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  1. seismic
    20 October 2021

    It is the doped clubs that have caused the massive debts. Player salaries and transfer fees are ridiculously high due to doping. The clubs with unlimited financial resources do not suffer the effects of the damage they have caused to the rest of the league, who are building up debts in the hope that they will be able to compete. Meanwhile the doped clubs destabilise players at other clubs, knowing that they can pick them up in a year’s time.

    The entire situation is out of control and the governing bodies do nothing, which isn’t surprising, given their failure to supply referees who know the rules of the game (but are occasionally found to have links to gambling).

    You don’t hear anything about this in the media, because they are fuelling the problem with their transfer fantasies, and are hoping to be the beneficiaries of the sacrifices made by the immigrant workforce in Qatar.


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