It’s all over and there wasn’t any shouting

By Tony Attwood

So, a jolly night at the local dance club here is the East Midlands, and back home to find that the Aubameyang saga that was on off on off on off on off and so forth ended up on.  Or was that off.  No it was on, he’s left for Barcelona.

The Guardian is saying “Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a Barcelona player – we’re just waiting on the official announcement.”

And in a tweet (so it must be true) “Contract agreed and now set to be signed by Aubameyang in Barcelona headquarters. Medical successfully completed.”   So he didn’t have a heart condition after all.

The point of that deal is that we are no longer paying his salary and no paying him.  So like Ozil he has gone for nought.   Will players learn that they can’t mess with Arteta or will they learn that if they just stick to their guns (as it were) they can get away from the club on a free, meaning they can negotiate a better salary at the new club?

Apparently, the big buyers were Newcastle who got five new players.

Back with Arsenal contract agreed and now set to be signed by Aubameyang in Barcelona headquarters. Medical successfully completed

We signed centre back Auston Trusty from Colorado Rapids which is also owned by the Kroenke family, or at least it was last time I looked. He will remain with MLS club on loan until the end of the season

Jordi Osei-Tutu  went from Arsenal to Rotherham on loan.

And that as far as I know is about that.  If I have missed something sorry; I could have stayed in all night and not gone dancing, but dancing is better for my mental and physical health and it also meant I spent the evening with my friends, which is never a bad thing to do.

We’ll try and make sense of it all in the morning.

7 Replies to “It’s all over and there wasn’t any shouting”

  1. And about Auston Trusty he will stay with CR until summer. And (quoting : “The intention then is to loan him in Europe for the 2022/23 season to further progress his development.”
    In other words, Kroenke is sending his boy to school for free in Europe. Might be a good deal… for Kroenke.
    Chambers out, Auba out, Kola out and I forget some other loans… Seem it’s time for saving.

  2. Sorry, failed my copy/paste 🙁
    First Part of my message was :

    Hi Tony, you’re right about Colorado Rapids, I just checked : It’s owned by Kroenke.

  3. Alex

    The reason that it is already determined that he will go on loan to a European club is that he almost certainly won’t qualify for a work permit

    This is the sort of deal that Chelsea, my team, have been criticised for and indeed something that some times works out but for everyone of the players that goes on to make it there are several that don’t.

  4. Why in the world would such a deal with Trusty be bad for anyone.
    Most probably the player cannot come to the PL because of Brexit and new regulations.
    He must have some level of talent, so playing in Europe may not be a bad thing for his development.
    And better go through a club owned by the family then throw him out to anyone else. And it is not like Arsenal have a second team lined-up accross Europe.

    As for Aubameyang, as I’ve commented before, I’m sad to see him leave. On the other hand, the message “the Club comes before the players” is clearly stated. And Mr Arteta and Mr Edu have the backing of the owners to do something like that. Having less then 20 games to play, the squad sure looks large enough. There is competition for all places. And talent. We should be able to see better who can and cannot deliver.

  5. Chris

    He wouldn’t have qualified for a work permit in the days prior to Brexit.

    He isn’t an International so there is no record of playing in qualifying or indeed appearing at an International Tournament, there’s no fee so that can’t help nor at his age would the exceptional talent concession apply.

    Hey I am not critical of the signing but as I point out is a strange one for Arsenal and to be honest it will be interesting to see how he develops or indeed if Arsenal are now adopting a different recruitment model.

  6. @Mike T.

    I’m all for it. Why not. I mean, today there is footage of any player, there are stats, there is inforation galore on physical prowess, on the way he plays, etc. Mr Arteta goes to the US means there is something serious to be looked at not just some dude calling at 2 in the morning saying : aHem, I think I’ve got the next whoever.

    There was a serious case of talent, a player to be kept in the ‘family’ and, for the player, an opportunity to play where football is the n1 1 sport and have a go at becoming a pro in Europe and maybe the PL. I’m all for it.

    And yeah, we are talking maybe 18 months out. Long term investment. Or rather interest as it is not like Arsenal are going to have to pay much until then.

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