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April 2021

The Emirates Cup 2015: an upstairs downstairs report

By Blacksheep

After what seems to have been a very short summer break football was back at the Emirates and I set off to get my early pre-season fix this weekend. This year I rang the changes a little, decided to go BOTH days and to experience it from different vantage points.

As you may […]

Arsenal-Newcastle, Mozart, the trip and catering report

By Marcel Bogaerts.

Marcel is the (excellent) treasurer of the Arsenal Belgium supporters club from our co-writer Walter Broeckx. He has been an Arsenal supporter since many many years and is the oldest (board)member of the supporters club. A supporters club that since Walter and the new board took over has prospered like never before […]

Essen in Dortmund, and the catering review

By Walter Broeckx

I think for those people who understand German and who know a bit of German geography the title is somewhat double in their meaning. People who know the German geography will say: now wait a minute Essen is a city in Germany just as Dortmund. And despite Essen and Dortmund both being […]

Arsenal v Man C: catering preview: The Swimmer at the Grafton Arms

By Tony Attwood

As the season began I raised the suggestion that we might do a review of places to eat before the games. I’ve got a number of suggestions and some reviews, but I am keen to get more. Ideally I’d like a review, but if not, please suggest a place with the name […]

At the moment of the last report, I was wet

By Tony Attwood

Towards the end of last night’s match it started to rain. And I really mean rain. Rain so heavy and unremitting that one rarely sees in England.

Yes it rains in England, but not rain that within minutes swamps your shoes which are designed for dodgy weather, makes your jeans weigh 20 […]

The AISA AGM (from one who was there); a fairer deal for all

I have to say that meetings aren’t the most fun things one can do in life but when they take place in the posh bit of the Emirates (Club level) and free curry is included it all helps to improve the mood.

I am a committee member of AISA although I’ve struggled to make any […]

Ref review 2012/13: Chris Foy – very poor on cards and fouls, great on goals.

By Walter Broeckx

This article is part of the series of the Referee Review 2013. You can find links to earlier articles on the bottom of this article.


Next ref in our series that are done in alphabetical order we have ref Chris Foy. A few seasons ago he was confused with […]

Post match reaction from the stands, and even a word about the food

By Phil Gregory

So, how do you write an article following up on that then? Clearly those were a three points that we should’ve been taking home, especially after a generally excellent first half performance.

I’m not going to dissect the game as frankly, you can read that on any Arsenal blog and having been […]

Bratwurst und Bier; Dortmund in the Champions League: the catering report

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

Untold Arsenal…….Arsenal History …… Making the Arsenal …… Arsenal Uncovered

By Walter Broeckx, still in good shape for the moment

Okay, where do you start when coming home around 2am? By going to bed? No, by opening my laptop and doing what I should […]

Tonight’s team, cocaine, the most unpopular man in Borussia, and a priest down the pub

By Billy the Dog McGraw.

Borussia as you will know, being educated fellows and not like those hearty roughs from down the Seven Sisters Road, is Latin. It means Prussia, which is the ancient state which came out of the Margraviate of Brandenburg.

These things are important, and not what you get on your ordinary […]

In deference to those jolly lads from the principality we serve up mud: Arsenal/Swansea, the catering review


Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal


The Emirates serves Mud; the campaign against price hiking in the Triangle gathers momentum.

By Billy the Dog McGraw

I met very few Swansea fans on my way to the ground – but walking down St Thomas did have a little […]

Arsenal v Udinese: the Catering Report

By Peter D’out (our man with a bun)

These days I tend to partake of my refreshments vis a vis matches either at the Auld Triangle (previously the Plimsoll) on St Johns Road, and within the Emirates itself.

For the Udinese game I did both, sharing a pint or two with Ian and Mark. I […]