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  1. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin
    27 June 2021

    I think the less tackling tactics will become more productive for Arsenal in the PL in particular and in the Cup competitions in general for Arsenal next season.

    But if Arteta and his able coaching assistants will upgrade the Gunners goals scoring capacity to the desired level that will match their lower tackling tactics that they achieved in the PL last season.

    Which saw the club ended their campaign in the League on a brighter note than was thought they’ll end it.

    But if this tactical nouns wise is to to come to fruition again next season and continue on the rise and keeps rising in the Arsenal team game playing in the PL and others. Then, Arteta and Edu have to get their Arsenal incoming and outgoing signings/selling right to the Letter this summer window as they make attempts to bolster and revamp the club’s 1st team squad in their Arsenal team rebuilding exercise towards achieving an enhanced stronger Arsenal performance in the PL next season.

    Which if achieved, it could see the club win the title for the first time after more than a decade and half. And also could as well see them win the treble titles altogether too.

    I rest my opinion for now. Thanks a lot.


  2. Brickfields Gunners
    28 June 2021

    I do hope that we learn to further perfect this tactic , while at the same time not get conned into non fouls, verbal exchanges, over dramatic and overzealous reactions , as well as non retaliation to these con jobs.

    But I would like our players to concentrate on the ball at corners and free kicks and not be involved in scuffles and holding on to players. There is only one ball – be the first to get at it .

    Am hoping that we are more aware and first at getting at the ball first all over the pitch. That we conserve our energy , rather than throw ourselves at the ball and try to break away fast to hopefully score .

    I do remember that the great , late Johan Cruyff would jump high and over tackles but at the same time carrying the ball with him. He was rarely tackled , but when they came , he knew how to ride them too.

    Up the Gunners !


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