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Real go for Bale as Arsenal’s indifference shows Cesc where he went oh so wrong

By Tony Attwood

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez was just waiting for this moment; a moment when he could say that some top player had a direct line to Read Mad from where ever he plays at the moment.

The whole PR stunt, which involves a suggestion that Tottenham H forward Gareth Bale was […]

The Untold Arsenal hypothetical transfer quiz

By Walter Broeckx

With all the transfer rumours circulating just at the moment, we have a choice. We can get angry about them or we can ignore them. Or we can use them. Use them to think a few things over. Use them to do a little kind of quiz. A quiz with no wrong […]

Lost in bureaucracy 3

Lost in bureaucracy 3

Written by Adam Brogden.

This article follows on from part 1 and part 2

To put everything thus far into perspective the actual agenda of the EC is to have a fair and balanced competition independent of financial means. Yet, they are aware that the very essence of a transfer market […]

Lost in Bureaucracy part 2

This is a continuation of the first Lost in Bureaucracy article

Part 2…

We could actually be witnessing the slow power struggle between football’s governing bodies if FIFA does not take the lead in this matter.

With UEFA having every right to alter the rules of entry into their competitions, could we see European clubs […]

The Legend of Robin Van Persecuted and St Totteridge Day latest results

Introduction: St Totteridge: recent results

Season Tottenham Arsenal 2012/2013 5th 4th 2011/2012 4th 3rd 2010/2011 5th 4th 2009/2010 4th 3rd 2008/2009 8th 4th 2007/2008 11th 3rd 2006/2007 5th 4th 2005/2006 5th 4th 2004/2005 9th 2nd 2003/2004 14th 1st 2002/2003 10th 2nd 2001/2002 9th 1st 2000/2001 12th 2nd 1999/2000 10th 2nd 1998/1999 […]

An Arsenal transfer story so amazing you’ll not believe it.

By Walter Broeckx

A quick look around at the lie-papers, the internet blogs and this is what I found:

Arsenal tabled a £30m bid for Fiorentina striker Jovetic. Fiorentina said no bid arrived for Jovetic Arsenal made an official bid for Jovectic and is willing to pay the £30m price tag that Fiorentina asked Juventes […]

Lost in Bureaucracy: football’s tragic pathway (part 1)

Lost in Bureaucracy

Adam Brogden

Most people still view football as a sport, I being one; however, I cannot deny that football is also an industry with background rules to adhere to, and possibly soon, more legislation to regulate the interested parties of this industry.

Within the last month we have come to understand that […]

49 a real Arsenal number, but less is better.

By Walter Broeckx

It’s morning. At first sight like every other morning in the year. You wake up. Feel still tired from the whole week working. You look outside and I do have the most beautiful view from my bedroom window. On a sunny (yes sunny) morning like this. I see the green leaves of […]

Match Review: Mike Dean – Arsenal Vs Wigan Athletic ( – ) [14/05/2013]

Match Review: Mike Dean – Arsenal Vs Wigan Athletic ( – ) [14/05/2013]

If you are new to this site and this is your first visit then please: Read this to fully understand our reviews.

Today’s referee is Mike Dean

MATCH REVIEW DETAILS – Mike Dean (2013-05-14) Period 1 Min Type From On C/NC Reviewer […]

Transfer rumours as market tipped into chaos by club with 18500 capacity ground

By Tony Attwood

During last season we got used to three teams who were seemingly willing and able to outbid anyone for the player they wanted: Chelsea, Man C and PSG. Since two of those three didn’t win the league in which they play they are expected to spend more and more this summer.


Defensive stability is not just about defenders; it is about mid-field cover

By Walter Broeckx

When reading the comment section after the article that was partially about Koscielny I found a few interesting remarks. Some which I can agree with and others I cannot. So here are my thoughts about why this impressive defensive performances have been made possible.

Because when you look at the possible partnerships […]

Wither Tottenham?

Tottenham had a manager who could deliver them top four finishes – and as we look at their Premier League history we can see that they have not, during the Premier League era, been regularly in that slot.

So why on earth did they throw the guy out?

2012/2013 5th 2011/2012 4th 2010/2011 5th 2009/2010 […]

Referee Match Review: Jonathan Moss – Queens Park Rangers Vs Arsenal (0 – 1) [04/05/2013]

Match Review: Jonathan Moss – Queens Park Rangers Vs Arsenal (0 – 1) [04/05/2013]

If you are new to this site and this is your first visit then please: Read this to fully understand our reviews.

Today’s referee is Jonathan Moss

MATCH REVIEW DETAILS – Jonathan Moss (2013-05-04) Period 1 Min Type From On C/NC […]

Laurent Koscielny and the transfer rumours

By Tony Attwood

Laurent Koscielny gave us fourth place this year. And a lot more.

Before coming to us he played in the third, second and then first division of the French League – the last with our old pals Lorient – before signing on 7 July 2010. He was voted the most effective signing […]

After all our pressure Premier League refereeing is about to change. But…

By Tony Attwood

Don’t get too excited – the change in refereeing in the Premier League from next season is not the one we have been asking for (demanding even) in which we request the number of referees that PGMOL supplies to the Premier League is greatly increased. Such a move would reduce the […]

The new football: Man C enters MLS with Yankees. Any more?

By Tony Attwood

As you may have read Manchester City and the baseball team New York Yankees (who previously had a liaison with Manchester U) have agreed to buy a franchise into Major League Soccer, as the new club, to be known as New York City Football Club will be franchise number 20 in […]

Be careful when a possible new owner promises heaven on earth

By Walter Broeckx

In Antwerp (my home town) some 30 years ago we had 3 teams in the top division. Antwerp (the oldest club in Belgium), Beerschot (the second club one could say) and Berchem (the small sympathetic club – the one that still is my local club as I lived near the ground that […]

Anfield, White Hart Lane, Emirates. The pesky business of the new stadium.

By Tony Attwood

What do you want your club to be? Champions of the Football League? Double Winners? Champions of Europe?

Yes, undoubtedly. But here’s a question. Does it matter how we go about getting to these heights? Would it matter if our club bribed referees? Would it matter if we ensured that only refs […]

Newcastle Sports Direct Franchise XI vs The Arsenal: The match screening event (part 2*)

Newcastle Sports Direct Franchise XI vs The Arsenal: The match screening event (part 2*)

By Drew Gray (AKA @Blacksheep63)

It was a rather odd Sunday last weekend, partly because I was heading south for London when Arsenal were playing several hundred miles north, and partly because I was going to the Emirates without Tony.

I […]

Onwards and Upwards: what will happen to Arsenal this summer

By Walter Broeckx

Some pundits couldn’t understand the rather high level of celebration that could be seen amongst Gooners and Gunners after the final game, with even the manager joining in, in his own laid back way.

I do think that had more to do with the fact that […]

Who is the right man for the job as Arsenal manager?

By Walter Broeckx

With the season over I would love to try to put the season in perspective when looking at the numbers. Where things went wrong and where things went right. What to do to improve for next season and other stuff like that.

Our start was rather disastrous, one could say. Just look […]

Gonzalo Higuaín, Stevan Jovetić, accents and transfers

By Tony Attwood . This close season there is an opportunity. An opportunity to buy. Not just because of the new money coming in but also because with virtually every other club losing their manager (Real Mad now confirmed to be the latest) there will be a huge merry-go-round this year. The stability at Arsenal […]

Season tickets: how long is the waiting list?

By Tony Attwood

One of the regular games that the AAA likes to play is to suggest that because of the perceived failure of Mr Wenger as a manager, and the board of directors, the Emirates will soon be less than full.

Now to make this argument work the AAA propagandists have to suggest that […]

Howling at the moon, eating children, kicking little dogs. Newcastle/Arsenal; Tottenham/Suderland.

By Walter Broeckx

Sometimes, at the end of the season, there are so many things you want to say. Yet it is sometimes too difficult to start writing at all. Even when we endure the most terrible losses I can usually, after swallowing the painful defeat, put myself behind my computer (actually it is sitting […]

Newcastle Vikings v Arsenal Saxons

By Billy the Dog McGraw

It is interesting the conjecture that if King Harold Godwinson had not won the Battle of Stamford Bridge against King Harald Hardrada (a man still known in Newcastle as Haraldr harðráði) and his mate Tostig, then these days the capital of England could be York and we might all be […]