Arsenal v Everton: the statistics point to Arsenal to win 2-0, or maybe 2-1.

By Bulldog Drummond


So off we go again – a game of football. A bit of an odd thing to talk about instead of the structure of the league, but there it is. This week it seemed like that was the last thing on anyone’s mind, but well, I though we might as well, just for old time’s sake.

Arsenal and Everton are actually very close in  the league at the moment…

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
8 Everton 31 14 7 10 43 40 3 49
9 Arsenal 32 13 7 12 44 36 8 46


… although of course Arsenal have played a game more.  However a win will take us above them in the League up to the dizzying heights of 8th..  But there is a problem, for Everton away are much better than Arsenal are at home.

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
9 Arsenal home 16 6 4 6 19 19 0 22
4 Everton away 15 9 3 3 21 15 6 30


The one big hope we have is that Everton have been slipping of late while we are improving.  Here’s the last six chart of games in the League.

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
8 Arsenal last six in league  6 2 3 1 10 9 1 9
14 Everton last six in league 6 1 3 2 5 7 -2 6


What is also interesting is that in the last 15 days Arsenal have played four games and Everton only two, so they will be potentially a lot fresher than we are.  (The cause of course being those Euro games).

However the last six tables are of always just the last six in the league as we’ve noted, but it is sometimes worth looking at the last six in all competitions…

Here are our last six in all competitions which gives us 12 goals – two a game, which is not too bad…

Date Match Res Score Competition
21 Mar 2021 West Ham United v Arsenal D 3-3 Premier League
03 Apr 2021 Arsenal v Liverpool L 0-3 Premier League
08 Apr 2021 Arsenal v Slavia Praha D 1-1 Europa League
11 Apr 2021 Sheffield United v Arsenal W 0-3 Premier League
15 Apr 2021 Slavia Praha v Arsenal W 0-4 Europa League
18 Apr 2021 Arsenal v Fulham D 1-1 Premier League


Everton however have four goals, less that one a game.

Date Match Res Score Competition
08 Mar 2021 Chelsea v Everton L 2-0 Premier League
13 Mar 2021 Everton v Burnley L 1-2 Premier League
20 Mar 2021 Everton v Manchester City L 0-2 FA Cup
05 Apr 2021 Everton v Crystal Palace D 1-1 Premier League
12 Apr 2021 Brighton and Hove Albion v Everton D 0-0 Premier League
16 Apr 2021 Everton v Tottenham Hotspur D 2-2 Premier League


That is not a very healthy last six at all for Everton, and while our game with Liverpool was a hammering, we hammered back against Slavia Praha, who you might recall were tipped by one and all to beat us.  It suggests a result of 2-1 to the Arsenal.  Maybe 2-0.   For despite the upset of the draw with Fulham, I’d still put Arsenal to be fresher and more likely to get the result.

The only thing against us in all this is that all runs come to an end sometimes.

And just one item of interest that is not about the game coming up.  There is a headline in the Guardian this morning that says, “‘Back to normal’ will simply not suffice: the Super League 12 need to be punished.”  The sub-heading reads “European football’s dirty dozen must not be allowed to slip back into their routines. Now is the time to get vindictive”.

And it certainly is interesting that such big corporations should make such almighty cock-ups.  We can imagine that already all the PR teams involved have been sacked, and new ones will be racing to get the jobs, proclaiming that under their guidance the new League would have sailed through without any difficulty.

So I doubt very much that any of the “new league” stuff is over.  It will come back, and next time with some proper PR and some well-planned arguments, without any of the patronising tripe we had this time.

Indeed some of the clubs might actually get proper copywriters, rather than let the bosses wave imperious hands saying “See to it.”

Arsenal v Everton – the historic games on video

One Reply to “Arsenal v Everton: the statistics point to Arsenal to win 2-0, or maybe 2-1.”

  1. I do hope that we do get a win and a clean sheet too. Everton too want all 3 points as they are in a very good position to get into the Europa.
    They may feel slighted that they were not considered a top club for consideration into the Super League .
    Up the Gunners !

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