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Wigan and the refs. You won’t believe what we’ve found

by Walter Broeckx

Next in our series as we cover each and every Premier League team we have Wigan which if you don’t mind will from now on call just Wigan. I hope you forgive me a little joke as we are now at the end of this part of looking at the refs in […]

Financial Fair Play faces its first big test.

By Tony Attwood

From the moment Uefa’s Financial Fair Play rules were announced it was always clear that there would be an early test of the rules. It would be a situation so outrageous that even a dead man reading The Sun could spot it a mile off. A test that would define the entire […]

Others see it, so why can’t all Arsenal supporters see it?

By Walter Broeckx

As you will know (assuming that you have not just stumbled on this site by pure chance) Untold Arsenal represents the optimistic branch of Arsenal supporters.

Of course we have not been the only optimistic group, but we’ve perhaps been among the most unswerving in our support.

But of course there have […]