Erling Haaland gives Edu the green light: it’s on for Arsenal

By Sir Hardly Anyone

“Erling Haaland gives Edu green light for new £58m Arsenal signing after fresh transfer update” according to a headline in Football London.

Now FoLo in their funny way are actually not telling us Arsenal are going to sign Haaland, but we can show that this is a false negative and he is on his way.   FoLo quote Haaland as saying, “Dortmund are pressuring me to make a decision now for next season. That probably means I will soon have to get things started.”   Then FoLo quote the notoriously inaccurate Spanish “outlet” as FoLo call everyone except the Daily Mirror which owns them, as saying “Pep Guardiola has asked his Manchester City bosses to move and make a significant effort to recruit Haaland.”

All a bit bonkers, given it would take Man C back into conflict with Uefa, and they are unlikely to get away with Uefa beating themselves by being too slow, for a second time.  Besides, given FoLo’s previous record, the rumour is undoubtedly wrong, which leaves the door open for Arsenal to sign not Vlahovic as FoLo say but Haaland.

In December 2019, Haaland moved to Borussia Dortmund for around €20 million and became the Bundesliga Player of the Season award and finished as the top scorer of the Champions League.

Now it is widely agreed that Arsenal could do with a new goalscorer and of course Haaland fits the bill, not least because he doesn’t have any of those annoying accents in his name, could talk in his native tongue to Odegaard and being Norwegian speaks better English than any English players we happen to have in the team at the time and so could argue with the hoity toity referees.

What’s more he scores goals.  In 2019/20 he played for Red Bull Salzburg and scored 17 goals in 16 games, which makes one wonder why he only played 16 games.  Then just to prove it was no fluke since  2020 he has played 56 games for Borussia Dortmund and scored 55 goals – just the sort of going we could do with.

For Norway he hasn’t done quite so well getting 12 goals in 15.  Not quite so good, but still, allowances must be made.

Now of course some would argue that Arsenal hardly matches Haaland’s desire to play for a top club, and surely he ought to be going to Barcelona.   But Barcelona unfortunately are completely bankrupt, and have to go to their financial backers before they can get a new roll of toilet paper for the board room loo.

P Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Real Madrid 21 15 4 2 45 18 27 49
2  Sevilla 20 13 5 2 31 13 18 44
3  Real Betis 20 10 4 6 33 24 9 34
4  Atlético Madrid 20 9 6 5 33 24 9 33
5  Real Sociedad 20 9 6 5 22 21 1 33
6 Barcelona 20 8 8 4 31 23 8 32

Real Madrid, on the other hand, are already way ahead and in order to ensure they stay there they are  after M’Bappé.

In France after 21 games PSG are 11 points ahead of Nice but players are getting a little edgy about being there, what with M’Bappé leaving on a free because he got bored winning all the time.  

Back in the Premier League Manchester United could be the chosen ones to play in next season’s Europa Conference, following Tottenham’s magnificent run this season which ended with a 3-0 defeat without a ball being touched.

Tottenham Hots themselves would like the player, but the reason the two owners finally met in some exotic island resort or other last week is because the club doesn’t actually have any money, having gone hand in cap (or was it the other way round) asking the Bank of England to bail them out.

Chelsea might want the player although top players are aware that Lukaku has been running his own club within a club and they don’t fancy that.

Which leaves Arsenal and Liverpool.   Now Liverpool would be serious competition for Arsenal, were it not for the false positive scandal.   A club that cannot even run a series of simple corona virus tests and get a result that can be justified, is one whose medical team does not engage confidence.

Besides the correspondence on Untold in which it was claimed that five false positive results in a run of 20 tests, has failed to come up with any evidence that this is normal, or has even been heard of before.   One false positive in 10,000 is pushing it.  Ludicrous claims without backup illogical arguments ready to roll is arrogance, and Norwegians don’t like arrogance.

So Liverpool is out on medical grounds, Tottenham on financial grounds, Manchester United on organisational grounds, Manchester City on the grounds that they don’t need him and the foreign rivals have either got it all (Read Mad) or are bust (Barcelona and the Italians).

Thus it is totally obvious. Erling Haaland is ours.

Note: research for this article was carried out by the national centre for making things up, which of course prepares most transfer tales these days.

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    Fun fact for those in the know; PCR tests have 95% false positives when run on over 30 cycles(!) Guess how many cycles it is being run on in England?? Meaning, the Liverpool shambles is indeed in line with the science. Chew on that Untold and start asking Q’s like; why is Alphonso Davies and other elite athletes getting myocarditis from the poison jab??? There are about 60k FIFA registered players, and the last 6 months several hundred players have had heart attacks and seizures and shit. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. And what is the only variable that has changed in the last 6 months?? Vaccines are posion. It was an experiment —- and it FAILED! good day sir.

  2. What more evidence do you need?? You only need to open your eyes my friend and look around you. You are living in an upside down world were corruption and evil is the only thing on the menu. Im writing this to you so you can wake up!! Dont publish it, thats ok, this message is for you. I am a regular reader of this site, and I never comment. I never do on any site for that matter. If you want to undermine my intelligence, that is ok. But now is the time to open your eyes to the corruption that is happening, and Im not talking about FIFA!! If you want evidence, be prepared to read and listen for hours and hours and hours. I have spent more than 17 years on these topics. This is not a game of football. There is a war on the human mind and these powers have over the last 100 years completely taken over the most high positions in our global society. If you dont believe this, fine, but you’d better start listening to all the doctors and scientist the mainstream media mockingbird are censoring from us.

    You want proof?
    – Do not use google as a search engine, use bing or something else. Do not use google chrome web browser either, use Brave.
    – Youtube is censoring truth, use BitChute, Rumble or Odysse
    – Facebook is censoring truth
    – Twitter is censoring truth
    – Instagram is censoring truth, use Gab where free speech is paramount(no, it is not an anti semite forum like the ADL are calling it. Thats what these people do, they attack and censor their opposition)
    – Patreon is cancelling people
    – PayPal is cancelling people
    – Banks are cancelling people

    Why is this happening? Because these corporations are ALL OWNED BY THE SAME PEOPLE. Vanguard and Blackrock owns most of all, even the media. This is not even a secret, it is open for all to see if one wants to.
    So, you must understand my friend, FIFA, UEFA, these are corrupt organizations owned by the very same powers. It is all corrupt and the media is controlled. Well, 90% at least.

    You want proof? Lets have a introductory discussion for 5 hours. Are you prepared for this? People shout for proof yet they are not really interested in proof. All they want is affirmation that their world view, in which they have invested so much, is not an illusion.

    I can give you names, Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Peter McCullogh, Ole Dammegard, The American Heart Associatiom, Americas Frontline Doctors, Dr. Ryan Cole, Steve Kirsch(FDA), Dr. Vernon Coleman. Thats just a few. There are hundreds, thousands even, who have similar messages. I have every single drop of info one needs to understand and I have many more names for you. So if you want to know, I mean really want to know, then you must take a deep dive in what is really happening in the world.

    It is important that people like you, who have a platform with thousands of readers every day, are in the know of the evil surrounding us.

    Have you not been noticing people dropping to the floor in the stands every weekend?? And every week there is a new footballer dropping, not necessarily in England but globally. And so they say this is from the virus. Funny then, that the negative reactions to this gene therapy are the same as what the new variant is causing. They have already started running ads with kids dropping dead from cardiac arrests. They are programming the public for what is coming.

    If you want to continue living in denial of whats happening thats fine. But do not claim you werent warned of whats to come. For you choose not to open your eyes. I just find it so darn sad, you are constantly writing about the corruption in football. How many articles have you written regarding the betting on fixed matches in Hong Kong and how much of the whole football pyramid is controlled by mafia? In truth though, the mafia is really the lapdogs of a few families of which we do not speak. Most of the top clubs are owned by the same powers that control the world. Imagine that my friend. This goes soooooo much deeper than you can ever imagine. Football is entertainment, that is all that it is. Most of the time it is planned who gets to come to the playoffs and so on. It is a lot easier to fix a match than people realize. Look, my time writing this message is past what I should be doing. As a fellow human being and a fellow gooner, I would strongly advise you to dip your toes into the real reality and wake up from the matrix.

    God bless you, I wish you nothing but good Untold.

  3. To who ever you are.

    Science kept my mother and father alive for years. Science has kept me alive on more than one occasion. As it has my brother, my sister, my sister in law, my father in law and my mother in law to name but a few.

    The list of friends and work colleagues science has kept alive would fill a page.

    Science has at least doubled the average life span of humans.

    Science helps alleviates peoples pain, that would otherwise be intolerable.

    Science and it’s medications and vaccines have eradicated diseases that blighted this world for centuries.

    Science and the vaccinations it has developed enables us to travel to some parts of the World safely we would otherwise not be able to.

    Science is gradually getting on top of the AIDS virus.

    Science is gradually getting on top of many forms of cancer.

    The contributions of science to the betterment of human health and length and quality of life alone would fill volumes and volumes of books.

    And now you think it’s in cahoots with World Governments to control and kill us. Really ?

    In fact it’s thanks to a different branch of science that we can actually travel around the world. And if we cant it’s thanks to science we can speak to each other across continents.

    It’s thanks to science you can surf around the interweb and find these sources of yours you quote. It’s thanks to science you can post on here.

    Somehow you appear to have more faith in God, when under one God or another’s name more people have been killed than this virus would kill if it went on for decades, than you do in scientists who have saved millions and millions of lives over the last 100 years, let alone how many they are saving this very day, and will continue to save into the future.

    Fine, then go and pray to your God if that’s what you believe in, but if and when you catch this disease it wont be your God that saves you, it will be science, as it will be if you catch any other disease, or have a car accident, a work accident, fall down a cliff, get burnt in a fire, or you are unfortunate enough to suffer any other of the life threatening events that can happen to our frail and vulnerable bodies.

    Although of course, as you have no faith in science I assume you will refuse all treatment on the basis they’re really only out to kill you.

    When all’s said and done I’ll live in my World if you don’t mind and you can live in yours.

  4. What an uninformed reply.

    Your answer is like a copy paste from the virtue signalling book for idiots. It show that your only input of knowledge comes from your television, and I cannot possibly take you seriously.

    Has anyone in the world isolated the C-19 virus yet?? Answer is no. Is the PCR test a diagnostic tool fit for the purpose we are using it for? No. Are hospitals getting money for covid patients, yes, they get from 20-50.000 dollars per patient. Meaning, they have an economic incentive to register everything as a covid death and blow this way out of proportion.

    You claim a lot of things, but there is no proof of what you claim. Science does a lot of things, curing cancer and AIDS is not one of them. Humanity have never been sicker and weaker than now. Read that again. Hmmm, its almost like humanity is under attack. Your doctor does not cure you, they hand out symptom removing medicine, and this will never cure anything. Vaccines are causing neurological disorders and have been doing that for 100 years. You bet your ass I believe in God, as we are spiritual beings, and my natural immune system will do the job IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO. Worried about a sore throat.. imagine living in fear. I feel bad for your children if you have any, having a spineless father not standing up for their rights. I say this because of the enormity of what we are experiencing. What side on history will you tell your grandchildren you were on? Certainly not the good guys side! Good people have never throughout history suppressed speech and other people, it is the bad guys doing that. Just like now, where your favorite SoMe platform is cancelling truth left and right. You are welcome to continue living in your sorry, uninformed world, but dont expect intelligent people to lend your words any credibility.

    People like you are the anchor that pulls humanity into the dark abyss.

    I am sorry for my stern words, but if you dont wake up now, you never will. Call it tough love if you will, I have no qualms with anyone except from the fake leaders that lie to us every day.

  5. Papi: your comment “You claim a lot of things, but there is no proof of what you claim” is something that I disagree on. You’ve sent over a video which I have watched but which I am not giving a link to as it has nothing to do with football or our discussion. You are also quite rude toward me, based presumably on your own view of the world, but really no more.

    I publish this because I think it shows where the anti-evidence line of thinking is, and says somewhat more about you than me. But please don’t trouble us again. There is nothing here to do with football or what has been said on this site.

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