Just paid £10 to watch Arsenal on Now TV and its Man U and Liverpool

By Iver Neverbeen Connedlikethisbefore

Back in the top ten

Team P W D L F GA GD Pts
1 Manchester United 18 11 4 3 34 24 10 37
2 Manchester City 17 10 5 2 29 13 16 35
3 Leicester City 18 11 2 5 33 21 12 35
4 Liverpool 18 9 7 2 37 21 16 34
5 Tottenham Hotspur 18 9 6 3 33 17 16 33
6 Everton 17 10 2 5 28 21 7 32
7 Chelsea 18 8 5 5 33 21 12 29
8 Southampton 18 8 5 5 26 21 5 29
9 West Ham United 18 8 5 5 25 21 4 29
10 Arsenal 19 8 3 8 23 19 4 27

Yes having tried to log in ten times finally got there and found some guy with a Liverpool accent talking about Manchester United.

A word about Arsenal? not a chance.

He’s been going on and on and on since I managed to log in at the 11th attempt.  No mention of Arsenal, it is Manchester United and Liverpool, and it is going on and on and on and on and on.

Does Sky not actually realise that there are Arsenal supporters who have paid £10 to watch the game, not to get mindless gibberish on and on about Liverpool and Manchester United.  If we want that we can go and watch the BBC or read the newspapers.

Lots of squeaky voices and hand waving, and they are still going on and on and on.  It is mindlessly tedious, because this is just a re-run of everything we ever see in the media.

Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice Liverpool Man U squeaky voice

And there is under half an hour to go to kick off!

This is a re-writing of reality.  It is the extinction of Arsenal from London, from England, from this planet.  It is still going on.  We are now 25 minutes from the kick off and there has not been a mention of Arsenal once.   This station is appalling and a con-trick.

Why are they able to get away with this endless denigration of Arsenal.  Surely there must be something that Arsenal can do about this.  Surely there is something we can do about this.

7.36pm and it is ceaseless Liverpool and Manchester United, over and over and over again.  Not a word about Arsenal.  This is an absolute nonsense, and the Premier League are being conned by Sky and Now TV over this.

20 minutes to kick off, and now all we have is adverts and still not a word about Arsenal!

19 minutes to kick off, all it has been is Man U talk and then adverts.   So after getting on for 40 minutes of Liverpool and Manchester United discussion we have now had three minutes of Arsenal and then… oh we have another advertising break.

Oh and Tierney apparently is a diver.

In case you prefer to read something about Arsenal rather than hear more and more and more Liverpool and Manchester United on a programme that is suppose to be about an Arsenal game you might like to try these…


8 Replies to “Just paid £10 to watch Arsenal on Now TV and its Man U and Liverpool”

  1. You haven’t missed a lot during the first half. Not much has happened no score and precious few decent chances. Auba with one off the post from a good pass by ESR

  2. I’m so sorry that you expected Arsenal to be represented on Sky. They use the twat from Liverpool who cannot speak English and the dickhead from Manchester whose family are known for ugly!! Cara is the love of pigmob and so is the poison dwarf of the Neville clan.

    Just turn the sound down and tune in to the Arsenal.com sound.

  3. great win. Auba with 2 goals and Saka with one in between. Great match from ESR once again. Our youngsters are turning our season around….

  4. Arsenal 3 – 0 Newcastle

    Played well. 20 efforts on goal 6 on target.

    Young guns firing again.

    PEA back on the score sheet. Hopefully that will spark him back into form.

    The Xhaka partey axis looks good, most importantly Partey looked absolute class. He was like a prancing horse strutting his stuff. Elegance and power. My Man of the match for me.

    Yep, opposition has to be taken in to account but you can only beat what’s in front of you.

    All good. What’s not to like.

  5. It’s so f’in insulting when all they have to offer is a one of the biggest management failures in my life time offering managerial advice. Without doubt not one of the most abysmal managers in the four professional English leagues will take a blind bit of notice of Neville but somehow us supporters are supposed to take him (and a bloke who can’t even speak his own mother tongue and has never had the bollocks to manage) seriously.

    Sky’s contempt for the football followers of the world is…….well, utterly contemptible.

    Commentary appalling in the main. Performance, extremely professional. Result, excellent.

  6. WOO HOO , HOO ! A great team performance with everyone contributing to the outcome. Although Newcastle were quite poor , it should not deter from our impressive performance.

    It was worth staying awake to watch the game at 4 AM , here in Malaysia. As long as we win , I’m not too tired or sleepy to work the next day !

    Up the Gunners !

  7. I am concerned that ESR plays without shinguards. How long will it be before he gets his leg shattered?

    It would then be his fault for being injury – prone, like Jack Wilshere – who was asking for trouble by dribbling past opponents, instead of getting rid of the ball.

  8. @ John L
    Premier League rules/laws state you have to wear shin pads , it also doesn’t say how big they have to be look at Jack Grealish of Aston Villa .

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