Uefa make it quite clear to UK government: “We are above your laws”

by Tony Attwood

Untold has published over 10,000 articles, and one of my favourites remains

Switzerland take a greater interest in Fifa – at last

It was the story that reported that Switzerland had changed its law to remove the legal protection previously offered to people who were visiting Switzerland to attend meetings of international sports organizations.

The rest of the media didn’t run that story, and so the only people who were not that surprised when the Americans marched into an Fifa meeting and started arresting people were those who read the European press, and those who read Untold Arsenal.

That failure to report the story didn’t change the attitude of the UK press – for even though they reported the arrests on the day they still didn’t accept that there is anything wrong with international footballing groups.  Nor any need to watch the European media.

And so when Uefa demands that tens of thousands of its people, their guests and fans can enter Britain without any question of verifying their status vis a vis corona virus, nobody seems to mind too much.  Because, well, we don’t do foreign news in Britain.

Meanwhile British prime minister Boris Johnson says “sensible accommodations” can be made, as if international football bodies ever act in sensible ways.

If matters follow their normal course Uefa will get everything it wants and give nothing in return.   Thousand of people will be allowed into England without having to quarantine while anyone going on holiday outside of the UK will be forced to quarantine – and pay for it – or refused permission to return.  Meanwhile vast numbers of our businesses remain shut and many have already permanently gone out of business.

Inevitably Uefa is also threatening the UK government saying that if it does not agree to its plans in full, the finals will be moved to Hungary.

The FA of course always kowtow to Fifa and Uefa demands and will demand the government back them up.   Since the government finances the FA through the use of taxpayers’ money that seems likely.

I feel personally affected by this since one of my daughters lives in Australia and has just given birth.  Although the UK allows me to travel to Australia, Australia simply won’t let me in, so I am not able to visit my daughter and see my granddaughter.

Of course, that is not the end of the world, and I fully respect Australia’s concern.  I’d like to go, but obviously, I will wait until I am allowed to travel.   But to find that Uefa is demanding the rights for tens of thousands to come to England to watch a football match, and have no quarantine controls at all, is just too much.

Sky News have said that the government is “working to negotiate a sensible compromise”.  But how do you compromise with a virus?

Worse still, all these people they want to bring into the country are not even taxpayers.   I am; I pay my part for this government to exist and run the country, but it seems that the thoughts of keeping myself and my family safe are as nothing to allowing a bunch of Uefa bigwigs and deadbeat journos in to watch a football match.  I don’t try to trick my way into Australia to see my daughter and granddaughter, but Uefa are doing everything they can to force their way in to watch a football match.

If it does go ahead I can only hope there will be a major civil uprising against the government for treating us with such contempt.  And indeed as one Liberal MP said, “It’s part of the way this Conservative government operates – there’s one rule for their friends and another rule for the rest of us.”

As it is we have a situation in which clubs that hold maybe 100 people can’t open but the semi-finals and final of Euro 2020 at Wembley will have crowds of up to 45,000.   Now you may have no interest in clubs – I mention them because my hobby other than football is dancing in clubs, but it just shows the insanity of what is going on.  These clubs are tiny businesses, and many have already folded.  But no, they count as nothing.

Uefa, already sensing victory against a government that seems to give in to anyone other than ordinary citizens, has said “UEFA is delighted that the capacity at Wembley will go up to at least 50% for the knock-out round matches...

“There is always a contingency plan but we are confident that the final week will be held in London.”

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  1. Nice one mate. Apparently all the executive boxes are nearly at full capacity. One rule for us…

  2. What the public get to hear about is just the tip of the iceberg. Politicians, governing bodies, organisations, companies, all cheat, lie, bend the rules, call it what you want because they don’t achieve their objectives without some corruption. Their answer is plain and simple, anyone would do the same thing in their shoes. This is quite close to the truth as money is what most humans covet and after that power becomes an objective. Pandemic, accidents, illnesses, humans talk about what effects them personally. Otherwise it is a case of, atleast it’s not me, with maybe some empathy added. Look at journalists and what lengths they went to, to get stories, or even make them up. Do as I say not as I do is always common with all the people I mention, until they get caught that is, then they are on their own. If only the everyday person knew what these people really get up to and how they blatantly lie when caught. If anyone gets close to the truth they are stopped and things are covered up. Yes horrors, atrocities are covered up for a long time, or buried to history.

  3. FIFA corruption sees workmens deaths occur in Qatari stadium building sites .
    UEFA keen to outdo FIFA in all respects have unveiled plans to see to it that coop funeral services continue to be the one growth industry left in Britain.
    The lunatics continue to run the asylum.

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