What does Manchester City have that Arsenal does not have?



by Tony Attwood


Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Arsenal this season 7 6 0 1 17 7 10 18
1 Manchester City 2021/2 38 29 6 3 99 26 73 93


So let’s see what Manchester City, if anything, has that Arsenal does not have.

First goals.  Manchester City scored an average of 2.61 goals a game.  Arsenal have so far scored an average of 2.43 goals a game.  So Arsenal are lagging a little behind, but not that far behind.

Second, defence.   Manchester City conceded 26 goals last season at an average of 0.68 goals a game.   Arsenal this season are conceding at a rate of 1.00 goals a game, so the club is a fair way behind at this point.

But what about the key issue, the points?  Manchester City picked up 2.45 points a game.  Arsenal are currently collecting 2.57 points per game.

So yes, Arsenal have through the first seven games of the season picked up more points per game than Manchester City did last season.  But of course, Manchester City kept it running all season.

Thus we have to now consider the downside of this.  Arsenal have only played seven games and so have plenty of opportunity to slip up in the remaining 31 games of the season, and we have quite obviously not played such clubs as Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool.

So clearly it is far too early to start talking about being at Manchester City’s level, and I would not wish to suggest that.  But I would suggest this simple point.

In terms of the level at which we have picked up points this season Arsenal are motoring at the same speed at Manchester City did throughout last season, and that in itself is a massive improvement on the last couple of years wherein we came eighth.  

The progress that the team is making is considerable, and of course in the coming games against the bigger clubs we will see if this can be maintained.

But for now, since it is not being mentioned in any of the mainstream media that I have read, I thought I would round off this bank holiday, before I go out for my regular evening activity of dancing, that overall Arsenal are operating at a level that is not that far below Manchester City’s level last season.

But if there is one thing that would worry me it is this.  Arsenal have picked up 13 yellow cards this season.  That is exactly mid-table for yellow cards.  Not excessively high nor excessively low overall.

However the top two of last season – Liverpool and Manchester City have got five cards each.  (Although I should add, Liverpool also have a red).  So they are operating at a level of under half the cards that Arsenal get.   Whether we can get the cards down, or whether refereeing matters, on which we have written so much, will rear up against us, only time will show.

But if something will pull us back, it is quite likely to be the cards.

5 Replies to “What does Manchester City have that Arsenal does not have?”

  1. Our biggest problem is the depth of our squad. The absence of just one player in Partey was sorely felt
    Imagine where we’d be should Jesus be sidelined for a considerable length of time!
    Until we have a strong and deep enough squad, we can’t be saying anything about being at City’s level

  2. @ Ian Vesey

    Arsenal played Man Utd and were the better team on 4th September. What’s your point?

  3. @Mikey
    My point is that the article says Arsenal haven’t played Man Utd, when it’s a simple fact they have. Regardless of whether they were the better team or not they lost and came away with no points.

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