Season starts next month with a game against Inter. This video brings back memories!!!

By Bulldog Drummond

They don’t come much better than that.  Edu takes his shirt off.

With American owners it is not too surprising that our pre-season tour for 2021/22 will start in the USA.  In this case in Orlando, where we shall be playing a game against Inter Milan and then one of either Everton or the Colombian team Millonarios.

The games are going to be held at the Camping World Stadium, Orlando.  Mr Arteta made all the obligatory comments about playing in front of “our American fans” and it being a “first-class environment for our preparations for next season.”

Now I am sure lots of web sites and newspapery things will be telling you about this tourney, but what they won’t do is dig into the Inter Milan game the last time we played them.

It was the usual two legged affair, with the first game on 17 September 2003, and the return on 25 November 2003.

The first match was a disaster at Highbury – we lost 0-3 and no one expected too much from the return game in Milan.So what happened?

The main comment before the match concerning Inter, was “They’ve only ever lost once at home against English opposition,” implying that having lost at home, Arsenal might as well save themselves some money and not bother to go to Milan. Bit of a waste of the plane fares.

You’ll probably remember the result, but it is sooooooooooooooooo worth watching again.  And that first goal from Henry is just so amazingly cool.  The video is 21 minutes long and really really worth watching all the way through if you can spare the time.  And here’s  a bit of a hint of just how good it got – it was 1-1 at half time

The second match will probably be against Everton with their new manager, although of course he could still be getting used to the team and so we could actually play Millonarios.  To give them their proper title it is Millonarios Fútbol Club, they are based in Bogotá, Columbia, and play in the Categoría Primera A.

Beyond that I can’t go, so the rest is going to be about Everton – the team we have played more than any other in the league.   We’ve won 108, and have lost 63 with 46 being drawn.

In the last five games they have got the better of us, with them winning three and Arsenal only winning one.  The other game was a goalless draw.  On the other hand in the four games before that run we won the lot, scoring 15 conceding four.

Here are some video links

Beating Everton: the full match: 2-1 2003/4: 16 August 2003

Beating Everton 0-2 away on this day – the video.   19 March 2016

Giroud and Ozil smash Everton to pieces 4-1  8 March 2014

Arsenal beat Everton 2-0 twice 2015 1 March 2015

Arsenal beat Everton 5-2 22 Oct 2017

And a couple you can dive straight into

23 February 2020

4-1 in the FA Cup, 8 March 2014

It could be quite a good way to start the new campaign, as long as the club has not given in to the mindless gibberish of the media and their constant demands for us to disrupt the incredibly successful defence that was put together last season.

Given the success of that defence, being the third best in the league across the entire season while the club were totally transforming the way it defended, anyone who is wanting to slice it to bits at this stage cannot have the best interests of Arsenal at heart.

Indeed if we start changing the defence the yellow card rate will go charging back up to the insane levels of the season before last, and we’ll be running into trouble once more.

Arsenal’s new future – the plans are revealed

4 Replies to “Season starts next month with a game against Inter. This video brings back memories!!!”

  1. All Arsenal players are crap. But how long before media talk of Man City etc buying Bukayo and Arsenal “legends” advising him to leave to win trophies?

  2. Agree with John, it is weird to see some people saying if such and such a player wants trophies then leave, completely ignoring that it will weaken the team.

  3. The public are super brilliant football players and managers. These people don’t pay to watch or follow Arsenal yet they have a lot of wisdom to share.

    I have already bought my ticket for the Arsenal and don’t know if I will be able to attend matches or not.

    Arteta is a brilliant manager and has a wonderful mentality dealing with all the brilliance form all angles.

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