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April 2021

Daily Telegraph presents completely false data to try and bolster FA’s case

By Tony Attwood

Untold Updates videos

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Of course no one has a monopoly on stories in football, but it always nice to be a little ahead of the game. It is even better to find that in order to argue against my […]

What the Africa Cup of Nations means for Premier League players and their clubs

By Sir Hardly Anyone

As you may have noticed, the Africa Cup of Nations has begun. A little later than planned, but it has begun.

What it means is that those players involved will not be available at the start of the season since they won’t have had a proper summer rest. In this case […]

When a newspaper spends time commentating on TV punditry you know you’re being manipulated

By Tony Attwood

There is something horribly invidious about a newspaper commentating on the punditry of TV stations. It seems to imply that

a) punditry is necessary

b) punditry is good

c) a newspaper can judge a TV station

d) TV and newspapers vie for giving the real view, the view that matters, about footballing […]

Untold internationals (or the interlull as @arseblog calls it!)

As the cleaners move in to tidy up all the shards of glass that were smashed when the transfer window slammed shut we woke up to find we have one extra international footballer. Welcome Danny Wellbeck!

Once before I attempted to see where our current squad would be getting injured while away from Arsenal duty, […]