were generally used to cross in to tall forwards. Wrighty was a smaller player with natural goal scoring ability. His aggression and arrogance on the ball made him the perfect foil for Bergkamp.

    Todays players are in most cases less dramatic in terms of skill but fitter than past players. What todays players tend to do that brings shame to the game is fall at the slightest touch to gain benefit from poorly informed officials.

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