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June 2021

The challenge facing Arsenal fans is to disregard the fairytale and follow the facts

The TV companies would find themselves offering matches to no one.  The advertisers would quickly walk away – as indeed Man U have just lost their training kit sponsor.  The revolution would take one season at most.

It hasn’t happened because… well, because the media wouldn’t stand for it, because rather than being the independent reflectors of reality, they are deeply involved.   They’ve paid.

And that’s the big point.  The people who are trying to convince us that they are the neutral news bringers and commentators are nothing of the kind.  They are financially involved in keeping football as it is.   Each TV company with any rights to football, pays for it.  Do you think they are going to support a movement that weakens it?

Of course not, which is why they are so critical of any supporter protest, unless it is one that suits them.  They loved the Wenger out movement, because it was a free story of turmoil.

The media’s biggest fear is of supporters being aware of what is really going on.  Day by day they are being misled.

1 comment to The challenge facing Arsenal fans is to disregard the fairytale and follow the facts

  • Ben

    Telegraph just published an article apologising for calling ole a pe teacher. I cant see similar happening for Arsenal.

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