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  1. Bernard
    15 July 2021

    I clicked on that site, not to read its contents but to leave a simple “fuck off” message. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have a facility for comments.


  2. Les Williams
    15 July 2021

    I am not an Arsenal fan but I come here because this is about the only place where the sport is discussed rationally.

    I may be old but the amount of flak I have glimpsed for Arsenal losing a pre-season friendly is quite amazing to behold. Only one report added that the team had only 4 training sessions.

    Like this site I do not take most of the “football” sites seriously. I did notice the 90min story on my phone regarding Arsenals worst defeats.

    If this is the quality of “sports journalism” in this country then we are in parallel universe where analysis is banned and you can print any old rubb… wait that already happens…


  3. Brickfields Gunners
    16 July 2021

    Am already looking forward to our non tackling style in the new season. Hopefully it will also work for us in getting decisions against the serial divers . A couple of sendings off of opponent players will help us .
    No more Lucas vs Eboue backing in type penalties . Nor Rooney vs Campbell (2004-05) dives. Rather more getting them culprits sent off .


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