Arsenal v Olympiacos. Non stop flights from £38 for the one way trip.

By Bulldog Drummond

So it is Olympiacos tomorrow which means they are most likely top of the league, and most likely involved in a match fixing scandal.  That at least is what we might expect from their past behaviour before we do any research at all.

Since the start of February they have played ten games, won six, drawn two and lost two.  One of the defeats was in the league 2-1 away to Panathinaikos and once in the Europa to PSV Eindhoven 2-1.  But they had already won the first leg 4-2 so went through.

They are regularly knocking in the goals as well with 21 goals scored in the last ten games with just ten goals against.

Arsenal on the other hand have played eight games from the start of February, winning three, drawing two and losing three.   We have scored 13 and conceded 11.

The current table in Greece shown Olympiakos at the top, as is required  by national decree.  16 points clear with only one defeat all season and a goal difference of +49.  It hardly seems worth playing the competition at all.

 HOME         AWAY                    |     Overall
1 Olympiakos 25 12 1 0 35 3 8 3 1 26 9 +49 64
2 Aris Salonika 25 7 2 3 15 7 7 4 2 18 9 +17 48
3 AEK Athens 25 6 4 3 21 15 8 2 2 20 13 +13 48
4 PAOK Salonika 25 8 5 0 30 11 5 3 4 18 13 +24 47
5 Panathinaikos 25 6 4 2 13 6 6 2 5 15 12 +10 42

In the past 14 years of the Super League in fact, they have won the league 11 times. 

However despite the monotony of the results Greek football can be a jolly affair on occasion, as when on 11 March 2018, the president of PAOK, Ivan Savvidis, ran onto the pitch during a game between PAOK and AEK Athens waving a loaded revolver.

This the Greek authorities treated this very seriously indeed and games were suspended for two weeks.  When playing started again PAOK was deducted a whole three points!

In February 2020 Uefa offered to help Greek football curb… well not corruption as you might expect, because no one admits there is any, but hooliganism.  Anyway whatever they were going to curb, they didn’t.

That’s not surprising for this is the country in which, when it was discovered that a number of owners had stakes in more than one club in the club, rushed decrees through which removed any sanctions against such behaviour.

This season Olympiakos entered the Champions League where they beat Omonia of Cyprus 2-0.  They played in group C where they came third.

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1  Manchester City 6 5 1 0 13 1 +12 16
2  Porto 6 4 1 1 10 3 +7 13
3 Olympiacos 6 1 0 5 2 10 −8 3
4  Marseille 6 1 0 5 2 13 −11 3

It would have been easy to say that Olympiacos went through on a less negative goal difference, but no, that would be too easy.  Instead, the games against Marseille were examined, and when it was found they had three points each, the away goals were examined and Oly went through on away goals in the play off, Marseille dropping out of Europe.

Arsenal as you may recall went straight into the Europa and won every group stage game thus marching through.  

In the last round Oly beat PSV Eindhoven 4-2 at home and lost 1-2 away taking them through on goal difference.

Their last three results have been the 2-1 defeat to Eindhoven, a 1-2 away win in the Greek League over Volos and a 1-1 draw with Aris Salonika in the Greek Cup.  

EUROPA LEAGUE 25Feb 2021 PSV Eindhoven 2 – 1 Olympiakos
GREEK LEAGUE 01Mar 2021 Volos NFC 1 – 2 Olympiakos
GREEK CUP 04Mar 2021 Aris Salonika 1 – 1 Olympiakos D

Our last three have been the 3-2 win over Benfica, the 1-3 away win over Leicester and the 1-1 league draw with Burnley.

Oly’s full name is Oλυμπιακός Σύνδεσμος Φιλάθλων Πειραιώς meaning Olympic Club of Fans of Piraeus.  Piraeus is  the port city in Athens.  It is 1,991 miles away from London, and Ryan Air have non stop flights from £38.00


3 Replies to “Arsenal v Olympiacos. Non stop flights from £38 for the one way trip.”

  1. We have a good record on them so we shall handle them come tomorrow. We are only awaiting quarter finale draw to see who we are going to meet with.

  2. Arsenal has improved a bit. But we must keep in mind it was only Burnley who allows the opponents to play.
    So we got the chance to dictate the game.
    Mike Riley men did the job and robbed us of 2 points like they have been doing since 2008.
    Strangely VAR didnt helped us fir the umpteenth time which shows why VAR in England has no credibility. Wonder what would it take to dilodge this PIGMOB from English football.

    Summing up Arsenal will finish 7th or 8th it seems.Will we get better the next season and win the league as the idiot fans predicted?

    Evidence is on our side it seems and the WOBS will have a long unfulfilling worrying times ahead as we sit back and relax.

    To add up to the misery of the wobs we are sitting back and relaxing as we see the WOBS agenda that any young modern manager who replaces Arsene Wenger will win the league falls into pieces for atleast a couple of years.

    Another point nobody discusses here that winning is another thing and running the club is another thing.As far as i know AFC is posting loases since Arsene Wenger left.Covid may have a part in it but the idiot fans who only think that winning cups is the only big thing and a self sustained model which Wenger left is no achievement are deluded big time.

    These idiot fans dont know what it takes to run a club and how management is another big part in a clubs existence.

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