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  1. Steven Allen
    20 June 2021

    For fffffff’s sake give us a break from all this total |”chowder”. We, who have suffered this bilge for years, simply frown, then openly scoff at the rudimentary and childish “cobblers” released on these sites. We may only be Gooners, but not THAT bloody stupid!!


  2. Roger Dreher
    20 June 2021

    Great article!!! Be careful – if you keep it up, you may need to get a remote start for your car!!!


  3. jjgsol
    21 June 2021

    So, this side is very good?

    In the first half of the season when we were dropping like a stone, we played a lot of the top half teams. It was not until the second half that we started to play more weak teams, so in the last 10 games, the only teams that we played that were above us were Liverpool and Everton, and we lost both those games, and the rest were below us and we still did not win them all.

    The second half of the season is a mirage, like the first 22 games of Emery’s reign.

    As it was, even in the victories, our performances were usually dire.

    Unfortunately, many fans clutch at straws and are totally unrealistic.

    I used to like this blog, because the writers were realistic and straight-forward.

    Now it seems your pathological fear of removing another failing manager has turned you into as much wishful thinkers as so many others.

    It is not surprising that I come to this site so rarely and will come even less in the future.

    You may say, good riddance, but, whilst you continue to view the continued destruction of our beloved club through rose-tinted glasses, I suspect that there will be more people like me.

    Good luck to you all.


    • Tony Attwood
      21 June 2021

      Jigsol I don’t say good riddance, at all. But I would point out an error in your calculations.
      Counting the traditional five other members of the big six, plus Leicester who have effectively been part of the group for the last few years, that is six teams to play. We played five of those games before Christmas and seven after.
      Before Christmas we won one and lost four.
      After Christmas we won four, lost two and drew one.
      So clearly after Christmas we were not just playing weak teams – most of our games against the rest of the big six and Leicester were after christmas.
      Don’t know where you are getting your data from, and no you are always welcome here, but I think our difference is we are using data, not emotion.


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