Brentford v Arsenal, the Premier League in code, and gibberish from the Mirror.

By Bulldog Drummond

I wonder if anyone in the media is getting a bit worried.

I mean, they have gone down this route of utterly ignoring what has happened in terms of the tactics of tackling, and refused to acknowledge what happened to Arsenal over the last two thirds of last season and now they are stuck with that view.

And that means their reporting all seems to be getting a bit weird.  Take the the poor Daily Mirror – you do have to feel sorry for them.  I mean, I am sure the publishers try very hard but the writers they have just aren’t up to it.

Take this headline from today’s article by Joe Krishnan: “The Gunners will be hoping for a much-improved start to the season this time around after experiencing their worst-ever beginning to a new campaign in 2020-21.”

Just in case you’ve forgotten it, here are the first seven results from 2020/21

Date Match Result Score Competition
29 Aug 2020 Arsenal v Liverpool W 1-1 (5-4) FA Community Shield
12 Sep 2020 Fulham v Arsenal W 0-3 Premier League
19 Sep 2020 Arsenal v West Ham United W 2-1 Premier League
23 Sep 2020 Leicester City v Arsenal W 0-2 League Cup
28 Sep 2020 Liverpool v Arsenal L 3-1 Premier League
01 Oct 2020 Liverpool v Arsenal W 0-0 (4-5) League Cup
04 Oct 2020 Arsenal v Sheffield United W 2-1 Premier League

Given that Arsenal have had one season in which they only won one of their first 24 games in a season, that does seem a bit… well, bonkers, daft, crazy, inept, silly….  So will Joe Krishman be sacked by the Mirror?  No of course not, because failing to do any research at all is not a sackable offence in the media.

Brian Reade in the same paper has suggested we will finish seventh this time – making no reference to the last two thirds of last season.

Anyway moving on from the laugh a minute Mirror, let’s try the Guardian.  They have a list of things that won’t happen this season, but which they would like to see…

“Fifa and Uefa standing up to dictatorships and standing up for minorities. Social media companies giving a shit about racism. Being able to question where the money is coming from without an orchestrated campaign of abuse. Taking the results of the fan-led review seriously. Thinking about away fans when the fixtures are moved for TV. Caring about mental health. Making sure the lower‑league clubs survive.”

I’d go with all of that – especially the “caring about mental health” and the “where the money comes from” bits.  And we could add, I suppose, football journalists actually knowing what happened in the last two seasons with tackling and yellow cards, and what happened to Arsenal in the last two thirds of last season.

As for the Guardian, they include in their list of what will happen this season: “An Arsenal crisis.”

But here again they are confusing the daily fantasy land of the media with reality. Of course they will proclaim an Arsenal crisis.  In fact they will proclaim several.   But that doesn’t mean there will have been one.

Because we know, because we have seen it, Arsenal could play two thirds of the season and be second in the league, and there would be an Arsenal crisis.  Just as Arsenal could play the whole season and have the third best defence in the league, and there would be an Arsenal defensive crisis.

So let’s give them an Arsenal injury crisis.  This season we are taking data from

Player Reason Further Detail Potential Return Status
Thomas Partey Ankle/Foot Injury “Sustained an injury to ligaments in his right ankle during the friendly match against Chelsea. Expected to be back in training in approximately three weeks.” 11/09/2021 Ruled Out
Eddie Nketiah Ankle/Foot Injury “Sustained bruising to his right ankle during the friendly match against Chelsea. Expected to be back in training in approximately four weeks.” 11/09/2021 Ruled Out
Gabriel dos Santos Magalhaes Knee Injury “Sustained an injury to his right knee while with the Brazilian Olympic Squad. Aiming to be back in training in the forthcoming weeks.” No Return Date Ruled Out
Rob Holding Other Aug 08: “With Rob, he was not available, he wasn’t fit enough to play today.” No Return Date 50%

Brentford have two injuries: Joshua Dasilva and Mathias Jensen.  Ivan Toney who was injured is expected to play.

More anon.

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4 Replies to “Brentford v Arsenal, the Premier League in code, and gibberish from the Mirror.”

  1. Brentford game
    Arsenal not prepared for swift high pressure start by Brentford concede early due to a silly mistake
    After 20 mins Arsenal grow into game
    Another silly mistake immediately after halftime see’s a 2nd
    Arsena dominate for 40 minutes and score late goal

  2. The Daily Express, not content with making up stories, is now making up words. Their latest gem – “divise”.

    The proof-reading on the BBC website, which has been poor at the best of times, seems to have nose-dived recently. I’m not just talking about the sports coverage.

  3. What a superb arm lock on Leno by the giant Brentford player!

    I say “superb” because the application of this simple but very effective martial arts hold left the officials, including those monitoring through VAR, blinded by the skill and audacity this obviously well planned and practised “training ground” tactic was employed.

    The myopic media and the expert pundits find this tactic perfectly acceptable and blame the Arsenal defence and keeper for their own weak and feeble demise.

    If Leno had countered the arm lock with a throw OR just a soft “GERROFF” push (or an even softer shrug of his shoulder the likely outcome from the unbiased officials would have been a PEN and possible RED card.

    Headlines would have printed Arsenal as the new Stoke City calling for Tony P to replace Arteta (the devil incarnate)

    Long live the beautiful game and the billionaires that so humbly support it

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